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  1. The corrupted single-clan government of Mogadishu continues to alienate more and more Somalis. What is the point of shooting and killing peaceful protesters indiscriminately? Is this how HAG government plans to win the hearts and minds of the Somali people? The so-call Somali president should be impeached or he should resign immediately if he cares about the interest of the Somali people.
  2. This is truly impressive. Somalis living peacefully in their country and coming together to celebrate such a momentous occasion without fear and intimidation. I am happy for Puntlander everywhere. Happy Aug. 1st.
  3. Not very practical, is it? It is fine on the even, paved roads of the West, but how is this "invention" going to work on the uneven, mountainous, rocky, and unpaved roads/land of Somalia? This looked like poorly designed "kareto" to me. Nothing new here.
  4. Cambuulo iyo bun;976733 wrote: LOL waraa Al go to xamar and see it by your own eyes i can guarantee you the only thing xamar lack is a bit of stability other than that its not a big difference between xamar and hargeysa inaar ee sidaa ula sooco. I hate when people who never set their foot in xamar badmouth it. I have been to Xamar and make no mistake; It is the hell hole I always believed it was. I don't know the Xamar you are talking about, but you can't with straight face say that the only thing Xamar Lacks is stability. The cities entire infrastructure was completely obliterated. Even with peace and stability Mogadishu has a long way to go. The moment I set my foot at Adan Adde airport, I sensed this dark cloud hovering of over me before I even saw the rest of the city. I felt an imminent threat and everywhere I looked there were AU troops armed to the teeth. The airstrip was dusty, and pavement was cracked and it was in desperate need of repairment. The airport's security give people, specially those from the diaspora hard time. Not that I expected any special treatment, but those guys are savages and they don't know how to treat people with respect. Xamar isn't what people like you make it out to be. Hargeisa's airport isn't better either.
  5. This Xaaji character is dreaming. Does anybody else see right through him or is it just me? Why should Puntland contribute military forces to Southern Somalia when Puntland his facing an imminent and ever looming threat? Puntland is fighting piracy, terrorism and domestic threat. Running to Mogadishu and the South and fighting wars that is not theirs is not really wise. Thousands of AMISOM troops and other peacekeeping forces are already stationed in the southern, more troops are not really needed. When Abdullahi Yusuf (AUN) was the president of the Transtional Federal Government, Puntland contributed more than 3,500 well-trained and well equiped soldeirs to TFG, some perished and never to returned to their glorious state and see their families again. Puntland's security was weakened, which gave Somaliland an opening to attack and take advantage of the opportunity that presented itself. Somaliland are apportunist! (nothing new here) and I doubt they are not keeping an eye on Puntland nowdays since Puntland is working overtime to strengthen its security sector. You being a Somalilander, want exactly what happened in 2007 to repeat itself. So cut the act and come out and say what you intent to say. Last time I checked, Somaliland was still part of Somalia. How about they too contribute and help their countrymen?
  6. If he is elected as the speaker of the parliament, it would be nothing short of tragedy. Hardly anything would change after the transition period is over if they are entertaining the notion of electing thugs like Ali Khalif Galeydh
  7. Deegaano hoosyimaada Galmudug oo Alshabaab ciidamo katirsani ay la wareegeen. Posted by nbi on May 13th, 2012 Wararka lagahelayo Deegaanka Budbud oo qiyaastii 100 Km dhanka xeebta uga began Koonfurta Gaalkacyo ayaa sheegaya in halkaas saacadihii lasoo dhaafay ay gaareen ciidamo katirsan Xoogaga Alshabaab kuwaasoo halkaas imika kusugan waxaana ay Wararku intaas kudarayaan in ciidamada Alshabaab ee halkaas qabsaday ay kayimaadaan dhanka gobolada kudhow Mudug iyadoon la shaacin halka ay ku wajahanyihiin. Wasiirka Amniga ee Maamulka Koonfurta Gaalkacyo Abshir Diini Cawaale ayaa Warbaahinta gudaha u xaqiijiyey in si rasmi ah Ururka Alshabaab ay u qabsadeen deegaano miyi ah oo Budbud ku dhow Waxaana uu intaas kudaray inay Cabsi ka qabaan in ciidanka Shabaabku ay Galmudug kusoo durkaan taasoo uu ku tilmaamay inay tahay Khatar culus oo dhanka Amaanka ah. Abshir Diini Cawaale ayaa sheegey in Maamulka Koonfurta Gaalkacyo uu u diyaargaroobayo weerar uu ku qaado kooxahaas ka tirsan Shabaabka ee soo galay Koonfurta Mudug. Xafiiska Wararka Puntlandi, Gaalkacyo
  8. Impressive. Professor Axmed Ismaciil Samatar is very patriotic man.
  9. Mashallah. dhulkaan waa dhulki barakeysna.;) I heard a lot about it but never seen it before today. I know understand why they call it Bali (busle).
  10. Holly cow. They all look a like. There is also 8 girls in the pictures. At least I think so.
  11. Please someone shut him up. I hope he dies in the most horrible way imaginable. The fact that he is calling people to destabilize a stable region and bring death, destruction and mayhem in their front door is just very shocking. You can't use Islam as a tool to further your evil, twisted agenda. Al-shabab will never prosper in Puntland unlike southern Somalia where it is more diverse and complicated. The worst they can do is resort of hit and run tactic and plant bombs in Puntland's large city. If they do that, the public will see them for who they truly are not that they already don't. Puntland should not show them any mercy. Imprison and prosecute anybody who is suspected for having ties to Al-shabab.
  12. King: How does one survive assassination? You mean assassination attempt?
  13. ^^ It is sad and unfortunate that Somalis will attack their brothers and neighbors and create chaos and mayhem in a stable region.
  14. The Zack;812848 wrote: Atarisho, Is it fair to say that you are rebuffing the "murtad" part of the article. Let's just say the guy wasn't murtad. Now, do you agree that he has murdered thousands of innocent Somalis right in their own homes? Moonlight, Well, he wasn't. As far as him murdering people goes, no I can't agree. I always saw Abdullahi as an Inspirational, gracious, wise visionary leader, who endlessly and tirelessly fought for this nation. Abdullahi Yusuf only fought the evil forces of satan such as Al-shabab, Al-itixad, Hisbul Islam and any other extremist groups who were using Islam as a tool to further their twisted, barbaric, inhuman agenda. I don't think the issue is Abdullahi Yusuf being Apostate or a murderer, the issue is far more complex than that. Throughout history, Abdullahi Yusuf's failures was magnified and his accomplishments were minimized. It is unfortunate that people he fought for are ungrateful to him. I guess he will be awarded hereafter.