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  1. if you dnt want to check it yourself ladies, im willing to do it free of charge
  2. mo farrax waa good somalilander, his only problem is he married bantu lookin woman
  3. we somalilanders speak standard somali and have taught the xamarawi's how to speak the language.
  4. The Zack;750726 wrote: ^Qashiin fooqul qashiin, qashiinimada meesha kala bax. And please think of your lovely mom and sisters when you are bad-mouthing women in general. They bleed twice kulahaa.. yaa u sheega if it wasn't that "bleeding", your sorry *** wouldn't have been brought to this world. war i not bad mouth any1, i say the bleeding makes them emotional, so they r not good leading but good for taking care of home.
  5. sariirta doesnt need a book to be written, naag shouldnt enjoy sariirta, she is there is to be enjoyed and she should count the tiles in the ceiling or think about what she will cook tommorow during the act of caruur making.
  6. woman bleed 2 times a month, so they r emotional, n emotional boss is not good
  7. allah unaxariisto. life is precarious that way. may allah make things easier for your and yourself aaliyah
  8. what kinda sins? come to my pm n i will help u
  9. GaroweGal;749345 wrote: You are the most ignorant member of SOL.And I truelly pity you. Allah SWT instructed as to response to a Jahil in the Quraan in a certain manner. And this is what he told us to say to such individuals " wacrid canil Jahiliin". For surely there is no other response. well why didnt u listen to allah's instructions instead of coming here to calacaal? i didnt say anything wrong and in islam a woman becomes a woman at the age of her period and by 20 she's considered old and should have many children. take it up with allah(swt), not me.
  10. if ur naag 20 is not young, its old, by 20 u shud have at least 4 kids. oh btw soo dhawowe
  11. he need to give bak his lightskinned bantu wife n get a somali or white woman. these guy is wasting his fame
  12. look at these soft rag isku sheegs who are lookin for brownie points from naagaha SOL, waryada u cant get laid through the computer screen.
  13. deel waa qolomo umadaan is gursaday, they dnt look somali to me.
  14. WE WILL NEVER be part of konfurians, even if it a million years, we will NEVER join you, we'd rather join yahuuds
  15. women shud not be in the work place runtii and the diin supports this fact. lets be serious for a minuite. the good lookin women are cawrah and most men would only think about doing tumasho with them n the men workers wud not be productive as a result of that , and the ugly ones will demotivate men from coming to work. all in all, its better if women listened to their biological imperative of raising children and being mothers and pleasurers. jazakallah
  16. haye how is the nigis conference going? anything new?
  17. Che -Guevara;748153 wrote: ^So your mom, sisters and other female relatives are like children? yes ofcourse, they are women no?
  18. apostate shud be killed acording to the diin
  19. MASHALLAH well written article. aniga, I dont do anything but missionary, wax kale waaba xaaran to me. also woman should not even be at work, forget leadership, they shud be at home making and taking care of babies. they have lots of emotions n they cant make desishion, its like making children go to work.
  20. mashallah somaliland wey dhuushay. i will attach the somaliland flag to everything from now on, even my nigis.
  21. rudy-Diiriye;747851 wrote: I prefer them not to dress at all!! Show me the money home-gal!! lol lool. i agree with u adeer.
  22. why dont they start by walking from one end of toronto to another. that alone would take a long time