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  1. *Blessed;750266 wrote: Whatever, bet you do nothing for Somalia and the nation which hosts you. Britain has supported and funded Mo which is what has enabled him to become the fantastic world class athlete that he is today. Xaasidnimada. Jooji!!! ok explain this to me why is this guy called mo why is he selling out
  2. why do we have somali praising this joke of a man just look at his name mo what a shame to somalis and he should represent somalia not england
  3. Som@li;739247 wrote: How is facebook different from meeting person at the school, train, or at a wedding? The world is changing, embrace it. becouse differnce is that you dont get that romantic feeling as you would if you meet them lets say on way to work
  4. is it just me or is this the new fasion with somalis what ever happend to meeting the girl face to face i have 4 cousins who married of facebook what do you guys think of this new phenomena
  5. man city will be the team to watch this season,also chelsea with their new apointment could take the team anthere level
  6. The Zack;738156 wrote: ^Have you been to Toronto? 30% of the people are muted and depressed and yes that statistics is based on my own study as well. well even if thats true they still better then uk
  7. Before i share my thoughts on this remember this is only result of my findings and is not true in every case. well i just came back from Canada to visit my cousins and i couldn’t help notice the tight and close knit community sprit their and something is always going on like everyday you had something to do which was productive and they had many community centres for Somalis so they could go in and socialize with other Somalis but over here most Somalis are isolated and don’t have much community sprit everyone just does their own thing which their is nothing wrong with that but you could get so much more with being around your own people helping ext i think this also leads to depression in some people i can honestly say every Somali i met in Canada was completely different to the ones living here its not only me saying this when my cousins come over they always comment how Somalis in uk are isolated from each other and don’t have community centres and their is no sense of community sprit i even thought of moving their so id like to hear if any of you can relate to what i have said.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
  8. yes but but not all men same some like to shukansi even when married
  9. me and my friends just go to aros every weekend to shukanasi the girls thats the best lol
  10. list your best places to shukansi them i find the only best place is at some random aros since our girls dont socialize that much:cool: