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  1. Riyaale is lying to the people my boyz. He uses the old Somali passport. Ask his family members na'mean. i just recieved SL passport.
  2. ^^lool. This olol dude xishood waa daayey. Caadi ma tihid saaxiiboow. I get jitters when I see matukadeyaasha at fadhi-ku-dirir bars telling others they're our new saviors. What a clanish bs. LST, I think ya being little too opptimistic about this TFG thang. These boys at Baodioa don't even see all that is important to ya or anyone else: a goverment. Them boyz are busy doing their thang (money, money, money) na'mean. Gheedi is turning into a vicious businessman and a new force to be reckoned with na'mean. He is Ethiopia's man of the hour. I say let every region govern themselves na'mean. Yeey must follow the footsteps of Maxamed Abshir, Haashi and other Puntland leaders and retire in dignity na'mean. If USCland wants to join other Somali regions that is an option for the Somalis my brotha. War and bloodshed is not an option. People are tired of bloodshed and someone should remind this TFG to avoid it na'mean. However, if these USC militias decide to attack Puntland, I say crush them and teach this Indhocadde dude and his godfathers in Dhuusamareeb a historic lesson na'mean. PEACE. Good to see everyone. I was off to Africa, Europe, marriage and many other good thangs. Business ... business ... money money.
  3. Originally posted by Xoogsade: This is good. let us hope the courts expedite addressing and correcting past wrongs. Did you mean present wrongs? Good man Shariif is as powerless as an ant nah'mean. The only option is for someone to kick Indhocadde's **** na'mean. I missed talking to my old friends here. What is happening lately ma boyz.
  4. Thank you all and especial thanks to LST and others who showed love and came. Forgive me if I haven’t emailed/contacted you to thank you all in time. I just wished those senior married fellas would’ve told us what many of us singles were missing Appreciate the love again and glad to be back to SOL family again.
  5. ^^I do applaud the Sheikhs as many in Somalia are grateful for what they do in their communities na'mean. However I’m against when one uses such cause and opportunity to fulfill his/her own political agenda na'mean.
  6. I dont' blame these sheikhs for seeing the opportunity to expand their power after the corrupted so-called government did nothing na'mean.. I guess this will lead Bush and Family to use that as an excuse once again huh..?
  7. What has happened to the show.?? I know last time it was due to lack of sponsorship?? Waraa Riixaaye..i meant Tuujiye, what happened?? When is the new season????
  8. I think there are so many reasons why..and it depends who u ask na'mean.. For the most part as some mentioned, it's due to past experience where things didn't work out with a partner na'mean. Others just think that they can find something better and perhaps take their time to find that complete person na'mean ... which I dont' believe works.
  9. Rokko

    Google Tv >>>>>

    It's nice but nowhere is it near compared to the collections Yahoo has na'mean..
  10. The question should have been asked as Why are Somalis so hypercritical? Reason is that for the most Somalis I run to tend to be criticizing our own ppl's actions/attitudes etc from AtoZ don’t’ know why walaahi. I don’t’ mind hearing a critics once a in a while but for the luv of Allah, we need to give credit for each other or and anything which deserves it na’mean.
  11. RSS is a format for syndicating news and the content of news-like sites, including major news sites like Wired, news-oriented community sites like Slashdot, and personal weblogs. But it's not just for news.
  12. 15yrs from now..Insha Allah, I plan on living somewhere near the beach in Somalia with my beautiful family. Enjoying life while recollecting things happen early on na'mean..
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    Somali Women

    Including my Eedo..yup!
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    Somali Sistaz

    LOL@Bisharo, So u know him huh?...cuz u refered him as cunug.