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    Hayam Do not expect any apology from my side for i have not wronged you in any way,shape or form.I only said it like i saw it, and for that am i to blame? Ofcourse its was his fault that he changed the topic,however you're equally guilty for feeding us the wrong information and for that madam is the reason you got blasted? Pretty lady,My official stand on this matter is "yours for the asking" As for Ritalin,i never mention anything about you being on Ritalin,i merely mentioned "ritalin" and "the time" in the same sentence and to the best of my knowledge i'm not so sure how those two have anything to do with you being on ritalin. ibtisam Such a good girl like you shouldn't be giving the sister such a bad advice.And for that be warned,you crossing Shyhem at your own peril. Mantra Indecision is your problem my friend, and i'm sure this wouldn't have happened if you made up your mind to begin with.This business of flip flopping does not go well with me.
  2. Nowadays i'm not in the business of seduction and reproduction,therefore i have no comment other than what i have already said here, and if even i choose to say more how the hell is that gonna improve u'r love life anyway.
  3. shyhem


    ^^^^^^^^ Who the hell did u expected them to be,mother Therasa? wake up lady,there is no justice in this world,the same reason u don't like an ugly guy is the same reason somalis don't like other somalis.........the early you accept that the better for everybody?
  4. To you and me yes,but in some cultures no.In short it depends on who is making the call.
  5. Farr76 Can't you make up your mind without any woman's opinion? FGM is not rocket science,and you really don't need to waste u'r time looking for opinions.But if u must, let me say fgm sucks and its unislamic and i won't let my daughters to go through it.Now is that enough for five pages worth of report?
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^ Is there a necessary dambi? and if its,when do u plead for that?
  7. Playmaker My friend i do understand your anger,however the courts have not made any major mistake we can speak of.Unless,ofcourse you're are telling me banning khat surely affects the outcome of this war or any other war for that matter. We can't blame the courts for riding the moments and expanding their territory,afterall isn't that what the victors do especially when they know that we know they are right? The truth of the matter is that the courts have been unsually patient with the folks at Baidoa, for they knew that attacking TFG will surely lead to ethiopia and her allies joining the war, not mention the fact that they had nobody,i say nobody except the few good somalis supporting the true somali patriots. The ethios on the otherhand were rushing to war,coz they were scared of facing the courts ayear or two years from now.And as for Eritrea i heard they have been threatned by *** hence the reason they are unsually silent about the war. Whether we like it or not,war has been declared on us.Ladies and gentlemen,the nation is under attack and for the first time in our history we have ethiopians and the wardogs roaming in our capital freely,and already chaos is the order of the day.We should hope and pray that,in the end justice will prevail in somalia no matter how long it will take. . As for the young men,certainly they didn't die in vain,they fought bravely,they give all they had and for that the nation will never forget them and may the mercy of Allah be upon them.
  8. ^^^^ And why did the ladies agree to go down on the same night. How do they decide who goes first while the other waits? I never thought of this before; but knowing what i know now, i guess its possible to have a threesome with s-women..........what a shame and who is to blame? Rudy Its all good meeeen,me no come here nowadays
  9. And what the f^^k is your point?I can't even believe some folks are blinded and criminal minded just like the old and original traitor they follow.
  10. ^^^ Why is he joking some girls do indeed get pregnant by that age,ofcourse it ain't the rule rather the exception.Socially not acceptable to some, but biologically possible.
  11. Hip hugging low cut jean beaming your camel toe from a mile will have all the men dreaming for a date with your azz,however ain't no man will consider you to be the mother of his future daughter period baby. Who wants to tell his daughter don't be like u'r mom,no jeans and certainly no boyfriend.
  12. For those who can, please show your patriotic side and show up for the demo.
  13. shyhem


    ^^^^^ You don't really get sh!t,don't you? Dude is talking about the war with ethios, and you on the other hand is lecturing us about iraq and child custody.I guess its time for Ritalin.
  14. ^^ You surely have opinions,i wonder where they come from?Certainly not from your mum. You just need to know amanly man does not have afeminine side,just rough,raw and rugged by the elements
  15. ^^ loOl I'm not a chicken but hey it ain't easy been acriminal. You gotta think about,then attempt it before you follow with your real intentions.Furthermore in btwn those stages,the law enformcement can catch up with you anytime and there is alot unknown factors with this things And what are you, evidence disposer