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  1. Turkey is there purely for the money no such thing as free lunch. They have invested millions so that they get millions in return if not billions from the resources of Somalia. It was a long project since 2011 when sultan erdogan visited and took pictures with underfed babys from Mogadishu. There is no other country that has so much grip on Somalia than Turkey after Turkey its Uganda since they run the security.
  2. This is a very strange tone of deni. I believe he is being cornered by bunker govt as galkacyo is burning. I think if he stops Claiming Somaliland territories. Somaliland should safe him from the cheese fellow.
  3. It's the fault that jihadi sheikh umal.
  4. He is pathatic I think deni will impeach him. The beef all started when karaash wanted to have the say about who to appoint from the garaad clan. And deni said no your office is purely symbolic and you have no say. Now he moved to Facebook his days are numbered.
  5. He is kinda right somaliland only obstacle is the neighboring failed state of Somalia. Good speech by the president.
  6. It has been a great ceremony and a good speech by the president 18 May 2020. All of you landers happy 18 may.
  7. Afweyne dadka somalida intu silciyey jaahilnimadisi ayuu cidla nijeeria ku haligmay
  8. Inaalilah wa inaailahi rajicuuun Allah ha unaxaristoo Mujaahid xassan guure was a great man
  9. Ma kan ba dhaliyara ah atleast wa 50 jir. Ta xigta fikir xumo aragxumo ku darsaday.
  10. The plan of one man one vote election will not happen any time soon. In that failed state called Somalia.
  11. This is very disturbing where is gooni to defend his region
  12. Hargeisa club is a national asset it should have never been sold in the first place.
  13. Somaliland has its problems sure there are areas we could do much better. But as Oodweyne put it where we started in 1991. And where we are now We really started from zero. If we manage our resources well every citizen of Somaliland can have a minimum income that should be the goal. We are only 3.5 to 4 people people.
  14. Oodweyne what I find so strange is who on earth do they think they are deceiving not the EU and US officials or the au or igad . Any one with a bit of a common sense and can read between the lines will see that they are pure amateurs. The so called bunker government is the same as during the times of hassan sh Mahamoud. Some people are saying alshabaab is making progress when it comes to taking new territories in that failed state down south. Twitter kids bots won't change things on the ground. The bunker govt can't ignore its problems for ever.
  15. I think most koonfurians have problem with legalities and how nations are formed. Its like gooni with kindergarden logic. Somalia and Somaliland were two different countries. We are not talking about ethnicity and religion. Did we join each other as freeman even though Somaliland was never colonised. Italian somalia was colonised to the fullest. With Italian settlers every where. Did the union fail yes it did very bad there was no union worse then that of somalia and Somaliland total state collapse. The act of union was never ratified. So Somaliland and Somalia were never legally a country. This is the main point most koonfurians have no idea how we became a nation. Maskaxdooda xamara laga xukuma nooh bay kaga dhegtey. But the reality is Somalia is under united trusteeship. And Somalia needs to fight harder for its independence don't let the legitimacy of the US fool you. Somaliland on the other hand is totally independent and no one can occupy Somaliland.
  16. Is gooni ignorant of history or does he really believe in his own lies. Somaliland and Somalia had 2 different police forces. Two different parliaments two different leaders. Two different constitutions. The so called blue flag wasn't a flag for only Somaliland and somalia. It represented parts of Kenya parts of Ethiopia and Djibouti. Currently it represents the 5 clan states of Italian Somalia. Two different nations they made a union just like Egypt and Syria once. We were never the same country not during the colonial era. Prior to colonialism we shared no state.
  17. Somaliland has the best case in africa legally really. It's just that lack of economic interest from western powers is the problem. But it has shown the world that Somaliland is here to stay and that no one in Somalia can change that. Deep inside most of the koonfurians know this to the 2 countries. Have been to seperate countries for almost 3 decades this will surpass the short lived union of 20 years. In the later half of afweyne reign somaliland was at war with Somalia. In the end runtay tegeysa.
  18. You mean the same coward 2 km president. Who begged the Ethiopian prime ministert,to please take him to Hargeisa like he is the mistress of abiye Ahmed.
  19. And what can the toothless bunker govt possible do. Call their overlord mussveni to issue threats.
  20. And he a 3rd clan citizen Ahmed samatar is smarter then that. Then being used by koonfurians he advocated their stance for over 30 years. But saw qadhmuunka qabyaalada 4.5 and that no walanweyn is honest about this somali weyn the seen to promote.
  21. Truth hurts the onlf is a failed organisation they have been in the bush since 1984. Its a failed silly subclan organisation and it will never amount to anything. I know the truth hurts laakin that's the reality on the ground. And ina cagjar is there to rehabilitate them back into the Ethiopian society.
  22. He is right onlf is a terrorist organisation and they took allot of lives not just amhara or tigray but allot of the same clan they claim to fight for.