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  1. Are u saying the the nabaddiids are doing a good job do u know how many men they lost two days ago in the war .u should hear their cry
  2. The terrorists have been damaged very badly this morning . The casualties are in their dozens it was a heavy morning . Somaliland shall prevail
  3. Guri maxay ah. Guriygayaganu joogna for his information. He doesn’t own sool . Sool is a shared region as it always was and it is part and parcel of the republic of somaliland
  4. It was called Adal empire at some point it was never called Somalia . Is that what u saying that we were called Somalia before British what reveisionism. Somalia was only italio somalia as the Italians called their colony
  5. And what evidence does one have that abaarso is linked with the so called lgbtq group can some one bring one evidence just one evidence that it spreads lgbqi Sheeko Somali Maad doonayo. Cadayn dhab ah
  6. That’s nonsense no one can cleanse any one that’s just crazy talk from either side . Somalilanders grudge is just much deeper what they have endured no one endured in the history of the Somalis . How ever they have learned their lessons licked their wounds moved on
  7. In their own country we were never one country we. We’re people who United with foreign people and got screwd and now . We are on our own. Which is the best thing
  8. Thé nabadids haven’t felt the wrath of the sl army yet but the big karbaash is coming ha sugi wayina
  9. And u are generalising somalilanders yes we are hashemites and u are African people. There is a distinction between us and u that’s why we can’t share a country diiintuba somaliland ba idinka timid Islam reached in the 7th century when the prophet was alive and when did Islam reach u in the 11th century Marka yaa diin u dhow
  10. Why not u want. Somaliland to share a country with Mogadishu and we know what somalia has done with somaliland through out the 1980s and more then 150 people Died in somaliland back then . So because of war which erupted isn’t a case why it can’t share governing system with somaliland
  11. Galbeedi leaders in somaliland come and go but the somaliland republic remains and that is sacrosanct. No Ethiopian or Kenyan can change that and president biixi never agreed to abiye to unite with the koonfurians that’s absurd . Have u not seen the talks in 2020 in jabuuti hosted by the old man geele. One thing ur right the ssc state is a non starter for every one not in somaliland Ethiopia or puntland are interested in it . Though the hand of the Ethiopians is there but what makes u think people will listen to them what makes u think the Gãrââd and their terrorist allies would honer anything the Ethiopians say or demand
  12. So and where does this state operate on the internet
  13. Not really all bounderies in africa are made by the colonialists somaliland is no different then botwasana border or the Kenyan Tanzanian border or the French Italian border Eritrea Djibouti border . Your clan thinks one border is better then the other u think ur ancestor made ur current border with kenya or Ethiopia
  14. Galaaadan manay ahayn kuwan Aad dhex degentihid oo caydha ku siiya maaay ahayn kuwa Aad international community uggu yeedhid when ever. Lugu yaro karbaasho naga so gaadhay walana dilay eh
  15. Dowladu halkay ka jirta ma guriga Garaad jamac
  16. Tell that ur grandpa Gãrââd Mahamoud ali Shire who was a well known boot licker of the British for a very long time . He even received a medal for his services to bad the brits humiliated him and send him to seyshellss to rot eventually released on old age. After haka laga yeedhsiiyey
  17. Fake news Horta manad Qof weyn ahayn fake news maxaad horta ka hesha
  18. Che do u agree that. Hassan sheikh should send his troops to laascaanood and somaliland to defend the so called union. And if so u believe this do u think this will not create an open confrontation with the somaliland defense forces. And another war that will never end for decades to come. And if let’s say the Gãrââd clan who oppose somaliland Independence which is fine on his part . Isn’t it a bit unfair to say that he wants to drag the entire somaliland to be under the bunker. Ileen xal maha hadu odhan laha aniga dhulkayaga Somalia ayaan ku darsanaya and somaliland can do what it wants with its land wax la qadaan Kare bay ahaan lahayd . Laakin waxan kugu daraya xamar now that goes a bit far
  19. I can live with that. Good answer
  20. We’re these members given the positions because they were a clan or because they had high merits cumar carte was distinguished diplomat spoke five languages. Professor Ibrahim’s meygaag was a professor diplomat freedom fighter . Siilaanyo was a technocrat intelligent a head of his time . These gentlemen meeshaa kumay Inman baryo iyo wax isi sin but because they were the best man for the job. Xita kumay caasiyin kibrin ileen afweyne qarankuw mu lahayn eeh Dadku ka dhexeye. Dhaxal reer mu qeybinayn wax reerkisu leeyahay mu qeybinayn jaggooyin Somali ka dhexeye uun bay ahayd and these guys were the best guys for the job
  21. Is there a law that forbids a daughter of the president becoming a minister trumps daughter was also an adviser afweyne had his cousins as foreign minister his son as a general . Non of u above critized afweyne for it.but when hassan does it it’s wrong that’s what we call hypocracy
  22. Bugland is sending mercenaries and the sl govt is fighting terrorists that’s why the war will continue until they are completely annihilated and defeated todsy they have lost over 25 people and somaliland lost only two soldiers
  23. Somaliland is winning the war as we speak the Garaads and their terrorist sympathiser are lost and don’t know what to do