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    DP World completes 400 meter expansion of Somaliland’s Berbera port. 59Shares Friday August 14, 2020 DP World this week announced the completion of a 400-meter expansion of the Berbera port in Somaliland. The Dubai Port Company that is contracted to expand the port said once operational, it will increase the terminal’s capacity by 500,000 TEUs per year and further strengthen Berbera as a major regional trade hub servicing the Horn of Africa. In a tweet, DP World stated: “We have just completed a 400m quay and a new extension at Berbera Port, Somaliland. Once operational, it will increase the terminal’s capacity by 500,000 TEUs per year and will further strengthen Berbera as a major regional trade hub servicing the Horn of Africa.” The news has elicited excitement within the Somaliland government with the vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi saying: “As Deputy President of Somaliland and on behalf of the people, words can’t express my great excitement about the nearing completion of the Berbera port expansion. my gratitude goes to the Sheikhs of the UAE and the DP World.” DP world, the Dubai based world’s largest port operator is the key player in the rebuilding of Berbera, they have invested $442 million for the expansion of the port and are also the economic free zone. It has projected to complete work by February next year. advertisements In 2017 when the original agreement was signed, the CEO of DP World Mr. Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem drew a parallel between the growth of Dubai and the development path Somaliland is on and added “Our vision is to make Berbera a trading and transportation hub for the Horn of Africa.” Berbera port is among the few corridors in the Horn of African region, which serves for both military and commercial purposes. The Berbera Port was built in 1964 by the Soviet Union and further expanded by the United States of America (USA) in 1982. It has served for both the Soviet Union and the U.S military within a span of 20 years. Once completed, facilities and service will surpass those in the neighbouring Djibouti according to the contractors. According to the DP World, the port will be able to handle the biggest ships compared to the other ports in the region and will complement activities at the Port of Djibouti and the Lamu Port which is also under expansion in the coast of Kenya. The Berbera Port expansion is the largest investment in Somaliland since it parted ways with Somalia in 1991. Work on the port expansion has reduced due to the measures put in place in the fight against the spread of the deadly coronavirus but the Somaliland government and the DP World have projected all facilities will be ready for operation early 2021. “We are very much on course. Of course the coronavirus has affected the speed at which we were on, but we will soldier on and deliver the most modern port facility in Berbera,” an official of the DP World said. The Berbera port expansion, designed to equip the Somaliland port for major vessels and transform it into one of Africa’s pre-eminent facilities. Expansion of the port started early last year with the first phase at a cost $101 million. Federico Banos-Linder, Vice President External Relations, DP World, said once the port is done, Somaliland will be one of the biggest and most modern players in the maritime industry in the Horn of Africa. “Already with phase one of the three phases done, we have increased the container capacity by 50 per cent and pushed volumes by 70 per cent which is a massive improvement. “We are now exporting 4 million livestock from 1.5 million just less than a year ago,” said Banos-Linder. Total investment of the two phases will reach $442m. The port’s current capacity is around 150,000 twenty-foot equivalent units [a measure of ships container carrying capacity] and is set to expand to 450,000 TEUs once development is complete. DP World firm will also create an economic free zone in the surrounding area, targeting a range of companies in sectors from logistics to manufacturing, and a $100m road-based economic corridor connecting Berbera with Wajaale in Ethiopia “Our aim is to make this an important regional hub for the maritime industry in the Horn of Africa,” DP World chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sultan bin Sulayem said. “We are within schedule in our work,” he added. DP World holds a 51 per cent stake in the Berbera port, while Ethiopia holds 19 per cent and Somaliland the rest
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    The recently upgraded Hagreisa land database registry is actually part of a larger project by Somaliland Gov't and SolidBlock Inc. The project will be using state of art block-chain based database to register land titles and other key assets.
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    Oodweyne They can't keep up. Befuddled, bemused and bewildered by Somaliland’s growing gravitas at international diplomacy. While they play tiddlywinks with Mudulood this and Dhuusomareeb 2.4 that. At least they're a curious bunch.
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    This is great improvement.The land database in Somaliland has been a consistent headache and cause for a lot of troubles including missing files, disputes etc. The introduction of GIS system will greatly simplify while at the same time is more secure and more reliable.
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    Ilhaan is also with white man now
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    And when they are training our navy and Air force it will be reported as a "Latin American" and an "Eastern European" country respectively
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    The political culture in Somaliland is an egalitarian one. Specially Beesha Dhexe. So for everyone from the unknown to the well known to have equal say and communicate their personal feelings or believes, it is a welcomed sign that the people are moving forward. This is why in Somaliland almost everything is openly discussed and nothing is hidden. The gov't is held to account, the ministers coming on TV explaining their side of the story. You will never see this type of open discussions of gov't ministers and opposition party engaging in lively political discourse about the goings on, anywhere else in the Somali regions. We know Mogadishu Khaire's moratorium on media engagement by his cabinet. We know Cheeseman, after almost 3 years, has never held an open questions interview. The same goes for Puntland where each Hagbad inheritor takes the enclave on a personal ride with no questions asked. So, all these public engagement, is music to my ears that the people are awake and taking part and shaping their future. What other Somalis take for granted, in Somaliland we don't. If we think the gov't is not on the right path, we tell it like it is without mincing words. And not wait until end of the tenor and call it 'what a bad leadersip it was' like Puntlanders do every 4years. Rather, you have to oppose what is wrong and support what is right every single day.
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    Do we now need 4.5 to manage the houses of Allah?
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    El-Presidente Mudane Muse Biixi has proven again that he is no-nonsense man. And by that he has won a lot of admirers from around the world and specially in the crucial and important group in the Foreign Policy circles. Africans are watching and learning from Somaliland.
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    Somalida Inta kale wa dad wanaagsan reer jabuutiga reer kilinka shanaad reer nfd. Dhibku wuxu inaga haysta. Somalida amisom gumeysato. oo jecel inay luqontooda tagaan. Iyago duli ah.
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    There is a dedicated export only meat processing plant in Berbera funded by the UAE. I agree exporting mutton is more economically superior as both jobs and other by-products can be reused for other industries i.e. blood/gut can be used as fertiliser and skin can be processed as hide/leather.
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    Seems we've had a crack at this, but there is room for improvment.
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    We need to transition away from live animal exporting towards a frozen meat trade. The animals would be saved from the suffering of the voyage It’s worth more to the Somaliland economy to process animals in Somaliland, instead of shipping them live (leather). Meat processing facilities would create thousands of jobs. Farmers selling to the frozen meat trade would be exposed to less risk from closed markets or markets disrupted by disasters.
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    Mashruuca Biyo-galinta magaaladda Hargeisa oo shanta degmo ee magaaladda ka socda.
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    Hello; Roughly 20 years ago I remember this beggar from Baidoa nearly lost it when President Riyaale expelled from Somaliland a couple of hundred Professional beggars from Baidoa and it seems he’s still bitter about it. Sadly in my absence from SOL no one bothered to set him straight so I will try to play the devils advocate here and break the sad news to him knowing fully well how obstinate beggars are. President Biixi does not chew qaad, smoke or drink. I know your beggers mind can’t and won’t grasp that but it’s a FACT. However I can’t say the same for your Fellow beggars back home in Baidoa and among the few in the diaspora. 75% of the income your folks earn begging in Mogadishu is spent on those 2 vices. both alcohol and qaad have become a favorite pastime in Baidoa enjoyed by many of the locals. Even the former chief beggar Jawari was an alcoholic. Excuse me if I forgot my manners but one can’t but help kick an obtuse beggar once in a while. good to see the old folks who I knew from many many years ago btw.
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    WAJAALE NEWS DAWLADDA ETHIOPIA OO XAFIISKEEDA HARGAYSA GAADHSIINAYSA HEER SAFAARADEED! July 20, 2020 - Written by Editor: Addis Ababa(W,N), Dawladda dalka Ethiopia ayaa xafiiska Arrima Ilaaliyaha (Mission) ee ay ku leedahay Caasimadda Somaliland ee Hargeysa gaadhsiinaysa heer Safaaradeed (Embassy), Sidaana Waxa Arabsiyo Online u sheegay Saraakiil sarsare oo ka tirsan Wasaaradaha Arrimaha Debadda ee Ethiopia iyo Somaliland, kuwaasi oo codsaday in aan la magacaabin. Sida ay Saraakiishani sheegeen, talaabadani ay dawladda Ethiopia qaadayso, waxay ka dambaysay ka dib markii ay todobaadkani dhexdiisa wada hadalo dhinaca Telefoonka ahi dhexmareen masuuliyiinta Somaliland iyo kuwa Ethiopia. Wada hadaladani ayaa la sheegay inay salka ku hayeen, ka dib markii ay dawladda Ethiopia ka shakiday ujeedada Wefti heer sare ah oo booqasho dhawr maalmood qaadatay ku yimid Somaliland. Wasiir ku xigeenka Wasaaradda Arrimaha Debada ee Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland Liibaan Yuusuf Cismaan oo waraysi arrintani la xidhiidha siiyay Wargeyska Daily News Egypt oo ah maalinle madax banaan oo ka soo baxa dalka Masar, waxa uu sheegay inay Somaliland iyo Masar isla soo qaadeen sidii ay iskaga kaashan lahaayeen is-dhexgalka dhinaca ganacsiga, gaar ahaana xoolaha iyo Beeraaha. https://dailynewsegypt.com/2020/07/18/somaliland-says-keen-on-stronger-ties-with-egypt/ Sidoo kale Mr. Liibaan Yuusuf Cismaan, Wasiir KU xigeenka Arrimaha Debada iyo Iskaashiga Caalamiga ah ee Wasaaradda Arrimaha D ebada ee Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, waxa kale oo uu ka jawaabaay su’aalo la xidhiidha in imaatinka weftiga Masar ee Hargeysa ay cabasho ka muujisay dawladda Ethiopia, waxaanu isaga oo arrintaasi ka hadlaya yidhi. “waxaanu wada xaajood la geli karnaa dal kasta oo aanu danahayaga kala hadli karnaa, taasi waa shaqadayada’” ayuu y idhi, Wasiir ku x ixgeenku. Waxaanu intaasi ku daray oo uu yidhi. “Xidhiidhkayaga Masar wax dhaawac ah u geysn maayo, xidhiidhka aanu la leenahay Ethiopia, waxaananu ugu baaqaynaa labada dhinac ee Ethiopia iyo Masar in khilaafkooda dhinaca Biyo XIdheenka Ethiopia inay wada hadal ku dhamaystaan, haddii loo baahdana annaga laf ahaantayadu waanu dhex-dhexaadin karnaa, maadaama oo aanu khibrad u leenahay xalinta khilaafaadka” . Hase yeeshee, dawladda Ethiopia ayaa sida ay wararku sheegeen waxa ay bilawday sidii ay kor ugu qaadi lahayd xidhiidhka saaxiibtinimo ee ay la l eedahay Somaliland, tan iyo markii ay Jamhuuriyadda SOmalilanad Madax Banaanideeda kala soo noqotay dalka sannadkii 1991-kii oo ay ahayd d awladda keli ah ee iyadu goob joogga ka ahayd goobtii lagaga dhawaaqay madax banaanida Somaliland ee magaalada Burco, halka ay dawladda Masar oo waqtigaasi doonaysay inay wefti u soo d irtana la sheegayy in loo diidday saababo la xidhiidha taageero military oo ay siin jireen d awladdii hore ee Maxamed SIyaad Barre oo xasuuq baahsan ku haysay dadweynaha Somaliland sannadihii sideetamadii.. Maamulkii xilligaasi ee dalka Massar waxa uu talaabadaasi kaga jawaabay inuu u ololeeyo go’aamo go’doomin ah oo ka dhan ah madax banaanida Somaliland oo uu ka ansixiyay ururkii midnimada Afrika iyo Jaamacadda Carabtaba, aakhirkiina Qaramada Midoobay. Isku soo duuboo, khubarada caalamiga ah ee ka faaloodda arrimaha GObolku waxa ay ku sheegeen xidhiiddhka Cusub ee Somaliland Iyo Masar, mid ay ku doonayso inay noqoto dal samaysanaya saaxiibo cusub, isla markaana aan luminaayn saaxiibadiisii hore.
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    There also needs to be an urgent solution to the huge problem we have regarding fruit and vegetable production. Every year our farmers produce a lot of fresh organic fruits and vegetables in some of the seasons and the the markets get flooded with cheap produce in those seasons only therefore not making enough profits for the hardworking farmers. The government should implement a similar scheme for fruit and vegetable farmers whereby the government buys the excess produce and converts it into long shelf life foods. These processed foods can then be sold back in the markets recovering the initial cost of production and at the same time keeping our shops well stocked with cheap quality food. This is also the best way we can stop the sub-standard often expired food our traders import from the UAE, China, and other places.
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    Taiwan trains counter-terrorism troops for Middle Eastern country Taiwan's 42-year-old MPSSC has already trained one group of recruits while another on hold due to pandemic, local media claims 3454 By Sophia Yang, Taiwan News, Staff Writer 2020/05/09 13:55 MPSSC in 2017. (Wikimedia Commons photo) TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A high-ranking military official has claimed that a Middle Eastern country has inked a training agreement with Taiwan, according to a Liberty Times Net (LTN) exclusive story. Under the deal, Taiwan's Military Police Special Services Company (MPSSC), under the Military Police Command, is responsible for coaching the Middle Eastern country's counter-terrorism force. They will travel to Taiwan in groups for training that will enhance their knowledge, skill, and responsiveness in the war against terror. Similar to the United States Army Special Forces (Green Berets), the MPSSC was established in 1978 and has earned international acclaim for counter-terrorism operations and protecting high-ranking officials and ambassadors in Taiwan. It is also known for anti-hijacking and anti-sabotage operations. Taiwan is one of the few Asian countries capable of training special task forces and providing such services to other countries, according to LTN. It reported the first batch of trainees has concluded training and returned to home, while a second batch of recruits is on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3930970?fbclid=IwAR0emABRyt6O1Tu0X9gkWMx7vMox2MgKtLVwCAOv3zIB_heUQwd_e2IfBps Rumours has it that it's Somaliland.
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    kkk Cheeseman bilo ayaa u hadhay, maxay kale ayaad ka filanaysay?
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    @galbeedi Somaliland Wins: 1. Somaliland demanded that for the talks to go ahead, they should not be left to Somalis alone in a meeting room. Rather, the IC community needs to be there as mediators and guarantors of the agreements. This has been checked [tick] 2. Somaliland demanded the talks be held as equals Somaliland and Somalia This has been checked [tick] 3. Somaliland demanded the talks must be between representatives of Somalia (what used to be Ex-Italians Somalia) and Somaliland. Checked [Ticked] -------------------------------- The following are still being discussed ... 4. Implement of previous agreements Somaliland says all the previous agreements need to be implemented before any serious talks can be opened about other more important issues. Somalia wants preconditions for those agreements. The mediators are on the side of Somaliland. As also tweeted by Turkish Ambassador, when he questioned about the faith of previous agreements. 5. Agreement on debt relief and World Bank/IMF new loans Somaliland is aware how the agreement between Somaliland/Somalia regarding the Airspace was one of the reasons why the UN ICAO handed over the Airspace back to Somali hands. However the Somalia Government backtracked from implementing the agreement. Considering that history of dishonesty from Mogadishu, any agreement with regards to WorldBank/IMF etc, will strong concessions on Mogadishu side attached to it. Whether Mogadishu walks away or not, that is not our issue.
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    Kolka xooluhu kugu mudaharaadaan, waa laguu yaaba. .
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    M0ooryan are those who left Baidoa to squat outside Mogadisho and who are cheap maids for hire whether by Farmajo or Alshabab to harm reer Mogadishu and their interests. I call on the above chief squatter to focus on his home and stop eyeing Xamar. Xamar belongs to reer xamar and not reer aflqaldan.
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    Somaliland has the best case in africa legally really. It's just that lack of economic interest from western powers is the problem. But it has shown the world that Somaliland is here to stay and that no one in Somalia can change that. Deep inside most of the koonfurians know this to the 2 countries. Have been to seperate countries for almost 3 decades this will surpass the short lived union of 20 years. In the later half of afweyne reign somaliland was at war with Somalia. In the end runtay tegeysa.
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    I love it when Somaliland is making the rest of us look like either we do not know the seriousness of the situation or we have no clue what to do where to start. We can't even brag about herd immunity since we are cowards. May Allah (swt) help the poor nomad. As for Somaliland, thank you for making the Somali part of the world.
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    From looter's inc to intellectuals, what transformation.
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    Khayre has failed. Even a child knows that this Sufi outlaw was hungry for power. He knew his rule was over if elections took place in Galmudug. Farmaajo is also pushing a well known " Budhcad Badeed" named Qoor Qoor as the future leader. The best option is for Khayre and company to swallow their pride, accept defeat and keep Xaaf to rule until a real reconciliation takes place in Galmudug. If he keep insisting on his failed policy, Khayre will create three presidents within the three main sub clans of GAlmudug. Nin Saaxiibkay ah ayaa yidhi isagoo kaftamaya, " Reer Dayniile ayaa maamul HG u Samaynaya waxay ahayd riyo beena".
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    This is what happens when you talk to the mirror. Breaking news from the horn by a man in the barren cold and isolated lands of canada. Give me a break.
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    Guess who the Reer Koonfurku hate most these days? It is not Ethiopia, in fact they are in bed with the Xabashi, their President is happily doesn't mind being the Escort for Dr. Abiye Ahmed. It is not Kenya either, because you can see how much they tolerated Kenya's unwarranted naked attacks, they were turning their cheeks everytime they get slapped on the other cheek. And definitely, it is not Eritrea, Uganda, Burundi or all those. Guess which country is their number one enemy. It is United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Now using the old Algebraic formula of elimination. it is not UK or United Arab Emirates per say either. It is in fact, Somaliland. Now you know, Reer Koonfurka Xabashi wa necebnay... this or that. It is none of that.
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    Build the road Kililka Somaliland that will bring together 10 million Somalis and other neighbors Don't panic, don't even bother to think regarding the show dog and pony for what goes in HoA. Never buy into the most abused words in the HoA today -regional integration -lol. Except for the road, port, common security..everything else is empty talk. With Ghelleh just talk through third person and maybe at weddings and heaven forbid burials of common friend or prominent person, never with dog and pony show kind of trips and visits. The sooner you finish the big projects the sooner you can approach Turkish, India...not China, Russia, Iran....those are too toxic at this time. Even India, Britain, Turkish are dangerous as America is pressuring them to be solely under its feet, but as small fish you can say oh I was simply swimming and somehow the ocean took me there. I am a poor guy no GPS of my own. This road, port, dry port project may prove to be the most important project for the ages with far reaching consequences. It might even ensure that you will never have big security problem from both Kililka and Djibouti which means most of your borders can be guarded by locals and few militia locals, nothing to spend.

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