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  1. Social life = waste of time which = money + energy. This is my opinion and no reason for you guys to take defense. I think there's no point to window shopping, going out with bunch of girls and eating outside, laughing laud and talking shit about other people as that is what girls do. Crushing to weddings and dancing all night till the sun rises is the worst habit a person can have. My idea of social life is; studying with two or three of your friends in the library or in a coffee shop. Inviting all your friends to the masjid and hanging together while you attend Muhadarah, going to bowling once a month with your best buddies (no more than 2), playing Tense in the summer with one friend. I was never a social person and if being social means going to weddings, movies, restaurants, and other girls’ houses, then heck I’d rather be the shy nerd my cousins call me. Hehe.... I love my habayar, she once told me: “ Naago badan faa iido maleh”
  2. First, That was too many comments to read. To jacaylbaro, what's up with the pushing walal? I'm just tryna inform the brothas and sistas. To the rest except the one sister that first commented on the issue, don't I get a welcome smile or somthing? As for the rest and specially to the guys who inderectly justify that the girl deserved to be raped, Subhannah! what kinda human being are you? Like Zuleqa mentioned, no one should be raped regardless of what they eat, drink, dress whatsoever. I'm so glad that the guy is in jail and will be punished for his actions. But what makes me very angry is that 10 people walked by the whole way where the incident took place and didn't call for help. If as the spokesman claimed no one could speak the English language, why can't they just stop him themselves?
  3. Ahhhhhhhh Faceboooooook! I'm addicted to it. Once you get use to, you'll be hooked. If you been poked, its just away of showing love. if soemone likes you, they'll poke you tooo.
  4. copy and paste if you can't click on it. And by teh way I'm new to this site, but I always read ur threats. You guys share current events, and interests maturely. I'm proud of ya'll. Salam
  5. Read the story here: What the @@@@? what is wrong with our people? Share your opinion.