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  1. Ayoub and Jaceyl: come on guys give it me; I will dish it out with equal measure
  2. Why dont just ask my sub clan and I will happily oblige?But let me entertain you Ayoub, the answer is YES- do you want to find out the name?
  3. AYOUB- he is not my blodd tol- probably he is as blood tol as Faisal Waraabe is to you
  4. I would rather go for your crude definition than go with the blood is thicker than water political bull.....
  5. I think it would be great move for Somalia to appoint somone with stature as the head of the state but I dont think it will happen. Ali has no power base with the D block. He is the guy who came up with "Tol siyaasadeed" which is different to Tol dhiigeed. As far as the state is concerned, he thiks Tol Dhiigeed should not play a role. Of course as noble as this is, people are not ready for such lofy ideals unless of course he ganers enough support from the moderate and the Islamiyiin together. He is an educated man who can speak the language the the west can understand as well deliver sermons which the Islamiyiin will have time to listen. Let us see how this unravels.
  6. I think he wont get it if the Baydhabo group gets their way. It is an interesting interview though.
  7. It seems as though he is throwing his hat in the ring. http://jidbaale.com/fullpage.php?sscid=7474
  8. ^ because Somaliland is fairer Jokes aside, dont please silly young man. I have not saidd I am pro Somaliland and have no idea how you read that into my opinion? I am not Federally inclined; I prefer central government with soft governance.
  9. Oodweyne waaa rag yaqaan, inaadeer halkaa kabannka ka garaac. Naxar, the issue as you have rightly highlighted is one of idiocy man. These folks are blinded and could only see through the bespoke glasses they have perscribed themselves. Anigu Puntland ineyshaqeyso waan rabaa but it should be based on a fairness and equility which something that is at loss with these folks. Duke, whether you have thought you know me or otherwise not here not there- frankly I have dont give a damn you think you know who I am. Let us leave personalities aside and deal with the issue at hand or just say " if you dont like Puntland get out".