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  1. I didn't ask for clarification as the point you made was very clear: those who have a problem with their ethnicity and have some self loathing, express this by marrying someone outside their race and thereby lose their "dignity" Maybe you have changed your mind now but that was the jist of your comment.
  2. ^ Your implication that every somali person ( I am including men in this catagory) that marry's outside their race is "self hating" blah blah is very offensive and very childish. Really, we still have a problem with people marrying whomever they please? Bloody least of our worries.
  3. ^Is this an unimaginative script. If not the quality of the Muslim bashers has taken a major turn for the worst. This lady needs to stick to her day job, politics is REALLY not her calling.
  4. Ramadan Kareem one and all dear nomads. May Allah include us all amongst those who are forgiven and receive the blessings of this beautiful month.
  5. May Allah make it easy for them, the waiting is usually the hardest part of these things.
  6. Funniest thing I've read for ages, thanks for sharing.
  7. ^ How is most of the developed world "functioning" everyday with people from all parts of the world living and working together? In an increasingly globalised world, this is just not going to happen and people will have to do what they have always done, learn how to live with change. Any whiff of an anti muslim issue, Dispatches is there. Not surprised they jumped on this.
  8. @ Warsa, If you're brown and wear funny clothes, you must be muslim I think is the reasoning of the very discriminatory EDL members.
  9. Hahaha@Carlton dancing, classic. Funny how everything can become political, the only reason the white guests are not dancing and rapping is because they can't and would be quite embarassing if they tried!
  10. This guy become muslim, somewhere along the line, someone else who is muslim must of told him this was some way to serve Islam. Hundreds of people revert to Islam each year in the UK and quietly get on with their lives. We know this has nothing to do with Islam but there are some amongst us who are filling impressionable heads with tales of violence and revenge. Real work needs to be done with our young muslims, especially those who begin to practise the deen and see things in black and white and through emotions. Mosques and community centres, it seems to me are ideally placed to provide this guidance. The calmess of this guy moments after the attack is chilling.
  11. ^ Just what a capital city should be. These pics look great, can't wait to go but it would be to Burco town first.
  12. haha, your bound to have a good time then. Cheerio
  13. There will also be some of this, esp talk of how beautiful it is! I hope you're taking the kids out not hiding in a shisha place haha.
  14. Haha, nah parks, ice cream and long walks for me my dear Ng, I am a fan of the sun when we do see it.
  15. ^ Good morning Ng, damn should have clocked in on the overground this morning. What a gorgeous day, and it's Friday and Monday is Bank Hoiday, whooooooooooo.