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  1. You know you went too far when you lose the support of former colanizers
  2. As long as there is no formal ceasefire or agreement among the clans or even between the admins, this conflict will continue in one form or another. The ultimate decisions lie with the four neighboring clans, HJ, HY, DH, and War-geli. Do they want to turn their regions into war zones or learn to accept the new reality? Out of the four clans, one (HJ) seems to be losing the plot. If the late Abdullahi Yusuf (AUN) and Mohamed Aidid (AUN) agreed to save Galkacayo in 91, I don't know why these four clans won't come to an understanding.
  3. Casualties of this war: Palestinians Western Credibility and Dominance Ukraine Israel in the longterm Winners: Russia China Iran Weapons manufacturers
  4. It seems a particular sub-clan decided to do Muse's bidding at the expense of their own people. It also seems the opposition is no opposition at all. Wadani is useless. In short, there is no one to stop Muse.
  5. As long as Sland's leadership is not telling the general public the truth or continues painting an alternative reality that is not based on facts, the people of Awdal will be forced to choose direct confrontation over peaceful settlement. It would have been ideal for the secessionists to learn something, really anything from Goojacadde. It looks like they haven't. Only a few seemed to have accepted the reality on the ground. Others are continuing with the same bravado and insults toward reer Awdal.
  6. The khat consumption alone would have cost hundreds of thousands daily. I do remember Boolo and others giving themselves an arbitrary deadline for SSC and Hiil H-force's financial demise.
  7. I see a before and after video.