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  1. At this point, there's literally no good reason to continue fighting. It is only for meaningless pride and for Muse's vengeance. And of course, his desire to stay in power for as long as he can.
  2. True but only one group is hellbent trying to reach "xuduuda qaranka."
  3. If the opposition is willing to plunge the entire into war, they are not any better.
  4. Deni is trying to lock them into a position. And they know they can't afford another open hostility in the streets of Garowe and Bosaso. He gave them an exit, they should take it!
  5. Abiy and his minions are becoming a source of instability in the region. It is not enough there are wars in Amhara and Oromia, now he wants to plunge the whole region into a war.
  6. Good gesture by Deni though a bit late. How would Diyaano, Shire, Hassan @bagaal, and Farole camp react?