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  1. ^^^Amiin Duke...Please remove da pic of dead man!!! Lets respect the departed!!!!
  2. Wonder why he remains silent? What can he do? No Somali is rejoicing today regardless of Qabiil affliatation. This is truely sad day. Qof aan naxariis iyo damiir laheyn baa ku farxa masaakiinta la anaysa. P.S Why is your goverment silent?
  3. ^^^Whose meddling :confused: Solution....Well find her first...remove her from the current school and neighborhood. A new set of rules including curfews and expected improvement in school and behavior...if dat doesn't work...Then ship her wherever.
  4. Originally posted by Tukaale: ^^ Send her back to Somalia that the optimum solution. quote: Figure wat wrong and deal with it. The problem is she wants partying, so contribute on the solution - how would you have dealt with it? Finding a solution to this particular situation seems trivial. I think Rudy wants just to vent. But in general, problems can be tackled by staying involved in your kid's life. No kid gets up one day and decides to run. It is problem long coming, and the parent should be attentive enough to realise it. A lot Somali parents in my end of the woods live in the Ghettos. A kid growing up in the Ghetto where schools are bad and whose parents aren't paying attention looses their creative momentum. This leads to lack of interest in studies and for dat matter anything that's progressive. Parents should realise that they have most influence on their kids. Only you could teach them right from wrong, and lead them to the right path. If kids do mess up. Identify the problems and deal with it. Don't dump at adeer's house in Somalia.
  5. ^^^^ What is she going to do there? You can't dump your problems onto someone else. Figure wat went wrong and deal with it.
  6. Sheh....Ugly n beautiful indeed..I guess the entire subcontinent is land of extreme contrasts.The Taj Mahal is itself an example. a symbol of love but hardly anybody in this part of the world marries for love. Marriage itself can be a happy occasion yet very burdensome.On the surface, it looks to appealing to all foriegners. Scratch the surface a little, horrors begin to pour out. Blessed....Pakis are interesting bunch, and their devotion to the faith is very admirable even though like all traditional societies, the masses know little of the religion itself. Islam is very central to their identity and a unifying factor. It is what separates them from their cousins in India. Yet in so many ways, they are very much like their cousins, a feudal society with oppressed masses yet progressing forward. It is good to be foriegner in these nations though. You are to able to enjoy the beauty of the land and culture and not be subjugated to their customs.
  7. Be constructive people...The idea is to help, not to put each other down!!!!! We are already aware of Somali Daisporo problems. now lets move from talking it to actually doing something about it.
  8. Inexperience and Jaahilnimo leads leads our people into all sorts of troubles, and they are too arrogant to listen an advise. I Say forget da adults. n Worry about da kid. Kids need attention and caring heart. More importantly, they need role model who will guide them to the right place. As for the adults, hard times will teach them tough lessons. It is sad they have to go through, but that's life.
  9. Sheh....Namaste Jee...Bharat bohot Khubsuurad hee...Can't wait to visit da place n see da remains of great Mughal empire...The Pakistani Siddi are called Makarani and usually inhabit balochistan and Sindhi provinces of pakistan. Blessed...I grew up in Pakistan. Great place to visit specially the northern areas towards Kashmir/Gilgit. People are usually kind and welcoming specially if you are Muslim but like all places, it has its good and bad!!!
  10. Amid the brooding mountains on the borders of Baghlan province, Afghanistan's only female warlord clings to her remote fiefdom. But the years are catching up with Kaftar, "The Pigeon", as Bibi Ayesha is known, and the Afghan government and its international backers want her to hand in her guns. "My eyes have become misty," says Kaftar, complaining that she can no longer shoot straight. Kaftar has fought the Russians, the Taleban and many local rivals But she has lost none of the enthusiasm for violence that fed her reputation for cruelty during Afghanistan's wars. "I am still wishing for a fight," she said, dismissing any notion that women's roles in Afghan society would preclude front-line battle service. "It makes no difference if you are a man or a woman when you have the heart of a fighter." Her only concession to social mores is that she insists that a male relative accompany her into battle, in line with Afghan tradition for women outside the home. Disarming 'the Pigeon' At the end of a bone-juddering two-hour drive up a river bed from the nearest settlement, Kaftar's fortified house clings to the steep valley wall. Inside the 55-year-old sat flanked by her four surviving sons; tough looking men who are her loyal lieutenants. Two others have been killed in battle. She has fought the Taleban, the Russians and many a local rival in the mountains of Narin district, which is dotted with the wrecks of old Soviet and Taleban tanks. She claims to have 150 men under her command, while the UN estimates that she has weapons for at least 50. Now the officials of the UN Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups programme (DIAG) say they are hoping to begin disarming her in the coming months. Like many of the estimated 2,000 illegal armed groups in Afghanistan that are still resisting the call to disarm, Kaftar is unlikely to give up her weapons easily. She insisted she has already given away all her guns, apart, she added, from the Russian Makarov pistol that hung in her shoulder holster. Old abandoned tanks are witness to power struggles in the area She said she was particularly upset about giving up an ancient British Lee-Enfield rifle in a previous disarmament drive. It was the weapon of choice across the region before the arrival of the ubiquitous Kalashnikov. The DIAG inspectors are sceptical. Many a commander has attempted to fob off the disarmament campaign with ancient or unserviceable arms, whilst hiding their stocks of up-to-date munitions. The home of one supposedly disarmed commander in Baghlan disappeared in a massive explosion last year, taking much of the surrounding village with it. A stock of unstable ammunition hidden under the house was the cause. "Zar, zan, zamin" While the neon lights, internet cafes and mobile phone shops in Kabul point to a rush towards modernity in Afghanistan's cities, in remote rural Afghanistan the old feudal order persists; an often violent culture of blood feud and local justice where the reach of central government is weak or non-existent. "Zar, zan, zamin" - gold, women, land - in the words of the old Afghan proverb provide the motivation for the violence that underpins local life. "People get killed over little things, water and land," said Kaftar with a shrug. On the way up to her house we asked a local man if Kaftar was at home. Mr Alam, a former commander, who disarmed last year "She's up there alright," he replied darkly. It transpired that the man's brother had been killed by one of Kaftar's sons and the feud was unresolved. "Once you give away your guns people don't care about you anymore," said Qari Alam, 50, who used to have command of a number of bands in the Northern Alliance that fought the Taleban, including that led by Kaftar. He voluntarily handed in his weapons, including a number of tanks, a year ago and now helps to negotiate between the government and the many still armed commanders in the region. "The commanders are afraid to disarm because they have so many enemies," he said, "and many people fear the return of the Taleban. Kaftar was a cruel commander. She has a great many enemies." Bandits prey upon travellers in the area. The most notorious, Abdul "Awal" (Abdul "Number one") is a second generation brigand; his uncle was caught and had his arm and leg cut off by a local commander as a warning to others. But Abdul continues to ply the family trade regardless. Kaftar says she has no fear of him. "The bandits are afraid of her and her sons, not the other way round," said Qari Alam.
  11. muslims in general are prone to violence Thats racist!!! All major conflicts of the last five hundred years was instigated by the Christain European Countries. Some of these conflicts were specifically carried out in the name of Christianity starting with Spanish conquest of the new world to the holocoust. N you say we are prone to violence.
  12. the future is bleak N why is dat bro. Walaal, we should move from all useless ranting to actually do something. The warlords deserve a praise for there are men who will do anything to get what they want. The masses whether Here or in Somalia just complain. Saaxib....My guess is that you just want things handed to you. You gotta work for it.
  13. Xarago.....Give General Duke a break....Blind loyalty whether to Qabiil or country is in all Maryooley....It is just dat some of us are more devoted than others. Duke....I wish all da best for Somalia. I just don't think Yeey could deliver anything.
  14. we know the problems, what do you think are the solutions, and what are you doing to better Somalia?
  15. Originally posted by Kashanre: "alxamdu shukran anagu waxaan ka mahad celinaynaa waxaas moryaantaahoo meesha yimid yagoo dhibaata na gaarsiin inay na dhaafeen" Classic.loooooooooooool Seems like Xarago is enjoying this news a bit too much. Duke......You gotta admit your adeer has failed meserable even though this Dheere character is moron to say least. Least see how long Yeey can hang out in Bay.
  16. Arguments with no real resolutions have no merit. I think we maryooley never seek any outcomes in our discussions, just useless endless yapping. This topic is proof of dat.People put time to some good use.
  17. Ahura...Do get together and think how you might help our sistas back home. Could be good initiative, a rewarding one I might add.
  18. This is good initiative. Lets also think of tomorow and how we will with never-ending droughts and conflicts. Off topic.....Is anybody familiar with micro-finance, and how succesful can micro-finance be in lifting the masses out of poverty. Here is link to micro-finance org web page
  19. Originally posted by Baashi: They are angry, bitter, and have negative picture of themselves. They hate each other with passion, and are willing to betray their brethren. We do have very negative image of everything Somali. I believe this might be necessary transition for Somalis to go through. What will defines us is not our current sad state, but how we deal with it. With choas comes oppurtunity to change for the better or worse. Hopefully our people will roll up their sleeves, get to work, and strive for a better Somali nation.
  20. All Somalis just blow hot Air and attach too much importance to what foriegners say or do.....Too many promises , but little substance......A decade or so later, Sland is still becoming independent and Somali proper has yet to stand on its own feet, and here we have fadhi Ku dirir nation being at it again. Same old stories, same old fights, but little change...Success of our nation as state whether united or divided depends on the success of all Somalis. The sooner we realise...the better of we will be.
  21. Geeze Castro...They have subjugated to the point of asking the benefits of keeping your tongue Hate to say it saaxib... but You sound like defeatist!!!! Maybe you should be asking what it took to make the English language the primary means of communication in the world ,and how can the Somali language achieve the same prominence. I know it sounds crazy but
  22. ^^^^^^Somalis along with the Oromo, Afars, and other eastern cushites as well as northern cushites are distinct people. The legends of Arab men populate our lands ain't true. We did however mix with Arabs and fellow Africans, but not the point where they have changed our entire physical look, our culture maybe. Any immigrant to the horn couldn't possibly have that much impact. Anyway, the entire human race is mixed anyway,unless you are Han chinese.
  23. A bicycle courier in Colombia has been given a four-year jail sentence for grabbing a woman pedestrian's bottom, a TV station has reported. A judge's ruling - criticised by some as being too harsh - ruled the courier had committed an abusive sexual act. Diana Marcela Diaz told RCN that the courier had cycled off after groping her, but had been caught by passers-by. When he was arrested, she was given the option of slapping him, letting him go, or filing a complaint. She had chosen to set a precedent that would stop sexist behaviour, she said. RCN described the sentence as historic, but some lawyers condemned it as excessive. A female member of the national ombudsman's office said the courier had only acted out of lust. "He didn't use violence or commit a sexual act," she was quoted as saying. Source: BBC.COM Ok nomads, did punishment fit the crime?
  24. People....Soomaali Wadaad Malaha....Been Maa La Isku Sheegaa...Everybody answers to some Qabiil..These are trigger happy fools willing to slaughther the innocent in the name of what exactly? :mad: :mad: This is what happens when a city is swarmed by a people who don't understand and appreciate its history and are just too ill-equiped to run a city like Xamar.