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  1. Amelia...You are so right. fours of school did nothing to prepare me for my current job, but I do believe school does actually open your eyes dat's if you are there to learn something and not just memorize facts so one could pass a test. It might not have prepared me for the workforce, but I did gain a great of deal of knowledge while also sparking my curiosity even farther. Vibe...Just don't make haste decisions. I do believe you will succeed at things as long as your heart is in it. Always look out for number one!!!!!
  2. What happen to just being a child. This is sad world. Young gals in the west are conditioned to be at the behest of the male counterparts. Society and pop culture constructed an image of a girl filled with contradictions and self doubt. So much for being free women.
  3. Mr Redsea....Do you see everything in terms of faith.
  4. The point, I don't know about Rahima, but do ask just why they support the warlords. None of them had no real good answer that would satisfy a sane reasonable person's mind.
  5. Duke-The reason for not having any reasonable oppisition is cuz all those who spoke against Yeey/Cadde were/are always neutralized or removed. N I don't think there is an entity in Pland that has the resources and skills to form a new party. Maybe the like-minded Planders in the diasporo could institute new party.
  6. If there was violence, rememeber Cade has support not only from the armed forces but from his sub clan, who would naturally rally around.. This is the heart of our problems. We are appeasing sub-clans at the expense of everyone else.We need to dissociate the leader from Qabiil. The reality is there will be no one to contest Cadde, and his band of bandits. If his Qabiil don't share the wishes of the rest of us,let them rally around him and pay the price for his st-upidity. You are either for progressive Pland or you are not.
  7. Duke-I don't see anymore of us dying, but just how you propose a peaceful transfer of power. Institutions are not set up in Pland to ensure such transfer.Besides likes of Yeey and Cadde respect one thing, dats brute force. We really can't afford to have these men at the helm of Pland leadership. The whole place is corrupted, and any reformation won't come through peaceful means bro.
  8. Leadership would emerge as soon as the likes of Yeey and Cadde leave the Somali political scene (Pland in particular). The more important question is are prepared to risk unrest (even civil war) in Pland so we could free ourselves from the grip of the old guard.
  9. War Duke...... I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Iam glad you are seeing the man for what he is. Incompatent old man with no vision for the future, and worse, a traitor who betray his nation. It is about Reer Pland remove the old guards from the leadership. Now lets take care of Cadde too.
  10. ^^^These people are truly sick. Talk to anyone of them, and no one give you a coherent answer as to why they wanna see Ethios in our land. How could anybody be so narrow-minded, and not see the dangers posed by Yeey, and his ever-growing list of warlords. Their dedication to him is amazing. It is like they have no mind of their own. If only they were dat dedicated to their own interest, they might have unseated Yeey long time ago.
  11. ^^^Those women should have been told to go the streets of southern Beirut, and spend few days there under Isreali bombarment paid for by Yank dollar. Naxar....Still hoping your adeer will come through.
  12. Alla-Ubaahne....I take little comfort in history considering where we are today.Obliteration of the Ethios in the Somali soil is very enticing on the surface, but all we know things are more complicated than that. The court's leadership should ready themselves for eventual assualt, but as for now , they should engage the traitors diplomatically. No one should rush into war without considering the consequences of war. Baashi....The UN envoy actually confirmed the Ethiopian presenceweb page in Somalia though he added their numbers were greatly exaggerated.
  13. What have the Sayid and Gurey exactly achieved in their campaigns against the Xabashi? We need people who could reconcile the Somalis, not just beat the drums of the war.
  14. Horn...Horta Mashallah. Iam glad da courts have such people at their disposal, but dam it, many of you (wiilo, paragon, olol,etc)here are begining to sound like groupies now. You are like da fifth person who started a topic about the courts' delegation to Khartoum. We got it already.
  15. Goormay Soomaaliya Koongo noqatay. Proxy wars between two dictators amid Somali masses. Pathetic really, those who allowed dis should be punished. It is time these so called leaders put their pity diffirences aside, and work for the interest of our people. Anyway, this war will have wider implications, It might even redraw borders, but I get feeling in the end the Somalis all over the horn will pay the highest price.
  16. ^^^^^^Maandheey, we can't help sometimes. It isn't our fault you are so dam good looking Seriously though, if you don't like something in particular setting. Either ignore it, or demand your due respect. I don't think no Somali man is gonna object to you choosing own your table in a eatery. It might feel little awkward for everybody in the begining, but remember it takes one to start a revolution. But overall though what perpetuates women oppression is their lack of recognizing the oppresive nature of the Somali Dhaqan ( Not everything about our dhaqan is oppresive). You gotta identify and label the problem before you can even do something about it. So women need to be aware of their rights first, then we can think changing the Somali way of doing things. We could start by raising our children as equals.
  17. MMA.....Tanug you for confirming the Ethio presence. General Duke waa naga yaabiye. Now duke, do yu still support da TFG?
  18. General...Atleast be honest with yourself. The TFG needs to go. N Yeey has invited another warlord (Qanyare) to his camp. It is shameful. Everything dats wrong with our country is in Baydhabo today. n They are all there with Yeey's blessing. I don't understand ragii xamar udiiday inay dowlada soo caga dhigato maxuu hoosta u soo gashade. Tigray Soomaaliyana waa joogaan. for heaven's sake.
  19. Nabad sug ma xuumay, but who is gonna pay thier salaries. Pland is run by corrupt regime dat needs to be over-thrown.
  20. Wadaada are politically savy....They knew perception is everything,Whistling da tunes of peace while preparing for war. They definately out-maneuvered Yeey who is only chanting about war and destruction.
  21. cyber civil war LoooooooooooooL....Maybe you should have a topic about dat or better yet, Lets have a cyper peace process.Sent out press releases to invite parties to attend dis virtual conference so we could bring an end to all Somali online hostilities. We can start with reer Pland n Sland since they seems da longest civil strife in da SOL political section.
  22. Here is some of Israel's new found supporters. Though if I was the Jewish state, I would be more worried about these people than I would about Arabs/Muslims. web page His latest book, Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World, interprets the Bible to predict that Russian and Arab armies will invade Israel and be destroyed by God. This will set up a confrontation over Israel between China and the West, led by the anti-Christ, who will be the head of the European Union, Pastor Hagee writes. That final battle between East and West - at Armageddon, an actual place in Israel - will precipitate the second coming of Christ, he concludes. With the way things are going, it seems those of us (Somalis/Muslims) in the west might eventually face the fate of the European Jews in world world II. So the question is do you wanna die here in concentration camp or die back home fighting?. Ok Me, I hope dat helps your case.
  23. War ME Maaryooley baanu nahe...Dat's invitation for trouble. We might not fight for our country, but we will fight country. Besides...You wanna get as much maryooley as possible on your side.Think deeper bro.
  24. ^^^^^loooool are you gonna ban da the rest of us, but you are right, most of us are by standers ( which defeats the purpose of being a citizen) as we wait the world to decide our destiny. We are not the master of our domain any more. Introduction of caste system will be futile endevour though!!