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  1. This year the number of Somalis getting into the UK are down, because they have been turned away by the Polish coastguards, so how did Omar get past them?
  2. Somaliland, is next to Israel and Cardiff is the second largest city in China
  3. None of you guys are giving me the answer i wanted.
  4. I heard there's new Somaliland airline coming out next year, does anyone know anything about this?
  5. Jama Qabar is in the myi init?
  6. My friend, Bashir Yusuf, is in Burco right now, so if see him say hello to him for me.
  7. She had a baby, but not human one.
  8. The goat has passed away last month.
  9. Sharks are haram to eat.
  10. I call it macawis city.