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  1. kkkkk@ jubba fever... in laga cuudiyo waaye...
  2. lol@Zack war ma zack saan u dambeysay waryaa maxaad sidii kurdidii isu waaleysaa what is all these fuss about and identity problem. Chill out sxb! We are heading same direction, same faith doqonimo yeesan naqaadin lets not go back, common sense has to prevail bro. And let me tell you one thing, the name Azania will never be adopted taa meel iga qor......and you can NOT exclude Gedo from the rest like it or no taana iga qor wax kale aan ka hadalno. I dont have a problem with you (i mean YOU) u knw what am talking about but I dont like the devil inside you, you know what i mean....
  3. Another cycle of violence and bloodshed return to the region should be avoided at all cost. We cant afford it. Caqli aaway hee.....
  4. There is nothing called Azania, Thats a foreign name, forget it! The most appropriate name for the region we all want is Jubaland simple and easy and its capital city has to be decided by its all citizens not a certain group. Clan outfit aka the Ras Kamboni militia should be integrated into the somali troops they pose instability and risks in the region. For they are seen as a clan outfit. How can they be different from that of Dooxadda Jubba? Caqligu ha taliyo
  5. His name is Abdi Farah-Garaad Shirdon a.k.a Saaid. He is most known or called 'SAAID', so call him Saaid.
  6. Farole is a liability and spoiler just wait and see he will soon starts his usual rantings...
  7. We welcome the new PM. He is capable man lets hope he steers the country in the right direction. IA.
  8. Zack, thats where you got it wrong! learn from the past mistakes and *********, sxb! Ha isku helayn duud kenyaati armay fiican tahay in danta guud iyo horumarka ka eegno rather than danta gaarka ah.
  9. Osman Kallun is good man, true unionist and patriot.
  10. Somalis never learn from the past! Anyone who is dreaming his kinsmen/tribe with the support of kenyans will benefit from this change of hands is daydreamer, BIG time. Let the people of this region sit and decide their future alone on their own without kenya.
  11. Macallinka & Yunis, I agree with you, I though some people here was questioning whether he is qualified for this or not. What I am talking about is who can get us out of this mess, who has what it takes to be a good president and Looyan is amongst those few I believe they can. You right Farmajo is favorite even according to William Hills bookies.
  12. Farmajo's policy towards Somalia transcends clan boundaries. He appeals to ordinary somalis, his main supporters and activists are from all clans. He is in a stronger position now to become Somalia's next president.
  13. You cant reason with a fool. Just their nicknames enough to tell a lot about these individuals. Dr. Looyaan needs not approval from some sick low self-esteem nobodies. His educational and professional achievements speaks volume for itself.