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  1. Probably Seychelles or Comoros Island...n obviously Xamar Cadeey...Anyway somewhere in Swahili coast where it is closer to home.
  2. kixkixkxix....Good one Castr.....We have Jeff Foxworthy in da house.
  3. Edit; for those of us who live in the Qurba land do indeed have their share of the blame, I agree! But we are not nearly—or vast majority of us are not—as guilty as those who directly fueled, and still fueling, this war by supporting men like Yalaxow. Xiin....We are worse in lot of ways. Thanks to our exposure to the world, we know it doesn't have to be this way. We know we could do better, yet we choose to be indifferent to say the least. As for Sudi.....we should be all ashamed as Somalis. It is simply sad!!!!
  4. The parliment asked him to take action and he gives them an extra 7 days to come to Baidoa. This sends the wrong message, that 400 Somali lives are not worth much. He the PM , and the Sharif are more than incompetent for not taking actions against the warlords.... Yes...the 400 Somali lives are not worth much as far the so called goverment is concerned. If Somali is worthy anything in Somalia, we wouldn't have Yeey as the head of the state.These are men who made their bunisses slaughtering the masses. Why should this time be any diffirent. N Just Why does it annoy when Geedi talks about your PLand and its illegal dealings with foriegn companies. He is the PM of Somalia afterall. It is right to intervene in Pland affairs.
  5. I just wonder what else goes on in that hood. Ask someone who actually lives there. I would be just speculating!!!!...Iam sure Xarago will find some more horrors to report. N why do think it irks me to see this in the open?
  6. Amazing...Now Geedi is incompatent for failing to follow Yeey's wishes!!
  7. Originally posted by Xarago: War ileen anaga balayo aragney...where am I biased in this report? Why do I sense you guys did not want this in the open.....? Yu sense nothing ayeeyo...Iam just speaking to Point's perceptions of what your intentions actually are for posting this article. Your reasons for choosing to highlight these heinous should matter little to everybody. Besides, you haven't actually said anything. You just cut n paste. Che...well said!!!!
  8. Point- Regardless of the poster's intentions, the fact remains these crimes did happen. You should worry less about the messenger's bias towards Somalia and more about these gruesome acts of savagery visited upon our fellow innocent Somalis!!!!!!!!
  9. Those who commited these crimes will brought to justice Inshallah. The vast majority of Planders obviously does't condone these crimes and are understandably outraged. Pland should be safe haven for all Somalis, and no thug should get away with anything just cuz they happen from da majority tribe.
  10. I can definetaly do it in my city. This would obviously consume of great deal of everybody's time (Most of us work) and would require some organizational skills to organize disorganized maryooley, but it can be done!!!!!
  11. Well said...lily Wat is so annoying about Ayaan or the so called critics of Islam, none of them could actually point to one thing that they have done for the oppressed masses. Talking is cheap n dats all she does. Jabkiida wax laga faa,idaayo ma jiro...Alla hasoo hanooniyo.
  12. ^^^^he thinks you are illiterate Alle-ubaahne.....At end day of the day, Qabiil triumphs over everything. Even the so called Wadaado drew most of their support from their fellow clansmen. This war is hardly brings any hope, more despair if you ask me,another nasty tribal war. If there is any good in this sad affair, it would be that the masses in Xamar would hopefully realise these men warlords/wadaado alike are just looking out for their own interests, but then again, people in xamar and somalia at large had 15 yrs to recognize their sorry debacle. I doubt this war could change their views.
  13. how could a corrupted mismanaged admin with little or no budget reign in on this criminal enterprise?...The Admins have themselves become criminals of sorts.
  14. Correction...Utter nonsense my man...Somali Men are killing Somali children. Don't blame the Yankees for our indiffirence and outright stup-idity.
  15. With choas comes oppurtunity. It is time we stand up and take on the so called Somali leadership. Any Somali that harbors any notion of Qabiil loyalty should see the sad events of Xamar as proof of these men pursiut of their own interests. They don't care about your Qabiil or country. Lets put the interest of our nation before of that Qabiil n Self. It is sad to see that masses in rest of Somalia and abroad not voicing and demonstrating their disgust at this murder mayhem. Lets stop being indifferent to our people's plight and lets hold these people accountable for all their crimes.
  16. ^^^^^^ Hmmm brings back memories... my days in Univeristy of Hawdland at Marqaan/Qaawane. Yes I went there. Didn't think I was gonna find UH alumni in here. Any graduates from SUNY?
  17. Wiilo....Heshiis Dowlad isku sheegaan(TFG/TNG) or qabqablayaasha lagalaan Itoobiya ama aduunka kale wax dhibaato ah mooyaanee wax khayr kama imaanayo. Dantooda mooyaane mida dadka iyo dalka wax fiiranaya ma jiro. All such deals should be considered viod once a true united Somali goverment takes da reign. N about the urur...count me in...Laakin exactly xuu utaagan yahay....nationalism is such broad term.
  18. We have more right to control Kismayo then people who came on ships some decades ago, when we have been living there, and our camels have been grazing there for more than a century Haven't we all come on a ship?
  19. I notice friend of mine who had that problem so I told her that her husband needs to get his shit together or get a divorce. Looool...You are giving ultimatums to man whom you only know through a friend. Walaal dadkaan is qaba ka dhexbax...If your friend is old enough to marry a man, Iam sure she has enough brains to deal him. N Please don't lump all people. I don't know Raga Somaliyeed aad Ka hadlaysid. Iam Somali man. I don't sit around lazily or chew Khat or shoot off my mouth uselessly for hours at cafe with bunch of morons. I don't even know that many other Somali men who does that. The majority I know are honest, hard-working people. Socod-badne....So you are not Somali....Interesting ....hhmmm...Since you are running away from your heritage and denouncing everything that your parents are, I wonder if the same twisted logic applies to being Muslim.? "Iam not _________ but my parents are"....I will let you finish fill da blank.
  20. In India's remote northern villages it feels as if little has changed. The communities remain forgotten and woefully undeveloped, with low literacy and abject poverty. Akash's mother found her son's mutilated body They are conditions that for decades have bred superstition and a deep-rooted belief in the occult. The village of Barha in the state of Uttar Pradesh is only a three-hour car drive from the capital Delhi. Yet here evil medieval practices have made their ugly presence known. Lured with sweets I was led by locals to a house that is kept under lock and key. They refuse to enter it. "They [the tantrics] play on people's fears and superstitions - it is crazy" S Raju Campaigning journalist Peering through the window bars you can see the eerie dark room inside, with peeling posters of Hindu gods adorning the walls and bundles of discarded bed clothes. In one corner is the evidence we had come to find: blood-splattered walls and stained bricks. It is the place where a little boy's life was ritually sacrificed. Those who tortured and killed Akash Singh did so in a depraved belief - that the boy's death would offer them a better life. "The woman who did this was crazed," the villagers say. "Akash was friends with all our children... We still cannot believe what happened here." Akash's distraught mother discovered her son's mutilated body. The family was told he was lured away with sweets and begged his captors to set him free. "First they cut out his tongue," his grandmother Harpyari told me. "Then they cut off his nose, then his ears. They chopped off his fingers. They killed him slowly." 'Profiting from fear' The woman who abducted Akash lived just a few doors away. She claimed to be suffering from terrible nightmares and visions. Those suspected of killing Akash Singh are in jail Those suspected of killing Akash Singh are in jail It was then she turned for guidance to a tantric, or holy man. It was under his instruction that she brutally sacrificed the boy - offering his blood and remains to the Hindu goddess of destruction. There are temples across India that are devoted to the goddess. Childless couples, the impoverished and sick visit to pray that she can cure them. Animal sacrifice is central to worship - but humans have not been temple victims since ancient times. We were met with a hostile reception at the temple in Meerut. The high priest did not want us to see the ritual slaughter. Tantrics like him clearly have an overwhelming grip on their followers. Often they are profiting from people's fears. In extreme cases others have instructed their followers to kill. Crackdown campaign S Raju is a journalist for the Hindustan Times and has been reporting on child sacrifice cases since 1997 in western Uttar Pradesh. He has reported on 38 similar cases. In one incident he says a tantric told a young man that if he hanged and killed a small boy and lit a fire at his feet the smoke from the ritual could be used to lure the pretty village girl he had his eye on. He has been campaigning for a crackdown on the practice of tantrics, alarmed at what he has seen. "The masses need to be educated and dissuaded from following these men," he said. "They play on people's fears and superstitions - it is crazy." Unreported We visited the jail where those accused of murdering Akash were being held. The prison warden told us of over 200 cases of child sacrifice in these parts over the last seven years. He admitted many of the cases go unreported because the police are reluctant to tarnish the image of their state. He told us incidents of child sacrifice are often covered up. Many of those killers are behind bars - but, chillingly, others poisoned by the same sinister beliefs remain at large. May Allah bless his soul!!!!
  21. ^^^^^^loooooooool I didn't say Somali..Iam talking about Mali, the counrty located in west Africa. web page
  22. All Mali Music lovers( if there is any here in Sol), share any your fav artists...da oldies n newbies and any links to Mali Music. I like world music hour on Putumayo. Feautures Mali Songs. web page
  23. This is hardly any benefit to this. Just imagine a pleasant occassion like wedding associated with what should be one of happiest events in your life. Lets hope they get help. Tolerating Faaraxs = Understandable Liking Faaraxs = plausible Loving Faaraxs = slightly worrisome Dying for Faaraxs = absolutely insane Wow....Just contempt for so many people , majortity of whom you obviously don't know or never met. Ladies, looks like some issues of your own or do you just enjoy using "Faaraxs" as punching bags.
  24. Wildcat with friend strolling in da hot Somali desert. source: web page
  25. Natural Resources Defence Forces of Sanaag..loooooool....Love name of dis new "resistance". Apparently, cadde hasn't learned anything from the last decade and half. I guess he confused Sanaag for Jubooyinka n Shabeela.