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  1. Originally posted by Socod_badne: QUOTE]Xaraam caleyk! what a perversion of God's finest creation. [/QB] Wat's wrong buddy. Da gal likes being on top
  2. Originally posted by me: Nahhhh, Btw, do you really think that you would change your routines? Before every school year or semester I used to tell myself this time, I will work hard, this time I will do my best. I will read more, focus on my work, bla bla etc etc. Anyhow it never happens. So I would say don't lie to us,lie to yourself. You will be here SOL for the next 15 months(Inshalah). LooooL....I used to do dat in my undergrad, but that's cuz they baby you in undergard programs, and I knew I could get away with. It is diffirent ball game though now. One can't afford to slip or blink for sec. Plus everything is being paid for, so I can't afford to mess up considering how expensive grad schools are these days. N Thanks buddy! Wiilo......Tanug you Walaalshiis.Let's have dat Casariyo...little Qaxwo, and Xalwo maybe, even shushumoo iyo bajiye. Maybe we can even invite some folks from politics section...I could see MMA and Rahima getting at it.
  3. ^^^I think Qaxwo would be a better friend.
  4. Originally posted by me: allot of collateral damage, wouldn't you say? And I bet ya you would still not get me I would get you aight unless you were in space. If the initial impact didn't vaporize you , the resulting and lingering afte- effects will surely eliminate you. As for the collateral damage, well as Stalin once said, " You kill one person it is a tragedy, you kill ten thousand people it is a statistic.†He was right since numbers don't have faces.
  5. I guess it is question of would rather wanna people celebrate your life by enjoying themselves, or just mourn your departure and be depressive mood. Dis reminds of me Reer New Orleans, and the music processions dat accompanies the funeral.It is festive affair,but the Chinese thing goes over-top.
  6. I would press to just eliminate you for having posted this thread.
  7. Just got accepted into grad school. The course load looks enormous, and the professors seem to enjoy over-working us. Trying to prepare myself mentally 15 months of unrelenting rigorous studying. I guess come september,no more SOL for awhile.
  8. Funny article, da Chinese do know how to send off someone to the hereafter. China acts on funeral strippers Chinese villages are being told to end the practice Five people have been detained in China for running striptease send-offs at funerals, state media say. The once-common events are held to boost the number of mourners, as large crowds are seen as a mark of honour. But the arrests, in the eastern province of Jiangsu, could signal the end of the rural tradition. Local officials have since ordered a halt to "obscene performances" and say funeral plans have to be submitted in advance, Xinhua news agency said. The arrests, in Donghai county, followed striptease acts at a farmer's funeral, the agency said. Two hundred people were said to have attended the event, which was held on 16 August. The Beijing News said the event was later revealed by a Chinese TV station. The leaders of five striptease troupes were held, it said, including two involved in the farmer's funeral. "Striptease used to be a common practice at funerals in Donghai's rural areas to allure viewers," Xinhua agency said. "Local villagers believe that the more people who attend the funeral, the more the dead person is honoured." As well as ordering an end to the practice, officials have also said residents can report "funeral misdeeds" on a hotline, earning a reward for information.
  9. Isdaji Duqa..We are all aware of things back home. The administration in baydhabo hardly qualifies as legitimate goverment. With no institutions, or army to speak of, your so called goverment, and it's leadership doesn't have a leg to stand on. One could try to sypmathize with them and overlook their lack of creativity in reinstating the Somali state since they indeed face an enormous task, but thanks to their constant inter-squabbling and utter incompatency, the boys in baydbabo have forfiet the leadership role. They have shown their true colors by refusing to work together for the benefit of the Somali people, and by catering to the needs of their Xabashi handlers. Show me one dat actually work for the interests of the people, we shall call him a leader. Till then ma ahow, these men deserve watever come their way.Sell-out thugs masquerading as leaders ha igo dhahin waa waxay kaa mudan yihiin ixtiraam. Nasiib bee layiin if insults is all they get from us.
  10. Originally posted by Naxar Nugaaleed: ^^^ you don't seem to have anything to say but insult your leaders. They ain't my leaders since I or for that matter the Somali public didn't vote for them. Get dat through your thick skill.
  11. ^^^^You seemed bothered by allaged relation to Somalis. N wat's wrong with having A Jamacian for a relative?
  12. Originally posted by Juje: quote:Originally posted by Yo-Yo Ma: The likes of Him including the morons in baydbadho And to think there is sanity in between your ears will be over statement. Do you actually get something to say? If not stop babbling. Think through things, and enough with impulsive chatter. Him or them, does it matter?. They are weaved from the same cloth, treasonious bastads.They are all same character.
  13. The likes of Him including the morons in baydbadho could actually be charged for treason under any law,and there is plenty of evidence to support such charge. Sadly, there is no entity ( other than the Somali public) that could indicted them for their crimes. Targeted assissinations would be justifiable if one could indicted them for treasonable acts.
  14. ^^^Are you advocating murder? Even war criminals should have their due process. Now if he dies in a battle, dat's another story.
  15. Mogadishu’s International seaport reopens for the first time after 11 years By: Aweys Osman Yusuf Mogadishu 23, August. 06 ( Sh.M.Network) Mogadishu’s International l seaport has officially been opened for the first time after so eleven years of closure. Union of Islamic Courts second assistant chief Sheik Abdulkadir Ali Omar, accompanied by the Isklamist finance manager Abdulkadir Abokar Omar Addan and marine transport manager Sh. Mohammed Kahiye, stated that Mogadishu’s main port is formally open. Mogadishu’s main port has been shut down since UNOSOM, the UN & US forces, departed from Somalia in 1995 after failure of forming an administration. Omar Afdoje, an Islamist engineer, made an estimation of one million dollars that, he said, would cost rebuilding the vastly devastated port. A big celebration for the opening of the seaport is anticipated on Thursday. Many Mogadishu residents endorsed the opening of the port, while many said they had been waiting for the news for a long time. Elma’am, an informal seaport, in north Mogadishu has been the only port business people have been importing their commodities. Reliable sources close to the Islmaists says that the newly opened port would be the only one that Somali business people might legitimately use. This may mean that Elma’an seaport will be out of use. After UNOSOM many attempts of putting the port into use had failed after Mogadishu’s once most powerful tribal warlords could not compromise over the revenue and which ship was to be taxed of the seaport. It is hoped that the port would alleviate the inflation of all commodities in Mogadishu. Shabelle Media Network Somalia
  16. Smithy...I doubt any news no matter how great would help Yeey at this juncture. Ina Yusuf is synonymous with incompatency and utter failure.
  17. Modesty..SOL should have an entire section dedicated to you and your issues with the Somali people. Let's see wat's your next topic would be?
  18. ^^^^^LooooL He finally got to you. Never seen losing it buddy.
  19. In Xamar, he still is the president. Kudos to him though, he did outsmart Yeey and Co.
  20. Multiculturalism would work in favorably economic conditions. I wonder what the Jews of Europe from world war II era have to say about Multiculturalism? The Point.... the States, Canada and New Zealand are diffirent, but all these countries have one thing in common, the original inhabitants' culture is nearly wiped out or relagated to second class status. One also wonders how the whites of America would react to the every growing Hispanic culture in the America as the population of these immigrants continue to surge.
  21. Shariif on The Sh/Hoose Issue Afgooye, 21-August-06 ( Guddoomiyaha golaha maxaakimta islaamiga Soomaaliyeed Sheekh Shariif Sheekh Axmed ayaa shaaca ka qaaday in aysan habooneyn dacaayadaha laga faafinayo maamulka gobolka Shabeellaha hoose oo kaalin muuqata ka qaatay halgankii magaalada Muqdisho looga saaray qab qablayaashii dagaalka ee la magac baxay la dagaalanka argagixisada. Sheekh Shariif oo maanta xariga ka jaray furitaanka 10ka buundo ee deegaanka Tisxiile ayaa sheegay in maxaakimta islaamiga ay u taagan yihiin sixida qaladaadka jira, isagoo tilmaamay marka ay ka soo faraxashaan dhismaha maamulka gobolka Banaadir ay u soo jeesan doonaan gobollada kale ee dalka oo uu ku jiro gobolka Shabeellaha hoose. "Walaalayaal waxaan rabaa in aan ka hadlo arrimaha gobolka Shabeellaha hoose iyo wararka ay buun buuniyaan warbaahinta ee la xiriira gobolkaasi, waa in la joojiyaa dacayaadaha laga faafinayo maamulkaasi oo gurmadkii ugu ballaarnaa bixiyay xiligii dagaalka lagu la jiray qab qablayaashii isbahaystay ma ahan in loogu abaalgudo dacaayad" ayuu yiri Sheekh Shariif Sheekh Axmed guddoomiyaha golaha maxaakimta islaamiga Soomaaliyeed. "Walaalayaal inaga ayaa diyaar u ah in aan saxno qaladaadka jira laakin waa in la joojiyaa wararka dacaayada ah ee laga fidinayo maamulka Shabeellaha hoose, maamulka qaladka ku jira waa la saxayaa, wariyayaasha waa in ay iska jiraan wararka dacaayada ah" ayuu sii raaciyay Sheekh Shariif. Sheekh Shariif ayaa sidoo kale ka hadlay ciidamada la sheegayo IGAD in ay u soo direyso dalka Soomaaliya, waxa uuna sheegay in aysan qaadan doonin dagaalka IGAD ay u soo safrinayso dalka Sooamaliya, isagoo ku booriyay madaxweynaha Unganda Yaweri Moseveni in uu ka waantoobo ciidamadiisa in uu u soo diro dalka Soomaaliya, isagoo hoosta ka xariiqay in ay difaaci doonaan diintooda iyo dalkooda haddii lagu soo duulo. Engineero uu horkacayay Engineer Cumar Maxamud Maxmaed Aftooje ayaa door weyn ka ciyaaray dayactirka buundadaasi isku xirta deegaanada gobolka Shabeellaha hoose, waxaana iska kaashaday dayactirka buundadaasi gaadiidleyda iyo maamulka gobolkaaasi, ayadoo gaadiidkana ay bilaabeen isticmaalka buundadaasi oo ahmiyad gaar ah ugu fadhido gaadiidleyda isaga gooshta deegaanada gobolka Shabeellaha hoose iyo gobollada koonfureed ee dalka Soomaaliya. Munaasabadaasi waxaa sidoo kale ka hadlay Sheekh Yuusuf Indhacade masuulka dhinaca amniga u qaabilsan maxaakimta, Sheekh C/raxiim Cali Muudey masuulka dacwada iyo warfaafinta u qaabilsan maxaakimta, Xuseen Cali Wehliye (Cirfo) iyo masuuliyiin kale.
  22. Golaha Maxkamadaha Islaamka oo sheegay in beelaha Soomaalida ay yihiin shan beelood, isla markaana aysan jirin Beel Bar ah Axad, August 20, 2006(HOL): Golaha Maxkamadaha Islaamka oo gacanta ku haya magaalada Muqdisho iyo gobollo kale oo ka tirsan Koofurta Soomaaliya ayaa shaaca ka qaaday in aanu jiri doonin nidaamka 4.5 (afar beelood iyo barka) ee horay loogu dhisay Dowladdii TNG-da ee Carta Jabuuti lagu dhisay sanadkii 2000 iyo Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliyeed ee haatan jirta. Shiikh C/raxiin Cali Muudey oo maxkamadaha Islaamka u qaabilsan dhinaca Warfaafinta ayaa shir jaraa’id oo uu ku qabtay magaalada Muqdisho waxaa uu uga hadlay labo qodob oo kala ah difaaca dalka iyo diinta iyo joojinta xaalufinta lagu hayo dalka Soomaaliya. Shiikh C/raxiin waxaa uu ku dheeraaday ka hadalka dhibaatooyinkii Soomaalida ka dhex dhacay, hadana wuxuu sheegay in xalka arrintaas uu ku jiro Shareecada Islaamka oo wax kasta oo cadaalad ah laga heli karo 100%, “16 sano kadib umadda Soomaaliyeed waxaa u soo laabtay garaadkeedii iyo garashadeedii, waxaana loo baahan yahay in ay ka heshiiyaan dhibaatada dhexdooda ah isla markaana ay isku dhaqaan Kitaabka Qur’aankaâ€ayuu yiri Shiikh C/raxiin. Shiikhu waxaa uu ka hadlay tacadiga ay dadka Soomaaliyeed isu geysteen, wuxuuna si kulul u weeraray qaabka loo kala sareysiiyo Umadda Soomaaliyeed oo xiligan loo qeybiyay afar beelood iyo Bar ( 4.5), “hala ogaado maanta wixii ka dambeeya Soomaalida waa siman tahay waana shan beelood, ma jiraan wax la yiraahdo 4.5, dadka la liidana waxaan u sheegayaa in maanta wixii ka dambeeya ay yihiin kuwo buuxa oo beelaha kale la mid ahâ€ayuu mar kale yiri Shiikh C/raxiin Cali Muudeey. Dhinaca Arrimaha Federaalka oo dowladda hadda Soomaaliya u dhisan ay ku saleysan tahay ayuu ka hadlay, wuxuuna laalay in ay jiraan wax la yiraahdo Federaal, “Waxa loo yaqaano Federaal oo laga wado in la kala googooyo Umadda Soomaaliyeed wax ka jira ma laha, Umadda Soomaaliyeed waa Umad isku Diin ah, dhaqan ah, isku af ah oo dhibaato kasta oo dhexmarta geed hoostiis uga heshiisaâ€ayuu yiri Shiikha. “Waxaan meesha ku jirin in 16 sano hadba wadan nala geeyo oo aanan arrimaheena ka tashan, waxaan beesha caalamka ka codsaneynaa in arrimaheena naloo madax baneeyo oo aan annaga dhexdeena ka heshiino, welina aan Muqdisho ku heshiino, maadaama ay Muqdisho nabad tahay, isla markaana ay UN-ka iyo caalamka arkeen nabadda ka jirta Caasimadda Soomaaliyaâ€ayuu hadalkiisa ku sii daray. Doorka IGAD ee arrimaha Soomaaliya ayuu Shiikhu ka hadlay, wuxuuna carrabka ku adkeeyay in aan xiligan loo baahneyn ciidamo IGAD ka socda oo la geeyo Soomaaliya bacdamaa uu is-bedel ka dhacay. “Waxaa wax laga murugooda ah in maanta Dowladihii IGAD oo aan ka mid nahay dowladihii aas aasay ay noqoto meel lagu kala qeyb qeybiyo Soomaaliya oo looga soo duulo, isla markaana naloo soo korkaco cadawgeena taariikhiga ah ee xabashida oo ay hoggaamineyso Tigree, taasi kama yeeleyno IGAD mana ogolaan doonno in ay dhacdo†ayuu si kulul u yiri Shiikh C/raxiin. Danjiraha Dowladda Kenya u qaabilsan Arrimaha Soomaaliya Maxamed Cabdi Afey ayuu Shiikh C/raxiin shirkiisa Jaraa’id ku weeraray, wuxuuna sheegay in Maxamed Cabdi Afey uu seddex jeer yimid Muqdisho, isla markaana uu arkay nabadda ka jirta Xamar, “Maxamed Cabdi Afey oo ah Kenya ninka u qaabilsan Arrimaha Soomaaliya maadama uu indhahiisa ku akay nabadda taala Soomaaliya,waxaan ka fileynay in uu yiraahdo Soomaaliya waa nabad, ciidan shisheeye oo ka dhaqan duwan, isla markaana keeni kara cudurro uma baahnaâ€ayuu yiri Shiikh C/raxiin Cali Muudey oo sidoo kale u faray danjire Afey in haddii uu runta sheegi waayay ay Maxkamadaha runta sheegayaan, isla markaana ay ku talinayaan in ay Dowladda Kenya tallaabo ka qaado, xilkana ka qaado sababtoo ah buu yiri uma qalantid. Wuxuu amaanay Shiikha Dowladaha Jabuuti, Eretrea, Suudaan iyo Yugaandha oo uu doorkooda arrimaha Soomaaliya ku sheegay in uu yahya mid dhexdhexaad ah, kuwaasi oo ku taliyay in aan Soomaaliya ciidamo la geynin bacdamaa ay iyada is-xalineyso, “waxaa wax aad looga xumaado ah in Dowladaha Kenya iyo Itoobiya maaro looga la’ yahay in ay qabsadaan wadankeena xorta ah, waxaan leenahay ma qabsan kartiin, mana imaan kartaan, haddii aad wadankeena taako aad keentaan ciidamadiina waxaad ku talagashaan dagaalâ€ayuu si kulul u yiri Shiikh C/raxiin oo sheegay in dowladda Itoobiya ay Soomaaliya soo weerartay 1964kii, xiligaasoo Soomaalida ay xor ahayd kaliya afar sano, mar kalena wuxuu sheegay in ay soo weerartay 1977-kii, balse labada jeerba ay Soomaalida iska difaaceen. Wuxuu ka hadlay xaalufinta lagu hayo dalka Soomaaliya, wuxuuna carrabka ku dhejiyay in la baab’iyay kheyraadkii uu lahaa, iyadoo xaalufintaasna ay sabab u ahayd dowlad la’aantii ka jirtay Soomaaliya, “maxkamadaha Islaamka waxaa ay 19/08/2006 isku raaceen in la mamnuucay jarista dhirta, iyadoo qofkii lagu helana ay noqoneyso dembi, sidoo kalena wuxuu dembi ku tilmaamay in iyana la dhoofiyo ugaarta uu dalka Soomaaliya lahaan jiray, wuxuuna ugu baaqay dhamaan mas’uuliyiinta gobollada dalka in ay deegaanadooda ka dhaqangeliyaan go’aanka ka soo baxay maxkamadaha Islaamka ee mamnuucista xaalufinta Dalka Soomaaliya.
  23. The TFG is an agent of the Tigray regime. The events of the last two months clearly demonstrated who is in charge of the criminal outfit that's residing in the city of Baydhabo. Anyone who still believes Yeey and his ilk will deliver Somalis from our current state is simply decieving themselves. We need a peace process for Somalis and by Somalis, without interference from outside. The last 14 conferences failed simply cuz Somalis were not at the helm of these reconcialations. We also need a new political thinking specially those of us from Pland where Yeey's cohorts still rule supreme. The old guard in the Pland must retire or be forced out. The Courts on its part must address the issue of Indhacadde. The courts and Pland control most of Somalia. A goverment of national unity could be instituted between these two parts , and extended to the areas of the country they don't control. Before any of this could happen, Pland must first decide if they will blindly continue supporting Yeey or if they will stand up for the interest of the Somalia, and reject Yeey's along Tigray masters.
  24. Having weekends away, suprise gifts, going out for dinner et al. Dat do sound something white chick would expect, but it is fine if dat's indeed what you do consider romantic. Just make sure your hubby is on the same wavelenght. As for romance in general, considering each other's needs and not taking your espouse for granted despite your daily family hassle would definately keep dat aspect of one's relationship alive.