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  1. Old. Do you have anything new?
  2. Arsenal need to sign a top striker come January. So far, so good. We did great with the many injuries we had. Our team is on the best teams in the league, but we are missing the final piece. A top striker, Giourd is not he man to win us the trophy.
  3. Gaas was never the candidate who is able to unseat Faroole. Education don't mean nothing in Politics. Education does not make leaders, it is a plus but it is not everything. Harvard graduate or not, he can't lead puntland, period. Faroole is the man, he is proven, period.
  4. Abdiwali Gaas is my least favorite candidate. It is either Faroole or a newcomer, the likes of Shire Xaji or Ali Xaji Warsame. Gaas is a horrible choice, he got a chance to be honest, but he is not fit to lead Puntland at this stage.
  5. Abdiwali Gaas is my least favorite candidate. It is either Faroole or a newcomer, the likes of Shire Xaji or Ali Xaji Warsame. Gaas is a horrible choice, he got a chance to be honest, but he is not fit to lead Puntland at this stage.
  6. I think Faroole is the best choice. I will advice Puntland parliamentarians not to repeat the same mistake that happened in the Federal Gov't election when they removed Sheikh Sharif coz he was the old guard. Same reason they want to remove Faroole now. Change is not needed in Puntland as it is now clear that it was not needed in the federal gov't as they miss the Sheikh now more than ever. Faroole for President!
  7. Hawdian;986131 wrote: @Fresh2 death. Bila adaab Baa thy ee dad ka waaweyn ka xishood . Oodweyne is a senior nomad and if you dont get what he's writing you should just be quit. Fahmty mee ya ibnu axmar?? He is senior to u sxb, where I come from u lose ur seniority the minute u start disrespecting and insulting other clans by name-calling, etc. Waryaa Oodweyne, what you mean by 'certified beggers', have some respect will ya.
  8. Oodweyne;986104 wrote: Well it's true that the federal parliament ought to have been the place they resolve this kind of political tug-of-war; but, what those who inclined to think this way, are forgetting, is that in the current reality, the said Speaker Jawaari is not the kind of chap to play that role of exulted role. And, the reason is simple really. You see in the grand scheme of things, to be a "stooge" is one thing, if for some reason, you are forced to be one by the prevailing circumstances of the day. Which is why we must somehow understand the dilemma the likes of Karzai of Afghanistan and Hassan Sheikh of Somalia must conform to, since, their political usefulness to their western's patron will go in so far as they are ready to be the "hired-stooges" who are content to do the "pacifying" business of their community. But, to be a stooge of another biddable stooge, is in my opinion, the worst of the lot. And, in that context, given the fact, that this Jawaari fellow is essentially "rubber-stamping-political-stooge" for the likes of Hassan Sheikh, then, one must not start thinking that, he will be a sagacious speaker of the federal parliament. And, finally, there is that little known fact, and that is, on one hand, the speaker and the community he hailed from, namely the "Beggars Certified" of Somalia (and I am sure, our friend, MMA will be livid with me in here by now ), and that of the community in whose their members this "outgoing" PM hailed from, on the other hand, do not see eye-to-eye on many things. And by that I mean, in particularly, the fate of Gedo within any would be federal region of that area. Also, one has to bare in mind, that the Jubba issue may have been nominally "settled" in favour of kicking the ball into the long grass while purchasing time with Addis-Ababa's agreement, but the community the speaker represent (as his constituency) do not see that outcome as favourable towards them. Hence, if the "fate" of this PM Saacid comes up in that hot-house of a federal parliament, they, to a man and to a woman, will vote him down and will vote with the president's inclination, particularly since, they believe the PM Saacid has been "weakling character" who could only delay the Kenya's agenda in Jubba's regions but couldn't thwarted it to their satisfaction. Consequently, the up-shot of this is that there is enough of a "vendetta" and a "grudge" in which Speaker Jawaari has for the PM Saacid without even adding the over-all external reality to that "complicated picture" . And of course, that reality says that speaker Jawaari will do the bidding of the Hassan Sheikh regardless of anything else, since, he is in effect Hassan Sheikh's hired stooge in-charge of the parliament. But, we shall see how the speaker plays his cards in the days to come. I never get ur posts, stop posting in this website as its waste of space and my energy trying to run from ur long posts. I don't even think anybody replies to u or cares for ur opinion. Go kick rocks and write a book to urself while u are at it.
  9. This useless president and useless gov't needs to go in peace. We need Sheekh Shariif back along with all the heads of the TFG gov't reinstated so they can lead us to glory again.
  10. xiinfaniin;931763 wrote: This is what I think: The President initially (somehow) thought he could engineer South Central regions to his liking using his interior minister. I think with Kismayo being the way it is, he will have no choice but rethink his strategy toward federalism. He cannot single-handedly define what federalism means for Somalis. It is notable that he dislikes it but cannot say so for obvious reasons. He will be best advised to take following steps to defuse the situation: 1- Help the consultative process in Kismayo, not hinder it, by personally going there and giving speech about how bad the federalism is for Somalia but affirm his obligation to uphold the constitution which mandates federalism as the supreme political structure of the land. Endorse the gathering and pledge support and cooperation for the resultant administration 2- Help Bay and Bakool community to organize similar conference in Baydhabo to establish state of their own. Do the same (visit, pledge support etc) 3- Repeat 1 & 2 for the remainder of the South Central region in a effective and productive manner...facilitating and all. 4- Address the question of Mogadishu and put concrete policies in place to remake the image of the capital. Address the plight of IDPs, the properties (personally owned or public) 5- Engage with the parliament to expedite fleshing out clauses relating revenue sharing , resource allocation, integration of national army and development money distribution 6- Once he gets all of this in place, talk to Somaliland (involving Khatumo & Puntland as stake holders in the outcome) as the leader of Somalia and hammer out a deal that does not damage Somalia's territorial integrity and does not cause political and security implosion to that stable region. This is free advise from SomaliaOnline to our beloved President Hassan Sheekh When you say Help Bay & Bakool people organize to make up their own federal state. Aren't you realizing that you guys are robbing them of their land, the one you saying they should organize federal state for. Bay & Bakool people are claiming the same land you are claiming. What you gotta say about that?