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  1. Alpha Blondy;987139 wrote: does that mean Prophet Adam (s.a.w) was black? interesting. Well yes, since he was made of all the soils of our planet . He being the first human, logically he must be very dark.
  2. Alpha Blondy;986531 wrote: actually Adan Madoobe translates as ''Black Adams''. they rank rather highly within Beesha Haradan. :cool: Adam translates as black in Arabic
  3. Saf, I only wear vaseline and eyeliner. I found out a funny fact Alpha might appreciate today, according to a conversation I over heard, there is a sub-clan called 'Adan madoobe'= which literally translates as Black Black Can someone else add any other subclan's english literal meanings?
  4. Alpha? Naa, Al is a lot more articulate no-matter how much non senses he posts.
  5. E/I, although I would personally say I pick n choice.
  6. All valid arguments and a understanding expected from a group of modern western Muslims. I am all for people making their own personal choices and also the law having the right to protect the majority- typical negating arguments but I draw the line when people forget that the niqab is a Islamic clothing. If you all remember traditional Islamic opinion, all four schools have a consensus that it is either fard or sunnah. As a dominate Shafi' madhab group it is strongly recommended for a women to wear it. Lets just remember the simple facts before we engage our wonderful rationality, with all it's 'correct' notions of individualism, modernity and self-looking glass. As for this guy, he really is a no-brainer, I give him my blessings to join al-ratabb.
  7. Alpha Blondy;983884 wrote: once Haatu impresses us with yet another strange soliloquy in his trademark abstract af-Soomaaliga.......then the prophecy is real. :p LOL, Walle your a G- However we're still missing Wadani's sand-dwelling feet to make an appearance and the Prophecy is truly sealed. I highly recommend you all order this wonderful poster and hang it up on the wall above your pc.
  8. I sense some nasty bullying here and very tacky posters jumping around gleefully about it. I believe Ibtisam has set you all right in regards to the treatment of Saf and your display of ill-manners so I'll not dwell on it.
  9. I read it, it came across as level-headed but rather cliche - thinking in terms of the village, Somali is global identity and everyone-whether male or female has his/her own identity to create and deal without the added burden of 'assuming we all care about the same issues'. This focus on personal choices people make and branding it and generalising them to 'Somali' is silly and rather limiting- time to move on.
  10. The old age 'expectations'? I thought everyone was over that hurdle already, hence the sparkly SL pride that has no substance?
  11. This all sounds like alot of hot air about nothing. The only thing this thread has highlighted is some men here reflect their own personal insecurities on Somali women. I suggest you all go buy a self-help guide and deal with your mirror.
  12. Why does a personal decision of two people non of us have ever met become the longest discussion on SOL in recent times? As they say small minds....
  13. Eid wanagsan guys, Hope you had a nice day.
  14. This whole forum is men's club.! We should really create an environment that attracts females!
  15. Those of you that jump to 'Islam protects women's rights and in Islam women are not denied their rights' Why don't you ever back up your claims? We all know Allah's law is perfect, but in practice/reality?- you should also be mindful that God allows humans the ability to create social systems/values/norms to govern themselves. The Shari'a is open to interpretation. Women's rights have taken a back seat for almost a 1000 years in the Islamic world. Just look at the number of Muslim women scholars in Islamic history- The numbers have decreased and suddenly disappeared. Imam Shafi' mentions many women scholars as his teachers- His students (well the most notable ones) are all male?
  16. OdaySomali;980300 wrote: Learn to not worry about and have a nonchelant attitude to those things you cannot control. This is one I am struggling with at the moment. What if I don't worry enough and change never comes about because of my attitude?? I've feeling I am going to learn it the hard, which is also a worry!
  17. Alpha Blondy;980452 wrote: i should have gone to perform the Haji this year. that was my intention. my mother left London earlier this afternoon. she's British, you see. i planned to go from here on the Abdulahi Yusuf passport, and as part of the Somali Haji encourage posse. i had to cancel last month because i realised we would have been in different camps. mine very basic, austere and third world. her's compliant with health and safety standards, EUROSOM travel Agency's Haji guides and air conditioning. my qurbo friend, who because of performing the Haji, now exudes the peculiarities of a reformed ex-bad boy akhi, explained the procedure to me and it seemed fairly simple, at the time. he went last year, you see and to be honest he's still as bad as before, albeit still trying to perfect his iman and stuff. really, i would have loved to have gone but for not being able to company my mum due to the segregation between poor nations Hajis and those developed nation Hajis. the Haji is very important and you'll get your chance, she reminded me when we spoke earlier. this was, perhaps, my greatest chance to company my mum and aunt but it seems i'll have to perform it some other time. good luck to the Haji pilgrims wherever they're from and may Allah accept your prayers and pilgrimage. Would you have been their Muhrrahm?- InshAllah it wasn't your time. You also sound a little shallow however, you wouldn't really take notice of the dunnya around you. I'd hope you'd be too busy cleansing your soul.
  18. Safferz;980089 wrote: More importantly, very few people can afford to have more than two or three children, yet that doesn't stop our people from overbreeding anyway and ignoring financial planning with the belief that Allah will provide for their hellspawn. I'm sure this is a contibuting factor to why we're generally one of the poorest immigrant groups in every country we settle in. Allah will provide, You all sound like you swallowed a whiteman's family guide book. I grow up in a big family and every day I am thankful.
  19. May Allah grant the forgiveness and peace. Amiin
  20. N.O.R.F;979905 wrote: I don't know what at is going on out there lol. Its the office and home for me. I will be extra careful on the roads on the day they will drive On a serious waxa aan ogaaday that dumarka waxay u baqayaan not because they don't trust them but because yagaana is qaban karayn. I think you should dress up as Saudi women and join then. In the spirit of supporting them and if any funny business occurs they can get a nasty surprise.
  21. N.O.R.F;979829 wrote: lol had a chuckle at this last night. You're there right? Are the population dense enough to take his insanity serious? You know how they say government leaders reflect the masses...-Does this apply to Saudi?
  22. LOL Haatu, give it up before the old man hits you with his baakoord.!