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  1. Offers a virtual hug to Saf* I can feel the frustration and the need to shout and blame someone for this. Just know, you made this decision and you need relax and smile through it. Btw perfect time to people watch, thousands of people are in that same predicament, try ask yourself where are they going...why... Honestly inshallah you get home safe.
  2. lol I love Christmas Carol, beautiful writing, not so interested in Dickinson portrayal of morality. As for hating people pretending to be happy and pretentious, look around little Haatu, there is nothing genuine about our world, I'd rather deal with fakeness at being good rather then what we have the rest of the year. Christmas Cheer!
  3. Alpha Blondy;991573 wrote: MODERN SLAVERY: AN INVENTED CRIME The myth of modern slavery is built on dodgy stats and political opportunism. interesting....... It is interesting, first because it could really open up an honest and realistic discourse on immigration laws in the UK and Europe, as traffic is directly related to immigration. But Mrs May is only interested in one thing, image building and the creation of a hyper-reality, passing policies that have no real value or impact.
  4. I like it too, especially the running up- All that cheer, delusion of happiness and many many chocolates and 'oh it's ok, it's christmas' attitude. One season I envy cadaans lol How is it in Hargiesa? Any parties on the rooftops and pretend qorbojoogs over-playing the whole 'you can take a Somali out of the west but you cant take the west out of a Somali'?
  5. Tallaabo;991556 wrote: Congratulations Safferz But Gen. D won...right?
  6. Hey nomads! I haven't posted in long while, this place has really lost it's interest. Even Al has stopped making multiple personas, but nevertheless it is the only place lost, frail, fragmented identities of Somalino is regularly discussed in English. ....
  7. Jealous, I wish I had the time. I'd suggest a good travel guide, lonelyplanet or rough guide.
  8. Thanks for sharing that odey, I felt completely disconnected from Somali women and their hardships and struggles back home throughout that clip but it still gave me a small glimpse into a reality I'd never understand.
  9. ^ Go find a dark place and shut-up. May Allah have mercy on her soul. Amiin She looks a very dear friend of mine.
  10. LOL- Indeed as SP has asked, what did he do?
  11. Yes it is, blame our social structure, from religion to civil law. If you commit a crime ( definition is relative) you are worth less then a moral person that has never committed a crime.
  12. Make it relative, ages? criminal history?. Both decisions will be difficult to make and I would struggle, so as the mind demands what excuses would I use to justify? Are the fives criminals, all old men that have no living family? And is the single person a young Muslim pregnant lady?
  13. I am bored.... I am housing sitting so need entertainment. Beside SP can fight his own battles...
  14. I am still making some sort of sense and it's the words both SP and Apo have just made. SP is Apo's personality when flipped. And it is too perfect to be a coincidence. Haatu I agree with you, I prefer the Apo personality, even the grumpiness and sharp ill timed terms like 'bourgeois'. But my analytical skills are very good! :< Alpha: "does a decedent and immoral society negate a person's lack of faith?", ?? Is there an association between faith and the type of society one lives in?
  15. Safferz;987302 wrote: I refuse to believe this Lol @ SP. It's ok Saf now you can perceive Apo as SP having a bad day and comfort him.
  16. Safferz;987302 wrote: I refuse to believe this Lol @ SP. It's ok Saf now you can perceive Apo as SP having a bad day.
  17. Saf, i disagree about the clan comment, it is completely irrelevant and they could both be lying about it also As for Apo being intolerant and rude, that is one of the things that has lead me to think about this identity clash. It seems he is trying very hard to make us believe he is this new Apo. As SP a once rare poster is playing hard at being witty and friendly. (A once Apo characteristic).
  18. Thank you Cadel, I do too. Saf, firstly LOL @ at the clan mentions! (What has SOL done to you?) and secondly put aside the cyber-crush and look at this objectively. When Apo is having a good day, he is all the above you have mentioned.
  19. Horta Haatu since you are already on this road of discovery, what is the connection between Apo and SP? They suspiciously sound the same sometimes (when Apo has taken some happy pills) and currently both claim
  20. Xaji I wouldn't recommend it, Omar is really whitewashed, he had this crucial opportunity and he had to bow down to the white masters and give us a oriental twist of nonsensical history, he even went as far has to say a Ottman Khalifa has never done hajj. :0, without explaining the actual facts... I was really disappointed and kept out-shouting things at him to mention to explain ridicules European events...
  21. Reeyo

    SOL government

    Tallaabo;986992 wrote: All these consecutive tyrannical regimes are completely useless. In each government there are ministers for propaganda and culture but no one to run education and health for the nation!! This says a lot about the priorities of the tyrants. I have no choice but to organise a "SOL spring" to bring down the devils:mad: LOL I spotted the same thing, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!
  22. It was tie between Nuune and Saf, but Saf won over simply because she is so real and I support her cyber-whipping of the dull faraxs that assume their intolerant and narrow-mindedness is actual relevant. Only female in this place that puts in an effort.