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  1. spartacus

    Married the wrong guy.

    It's difficult situation. it happens when you marry some one who you don't love or don't attract you. but know it's your choice compare things in wise way and take decision.
  2. spartacus

    Beautiful Masjid - Maasha Allaah

    we need to invest education how about building beautiful libraries.
  3. I'm geting tired of 4.5 stuff it's just useless game.. when will Somali politicians grow up
  4. Let her believe what she likes. at least she wasn't promoting Wahhabi nutshell ideology!
  5. they ignore the fact because they don't know their destiny they preferred painful acts that those AMISOM and filthy corrupted kenyan dogs doing to somalis. walahi somalis are rediculous ignorant they can't even dare to volunteer as soldier to their country so we can stop rely on them. they think those countries around are helping somalis but they rather enjoy see somalis suffer to death.
  6. that's what is wrong with some somalis they don't appreciate help from the only country who is helping somalis no matter what situation we are but sadly they are ok with amisom hypcrite dogs.
  7. it bothers me that they are Somali descent, f*ck faces!
  8. cidan suldan i think it's time for you give up with this extremist ideas, if you don't stop next you may find your self in the middle of hell hole in Iraq or somewhere in Syria. this group are bunch of brainwashed thugs they are too behind and backward who only only know how to destroy!
  9. spartacus

    Mooshin Against PM

    malister you are dreaming sxb this puppets they don't care what situation for their country and people in, they are absolute failers lack of basic common sense, bickering all of again and again to zero sum game, look what's happening alshabab is rebounding corruption became normal part of their daily live.
  10. spartacus

    Heineken Beer in Mogadishu = Destroyed

    at least those are better than home made poisonous substances( calaq).
  11. spartacus

    Edna Adan, the Great deceiver!

    imikana islaamihi yaa loo soo dhigtay..hehe waa yab
  12. Indeed.serves them right!
  13. spartacus

    The things she hates

    hayaay, ma portuguesse yay ku hadlaysaa