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  1. Not to divide into the cliche you've just described but did you have to go there galbeedi? Saf is bored and you make the assumption it has something to do with Somali men? A little self-absorbed wouldn't you say? :=P
  2. <cite> @Tallaabo said:</cite> Have you thought about learning the Quran? Setting yourself the challenge to learn the whole Quran by heart or more manageably just a Sura/Juz every month? Take my advice first and then follow it up the resident wise's. Qur'an recitation and the challenge will give you the rejuvenation you need.
  3. <cite> @Apophis said:</cite> Swimming is inane for a fish and not for a bird you troglodyte. Awful, awful pretension. Jesus. lol. -Where have you been hiding! Saf, go take a stroll through the park early mornings and just smile, tell yourself that you are one lucky b*tch and you need to get over yourself. Then go pay sadaaqah. Always works like a charm
  4. Is that a yes? What happened mate, thought things were going well?
  5. Saf, I never knew that, but I know Siyaad was a Social Communist, so I believe there is where the problem is with his policy. I also strongly believe Somalia needs a strong authoritarian governance, nothing less will do. A civil structure needs to be built and a grass-roots approach will just not work, we are not disciplined enough and do not have the capabilities nor skills. Clan needs to be eradicated, everything that is going wrong has one source, it brings all social ills and divides us.
  6. <cite> @Alpha Blondy said:</cite> i'm going home on friday. there's an anti-climatic feeling about the whole thing. i'll miss SL, ruunti. Are you returning for good?
  7. Asalaamalykum, This may be a pondering thread or it may actually hold a genuine idea either way I have a not a very original idea but one that carry's great weight. First lets take a little history lesson- Seerah of the Prophet sum-up: During the prophet’s time (SWS), Aws and Khazraj were two warring tribes in Yathrib (now called Medina). Approximately, couple of years before their acceptance of Islam the two clans were hard core enemies and had enormous levels of enmity and hatred for each other. During one of the battles (Battle of Bu’ath) both tribes seemed set to annihilate each other.The Aws were supported by the Jewish tribes of Banu Nadir, Banu Qurayza, and by the Arab Bedouins of the Muzayna tribe. The Khazraj on the other hand were supported by other local Bedouin tribes. During the battle, the Aws and their allies initially had to retreat, but then they counterattacked and defeated the Khazraj. During the battle, the leaders of both forces were killed. Now this has been going for generations and war was a constant reality, the Jewish community waited for the approaching time that would grant them complete control over the oasis- they knew the Arabs would kill each off. The story goes on- To get to the point the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) became their hakam and put in place many measures to reconcile the two. Here is where I draw my idea, after accepting Islam and the hijra, the names Aws and Khazraj disappear and withit the feud. The residents of City of the Prophet became known as the Ansar (Helpers) and the refugees from Mecca and it's surroundings Muhajirun. WHY?- Simple, the intelligence of the Prophet (sws), May Allah grant him the highest statues. In grouping them under the brotherhood pack, and honoring them with a new unified name 'Ansar' the two tribes' hatred for each other was forgotten and Madina flourished. Such a easy thing, centuries later we have similar efforts when the ideology of Statehood was structured. So a solution for Somalia, we all remove the tags of clan of our persons and place it in the rubbish.
  8. ^ Good to see new SOL has not chased way grumpy and your sense of humour Al.
  9. Oh I don't care for his political stance, Somalia vs Somaliland politics has never interested me nor can I see it becoming interesting for me. As for this Professor I am sorry I even discussed my disappointment about his lack of any real ideas or factual knowledge and research on SL, as a Professor of a reputable standing I expected something and got nothing- Now he is just another opportunist person living his life as he sees fit, dropped of my radar so don't include me in this shallow discussions.
  10. <cite> @BusDriver said:</cite> @saffers, I am deliberately confused Hassan I believe you are a coward mate, you made a swiping generalization and now that SP has sang and danced to make something out of it you say things like 'deliberately confused'. Own up mate and tell SP to shutup before he convinces himself into a heart-attack. Ps. Nursing is a very respectful, rewarding and intellectually rigorous field, so smoke that
  11. Ngonge, you have guessed right, I did sit through the Somali one and left disappointed, swearing never to 'expect' and demand a logical analysis of Somalia from him, naturally I didn't bother with the other, especially as it was held in that 'oriental' mental slavery uni. I felt deceived and felt I was participating in an intellectual hoax. Now you tell me he was playing the whiteman disguise?? So his performance in front of a Somali audience, speaking in his native tongue was watered down on purpose? He went out of his way to ensure we (Us poor average Somali) couldn't not engage with his 'research' nor his high rational analysis of the current economic situation of Somalia? So he gave us the makhayad talk instead believing we couldn't comprehend anything? He was suppose to share findings, actual objective data and evaluation of various developments in SL, local/national political trends, education, trade, cultural? I think you made my opinion of him grow worst, he 'preforms' in English in front of 'scholars and students'.
  12. SP: Be honest, you'r talking nonsense and don't know when to stop.
  13. <cite> @NGONGE said:</cite> The professor recently visited London and I had the fortune of attending both his lectures (one in Somali and another in English). The Somali lecture was, obviously, about Somaliland and Somaliland’s future. The English one was to answer a question about Somalia being a useful economic partner in the Horn (or something along those lines). I am usually not one that gets swayed by personalities or suffers from pangs of hero worship. However, I did find the professor an interesting, eloquent and logical man. I enjoyed both lectures (for different reasons) and, at times, believed him to be chasing a futile dream. Still, the reason I took the trouble to log in and reply was that I found myself tickled by the originator of this thread and his promise to ask a “serious” question (I recently picked up the habit of only reading the site rather than participating; call it a sabbatical). In both lectures that I attended, there were lots of people with their hands up and all were dying to ask their versions of these “serious” questions. In the Somali one, when the question and answer session began, a man put his hand up, was asked to speak, stood up waving a couple of books in the air (and giving us the impression that he’ll dive straight into a long and convoluted history lesson) only to say “Professor, labadan buug baan qoray, ma ku siiyaa?” In the English lecture, another guy got up and gave a long rant about the inviolability of Somali Unity. The professor and the chair of the meeting kept asking him “what’s your question” and he strung them along with the words “It is coming, it’s coming” without asking a single question at the end of a tediously predictable and dull tirade. So, my advice to you is to go to and listen to the man speak. If you’re serious and dispassionate, you will actually enjoy his delivery and style (regardless of his somewhat idealistic political opinions). p.s. I, of course, disagree with the man because he still has not grasped the fact that Clan IS Everything. Awoowee I think we were both in the same audience but have heard two very different man. Maybe I had high expectations but he made little if any logical arguments. His speechs were predictable and I can easily sit in Somali shaah shop and get better explanations of issues that face Somalis. As for the 'serious questions' and people's egos, he fell in the same category, little sense, no coherence and nothing FACTUAL or OBJECTIVE. I honestly don't care what country he promotes or about his politics, I just wanted a Somali intellectual to make an appearance.
  14. <cite> @SomaliPhilosopher said:</cite> Hassan said nothing about the capability of Somali women. He simply inquired into his perceived lack of diversification. This is revealing of your personality. Creating issues of women capability out of thin air. a magician truly. What are you trying to get at? You are a socially conscious human? What is your final act of the night? Maybe you will "refute" SP's "claim" of the inferiority of the white panda And you clearly cannot read nor comprehend what Hassan said. Sometimes I wonder why some people even bother at attempting to 'sound' intelligent in this forum. Tallabo was correct in his judgement and questioning of Hassan's generalization. Don't take my word for it, re-read.
  15. Exciting, although the last semester is the exams and the deadlines that will leave you wanting to jump of a cliff. lol.
  16. I highly doubt he'd honestly answer any serious questions. I recently had the misfortune to meet his dullness and I verify he is not a scholar of any standing nor should he claim to be.(I was honestly disappointed!) He should not be honored but advised to stop claiming fame in such way, his hypocrisy stinks. And please stop claiming him as scholar!
  17. I believe Hassan/Busedriver has an Al crush! Poor guy, Saf tell him about the cure Btw how are the studies?
  18. Sad no one commented on the content of the talk! aah why am I so hopeful?
  19. ^^ Yo stalker, I can give you Al's exact location ...just hand over $300 under the table...shhh. When you kidnap him and do illegal things just make sure you facebook the pictures
  20. Saf, everything feels strange, and the font, why is it so different? I can't get use to it. Why did everything change? ....I don't like it. Alpha, howdy dumaashi, thanks for mocking the lifestyle your brother sucked me into! Caajib.
  21. I felt so weird logging on! But I feel a little better after seeing this place and the same ppl.! :0
  22. Geel, it is a holiday, maybe not a religious one, but nevertheless it's a date in the calender that Capitalism has granted the workers to rest and spend, and actually feel like they have some sort of control and valuable life. You're no different then your fellow workers, you deserve and psychologically need this time of year just as they do. I don't understand why you feel so marginalized that you cant utter 'happy holidays' without making the other person feel uncomfortable?
  23. lol walle I feel for you hun. Once you get home do what I discovered this holidays, binge-watching! I am in between old seasons of the Gilmore girls and breaking bad... Cheer up.