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  1. ^ That is a good question. I did warn her against that Godforsaken place. I pray she is alright.
  2. warsamaale;964896 wrote: this discussion is just a classic illustration of why multiculturalism and coexistence will utterly fail in the west. they have let in peoples whose values and morals ( despite their supposed western education ) can only be described as medieval. i look forward gleefully to this unfolding culture clash. That my friend is ignorance at it's best. You talk of multiculturalism and coexistence yet promote, rather matter of fact, that another's cultural values and moral system is the norm the correct one? You have successfully transited, well done. Tolerance and modern liberal values are facts and everything else anyone outside of that is medieval. And who is this 'they'?- And just because I've had a western education, why must I think like them? do I not have my own identity, cultural and religion to define myself with? The prime goal of marriage is procreation, an institution that is the cornerstone of human society. Everything else is in the grey-box. NG- You live in the west? yes. You have lived there are considerable amount of time correct? You vote/democracy?- All in all 'we' westerners have redefined marriage. Don't exclude yourself from the society you live in, socialize in, bring up children in. That 'other gaalo' value system is there in you home, your kids schools and social groups. You can't escape it no matter how a great parent you are EVERY one is a product of their society.
  3. It is truly a deterioration of the human. If we have redefined 'marriage', a union between man and woman for procreating to- same-sex and then we have lost greatly. Xin is not being dramatic but stating a fact. Those of you that believe this is a 'white' 'gaalo' problem. Look at you location and then look at the value system your children are growing up in.
  4. I can see this having a negative impact. Why doesn't the bank create training programs and procedures these xawalos to follow to ensure their money is legally and not funding 'terrorist' groups? It might actually be a good push for Somalia National banks to kick off.
  5. Hello Al and groupies- Hope you'r all having a wonderful evening
  6. Sounds and looks like a great step. I would encourage more initiatives like these to grow from the grass-roots. But unemployment is a big factor that needs it's own programs.
  7. Reeyo


    Warsamaale- I gather you'r in East Africa, ugali is heavenly when in Kenya or Uganda, lakin otherwise it's tasteless. Anisa, I like carrot cake too sometimes, but I don't have a favourit cake. Cake is all good
  8. Al- I wont pay to go watch a man for being sexy. I was hoping for a good story line and good acting. I need substance and the icing would have been him being sexy.
  9. Haatu, I would urge you NOT to go see the Man of Steel. A complete waste of time and money. The whole thing is about watching Henry Cavill trod around look godly and sexy.
  10. Reeyo


    ^ A Fattie, lol I like to bake, usually biscuits and sponges.
  11. Iish at Eurotrash and addressing me as inabit! I am neither Al.
  12. I've met him too, I think he is wet behind the ears, A foo.l and tool.
  13. Cambuulo iyo bun;963448 wrote: Gartey LOOOOOOOOOOOOL whats up with the tags doqonkii xarardheere Lmaaao Gartey i know where you at B town maaha? waa lagu so salamaya inaar sidaa ula sooco Salamtaay so daa oOba,
  14. Cambuulo iyo bun;963437 wrote: Inaar im in a town called leicester also known as Uk's eurotrash capital disgusting place with many Pseudo salaafi's :eek: :mad: maxaa keenay meeshan :mad: Your not too far away from Cambuulo, hint
  15. Anisa, well said and welcome to the male dominated forum. Always a pleasure to see another female here.
  16. ^ Well said. It's pathetic and ignorance. No-one sees past their nose.
  17. Oh shut up, Honestly, if some dressed-up police came to my OWN home and harassed my grandmother and held a gun to my young siblings I would do more then complain. You should understand that nothing seems like it is. Authorities only have the power you give them! Sue them, complain, make a noise, make sure they apologize for every single bruise and nightmare.
  18. Caawo mishu waa dead. Waa cafimad iyo barwaqo odey, warka so daa, wandanka iga wacadi.
  19. It's actually not that great a school, the standards have fallen. There far better schools in Burco and Hargeisa.
  20. Bla bla bla LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Can you get a new gimmick? Any news on your side kick? is he still banned?
  21. Anyone seen Superman yet? Is it any good?
  22. Lol Warsamaale, rather interesting phrase, I wonder at it meaning to.
  23. Wadani;961139 wrote: Do women deserve their God given and natural rights such as most of those mentioned above by others? Ofcourse they do. But should the natural order of of things among Somalis be turned on it's head to mimic the athiestic and morally bankrupt feminist social experiment of the West? Hell no, unless we want rampant teen pregnancies, divorce rates above 70%, men reduced to boys due to loss of agency, and professional women in their 30's and 40's looking for marriage without any luck as men refuse to be castrated by masculinized women already well past their prime, who did as they pleased with who ever they pleased during their 20's thanks to sexual liberation. These are just some of the effects of western feminism. So be careful what u people wish for. Reeyo, by equal do u mean there are no physical, mental and emotional differences between men and women? Because that's how I understand the term equal, hence my reservations. I am a little disappointed at your limited understanding of the topic Wadani and using this tactic to gain what? As for men fearing professional women because they will metaphorically castrate their masculinity- I am afraid I am dumbfound. A lot of you are confusing the issues of social rights and equality to gender roles, especially domestically. As already mentioned there is a natural order and determined gender roles for both genders. No-one is asking that one fills the other's shoes or this be distorted. This topic was a basic open discussion on why Somali culture promotes the inferiority of our girls. It's happens in everyone of our households, and it's not acceptable. This shameful outcry or panic about radical feminism is just disguising a serious problem here. Be men and face it.