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  1. That is a great little book Chimera- I hope I can easily obtain it. But I'd rather not dwell on communism to give Somali women their rights- I was thinking education and Islam might be easier and acceptable. Apophis: Please state your opinion, I don't want to chase you around with random and vague phrases. Are you imposing the social equality of men and women in our society?
  2. Doc, that's good to hear mate. It such an easy thing to understand- but a few will argue against such rationality. Haatu- I dislike radical feminism too, but the thread was basically asking we look within our community and challenges these harsh social norms. No good denying it in order to push away Western feminism. Apophis: Do you want a dictionary definition? I am sure google can help there.
  3. I wasn't insulting, see what I mean? You automatically took that sound advice as a negative. Alpha, look in the mirror and tell yourself you're a powerful man, with great ideas and with the location and energy to implement them. Don't doubt yourself.
  4. ^ I know, it's boring and a dull spin- Simple darkness faces the light story. Oh how much I dislike that Red-women and her religious heretics. Oh well, I guess we'll see.
  5. Alpha Blondy;960904 wrote: what a bunch of pathetic fools y'all are, ma istidhi? this 'library' mashruuc is just ANOTHER gimmick of Al's and it seems y'all are ALL convinced by it..... the conversation has been stretched to breaking points over silly technical matters like......whether the Library's names ought to be in the native tongue or English..... that's all y'all are good at, ma istidhi? even Apo the cynic is generating ideas, ya? kulaaha....a BOXING CLUB? KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL We have chosen to take you seriously, can you put a lid on the insecurities and take yourself serious. Library name matters, it'll start a culturally revolution.
  6. Wadani;960816 wrote: Equal how? and in what ways? Throwing around the amorphous term 'equal' without backing it up with concrete observable and emprically verifiable facts is meaningless. Observable and empirically verifiable facts? What are we discussing here, a scientific experiment or Somali social attitudes towards women? My observation and personal experience is all I've got mate. I fought tooth and nail for my postgraduate education, my travel experiences and a lot of other rights in my personal life. I believe our mothers and elderly females need to recognize themselves as oppresses instead of being obsessed with maintaining the shallow image of the obedient Muslim girl that breed for to be pregnant and maintain a household. And what is with this fear of this word, equal? every man shakes in his boots when a Muslim female mentions the obvious, I am equal to you.
  7. Haatu- I agree usually that is the way. But the books are large and far too many- I honestly don't have anytime for them, beside I was enjoying the series so far. UNTIL this happened. I am so disappointed, and don't like the mystical side the story is taking. I liked the politics and the wars of man. Now we have to follow a cripple boy go search and destroy an army of the un-dead? I am pinning all my hope Arya now.
  8. You know what's truly sad and absolutely impossible to figure out. Somali women are by far the main orchestrates of this oppression. They nurture and breed this oppressive culture at such imperishable way. I find myself at odds and waging regular battles with my aunts and female relatives about my rights as a woman and my liberal believes of equality. And most times you've got to just bow down to show respect and honor and accept these cultural expectations.
  9. Haatu;960668 wrote: Please don't. I'll tell you why: 1- Firstly, I detest Soomaalida afafka qalaad qaayo iney leeyihiin mooddey. 2- This library will serve who? Foreign NGO types that speak English or Somalis that speak Somali? So why do you want the title to be in English? Do you feel that your language is inferior and that English is superior? 3- You can be a good role model for all the fools out there by showing that a Somali sign is just as good as an English sign. So, I kindly request you to have the sign written in Somali and pure Somali at that two (i.e. no loanwords). If you can't find the Somali word for library, go ask one of the linguistic professors to make one. +100 Oh how much I despise all them public signs in English all over our country. Even the miyi you will find NGO advising themselves in English to illiterate people. Alpha, keep it simple and in Somali, make it a local initiative.
  10. Ok, deep breath- WTH just went down? That show with the killings of the Starks, I was completely shocked. And as Uchi just pointed out what's that bullsh.t of the white dragon lady becoming the mother of slaved brown people? I don't know whether to quit now or buy the books this summer.
  11. warsamaale;959660 wrote: I was responding to Dr kenny, of course its a hate crime and nobody is saying it wasn't. yes foreigners should not move about and must keep a low profile in other peoples countries, anshax ma'aha in duruuqda la iska buuxiyo somali style ma garatay. I don't believe that is the correct way of living. Where-ever in the world you are living, live in it completely as you belong and have the same rights as everyone else. Plus British Somalis are not foreigners.
  12. warsamaale;959564 wrote: The problem is exacerbated by the fact that most Somalis are pure geel-jirayaal who don't how to behave and minimize their footprints in foreign places, one should be between his/her work/school and home. Somalis put themselves out there and their presence is very obvious despite their numbers. its embarrassing sometimes to be associated with them. I don't see your point? This is hate crime and Islamophobia. Why are you attempting to restrict people's movement?
  13. ^ I know the audacity of it all- Look at you with your jerjer hair and tooth-pick neck.
  14. Alpha- I listen to that when I get bored of BBC4.- It's usually dull. odey ba noqotay- what happened to your maid chasing days?
  15. Abtigiis;958795 wrote: This does not concern the westernized, but how easily we trust each other back home. Is aaminaada waxaan ka wadaa ma hebel baa hoo bahashaa hebel u gee; ..............Daahiroow, wiil caata ah oo muraayad dhinac ka jaban gashan baan kuugu soo diibeey alaabti! I believe is this our best quality. The number of times I've randomly helped a strange fellow Somali and vv. And sometimes if I am travelling somewhere far and spot a Somali, they automatically become by friend.
  16. Alpha Blondy;959032 wrote: i can't download at all on torch. the torrent won't even load. this is pathetic. :mad: if have any luck please send me episode 9 via drop-box. i've been trying for 2 whole days walahi. I don't upload it. I just stream it. But having no luck.
  17. I am bored and Games of Thrones wont load.
  18. SubhanAllah- May Allah grant him peace and forgiveness. It's time the Somali community packed up and left.
  19. Safferz;957773 wrote: Apophis, it may sound like a good idea but no one eats White Castle while sober. Local places are always best, if you're ever in Boston I'll take you to Mr.Bartley's Burger Cottage lol I am packing for every occasion dee. I like to crash weddings and inconspicuously record buraanbur I'm assuming your going to the motherland. I can see you wedding crash- lol
  20. They were in my area maanta- I walked pass and waved.
  21. Saf- Where are you packing for- Somali wedding fair? Love the deep orange one.
  22. Cambuulo check on Oba, poor guy has disappeared.
  23. Mad_Mullah;957161 wrote: So we have a: 1. Fake Ethiopian 2. 'Inner African' - as if Egyptians aren't African - just compare the treatment of Somalis in Egypt vs South Africa or even Kenya. All it takes for these Africans is for Somalis to make one mistake and they will go all Zulu on them. Did you get dropped on your head as child? No-one is discussing what qualifies as an African- and SA is a different topic. Xaaji: I've decided to agree to disagree. You seem too focused on petty old century feuds. I would say one day when Somali football team vs Ethiopian National team bring that discussion for entertainment. But here now, it has little relevance.
  24. Guzel: You're comments imply that this is not serious. I understand where your coming from and race is a factor on both the media's portray of this but look at it from the other perspectives. This is a reality in our community, it's embedded and real. If you want to discuss race, ask yourself the question- Why does these men target white young girls?