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  1. Xaaji seriously, your making little sense. Your dragging out old feuds to prove a point and you have yet to make it.
  2. In the wake of Woolwich- we have dispatches, channel 4 airing a program on how Muslim men groom 11 year olds for se.x and rape and traffic white girls they share. It gets darker.... I felt sick and shock through out the whole program. I remember back in 2011 former BBC Asian network d.j Adil ray presenting a documentary for BBC 3 called Exposed: groomed for sex this was a British Pakistani man trying to uncover why Pakistani men were taking advantage of white girls & using them for sex then cruelly discarding them when they wanted to get married- Some of the answers these young British born Muslim men were giving made me so angry they referred to the girls as *****es & how they had no respect for them that they were only good for 1 thing. Now this Oxford sickos.
  3. Xaaji, sorry but I strongly disagree with you. A prosperous East Africa is the aim here if you want a good future for the whole region. Look at the success Kenya's development has done and the East Africa economi. A country cannot develop fully without the other in that region. Somalia's self-destruction is a reality and we don't need to point fingers. Ethiopia played a political game during the civil war and it benefited but we also can't ignore the crucial goal it played in mass immigration from war-torn Somalia. It's open doors saved millions of lives. I don't see your point if a country is weak and disintegrates trade is impossible. Never mind international free trade legislation. Just look at it this way- We are a coastal country and Ethiopia is land-locked. If it becomes successful- grows economically and it's in-ports and exports increase (commercial mainly)- Who will it turn to? Who does it need?? Think mate.
  4. I can't see there being any problems. The returnees usually learn quick and loose their kibir and the locals stop viewing the qoorbos as strangers. The biggest issue would be economical terms- returnees have money and get jobs easier because they speak English.
  5. Ok so this Faroole guy wants the Presidency? Or has he gone and invented his own flag and State?
  6. N.O.R.F;956860 wrote: Somalia should do this and Somalis should do that naga daaya baliis. The Ethiopians are doing well in all aspects of their development and Somalis are fighting over dusty towns instead of coming to an agreement. Somali leaders know their tuulo. Ethiopian leaders attended posh private schools in the west (and have good relations with the west). They are true nationalists and work towards bringing Ethiopia up out of poverty (yes they also brutalise in the process). This is issue won't go away. Egypt will bide it's time but a compromise will be reached. +1 A successful and developed Ethiopia is a positive for Somalia, especially in regards to trade. Wish for your neighbors what you wish for youself.
  7. Xaaji- what move? Wadani- I like his smiles, let him show he doesn't give a damn. The other guy looks like something is up his....
  8. Reeyo


    Nuune, adeer let me tag along,
  9. Ethiopia is very strong and this step just secures it's future development.
  10. Reeyo


    Haha. Great actors. there is something absolutely fascinating about North Korea. I can't wait to travel there.
  11. ^Why is the president sitting on a plastic shinny Cinderella chair? How embarrassing, did he break it and fall?
  12. More idio.ts celebrating clan borders and division. God bless the fools.
  13. warsamaale;955197 wrote: I am all for it, gonna be an exciting time. EDL vs the Muslims. This is precisely why the media should seize this play on creating tensions. You need to go drink some shah and examine your notions. EDL has been ignored for a long time, they have no platform, don't give them a second of you thought.
  14. I want to insult the Admin, can someone point him/her out? If it's Alpha I'll go one step further. This is uncalled for, surely Oba could not possible have done anything--- 'rule' breaking.
  15. No way- That happens? People get banned? What did he do?
  16. I sense another summer riot if the media doesn't change it's story soon.
  17. ^^Tabadino orda shiekh raadsad. Horta serious question where is oba?
  18. LOL @ Alpha. I love it. Brought make memories for me too.
  19. Dhaanto! I've not danced in Somali wedding for ages. Let me see if I remember the steps. Anyhow am out Oba, have nice evening.
  20. Cambuulo- Ninyow ka dex bax Salsa oba? lol
  21. Underdog; You have just earned the stamp of 'wise odey' join Jonny B.
  22. Freud would say that: This young lady suffers from the oedipus complex and her desire say you represent her father. Poor thing needs several years of therapy. Or she just misses you and needs an ego boast. Tell her you think of her and she was IT and she'll feel better till the next time she is feeling low on self-esteem.
  23. oba hiloowlow;950378 wrote: Abaayo im sorry come back i didn't mean what i said Finally! That wasn't so hard. Saf, beautiful, hope you arrive safe.