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  1. I'd like to log an official complaint in-relation to the 'Vote Warsame' banner on top of the forum page. Can you please remove it?
  2. Tallaabo;979849 wrote: Waa qoladan Wow. That is a stunning photo. Where?
  3. Haha. Horta why don't Somali men have rhythm? That was an awful video.
  4. Wadani I still laughed but your homour just showss another layer of an traditional misogynist Farax who believes clans politics is fun and not discriminatory at all.
  5. ^ That's why we don't believe because you live in era where you believe you can spout stuff like that lol
  6. You're discriminating Haatu and Wadani, we don't believe you.
  7. That was great, thanks for sharing.
  8. I am still shocked and horrified about the incident, How can I possibly share an ethnicity and a religion with these people? SubhanAllah.
  10. I have that hijab!- Thanks for sharing Al, some good points made, although it was too simplistic and too many stereotype leading questions. Especially the weird uncharacteristic statements like 'Somali women are a oppressed, quiet, walking behind their husband images'--Which London does she occupy?
  11. Alpha Blondy;977433 wrote: ^ indha deero i would've thought it was fairly obvious. Obvious one indeed. Seriously lakin what were they thinking?
  12. Cambuulo iyo bun;977431 wrote: Al good to hear wala faaya nooh its an quiet weekend here. Lol reeyo horta how old do u think i am? Ta labaad thats some bogus are you saying by playing some games now and then it means ppl are Tyring to forget the adulthood and the responsibilities :eek: I think you are an adult and I didn't say that. I just read it somewhere and wanted your opinion on it.
  13. Horta who owns that weird shinny Deero Mall building?
  14. Hey C iyo bun, I was reading this article about how grown men that play video games are trying to escape adulthood and responsibilities. Like 10 years that don't want to give up breastfeeding. Some deep psychological damage control. What do you think?
  15. Haatu;977417 wrote: Reeyo, most of these historic cities were built by Somalis. I did not notice the later pictures, I saw the pictures of Kenya and Tanzania. As for Mad-Mullah calling me jaahil, grow up.
  16. What are you talking about? I seriously dislike this whole taking a another's paint brush and trying to the paint the same image in Somalia. Why aren't we like this calacal is getting old. Take some pride in our heritage and our future. Damn to old Colonial buildings that were built by oppressors.
  17. ^ That actually sounds great walahi. Things are good here, Allahamduillah. C iyo bun, what? you posted some dude's hairy legs.
  18. Everything you've shown are signs of colonialism. I am sure there some Italian influence down South. Go explore. As for the North, it's a different context and new sheet. Let people experiment and define their identity. Give it time, you'll see something unique grow.
  19. Cambuulo iyo bun;977390 wrote: FIFA night at my place Adiga odeey, you've out-done Al. white hairy men.
  20. Checks the mirror. I am not poor Not ****** Nor hopeless. Oh and I am, most certainly, African. Cheers Nuune.
  21. Alpha Blondy;977325 wrote: poetry night at Al's Residential Estate. got a friends around and we're reading some poems and critiquing them. this is a cultural critic's paradise. :p Haha, hellow Al, I hope your evening of entertainment was splendid.
  22. It's amazing surah and the pictures so perfect. Someone's great effort Ma'shAllah