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  1. Lol- Still got that job thanyou ferri much! -Just a tip dee. It's seems you went through too much trouble for tea when Mansoor serves tea at all hours for 2$, and the shaaxalee's outside for shaankoon.
  2. LOL ^- Warya get a wife, she wont' take a day off.
  3. Great mind, May his work continue to shed light on human nature and the re-shaping of the African image. RIP.
  4. Maxa dhacy? Is there another bleed feud over dead ancestors? I really should pay more attention to Universal Tv.
  5. Reeyo

    Women are mad!

    I think there needs to be a counter-phrase for 'women are mad'. I see this silly notion and comical may I add, has actually made our young and naive men more delusional in there understanding. I can see it breeding some disturbing ideas and households burning down. As for the dancer, dance away brave woman.
  6. I've been strongly recommended to stay away from you inadeer.
  7. Speaking of argon oil, have any of you tried the Moroccan oil treatment?
  8. Reeyo

    Bio Oil

    Therapy. Your in desperate need mate.
  9. I am stuck on 'On the phone for 2 hours everyday' detail. Taasa yaaba ah.
  10. Haha, Good one, If only all advice was this practical.
  11. N.O.R.F;922145 wrote: UAE Job Market is project by project basis. KSA is now what UAE was 5 years ago job wise. Big visions and cash in hand. Laakin anigu labo sanadood uun baan isleeyahay joog. Afternoon Juxa I sensed you liked the place and it was the cream of the crop.
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    Faheema.;922531 wrote: And therein lies the problem. A lack of self-esteem and with a man-centered elevation of self. First and foremost she should learn to love herself and be confident about her looks. As already said, the issue is her self-esteem. Now how to fix that?
  13. I was actually defending you! Now I know your a creep.
  14. Reeyo


    Aaliyyah- It seems I've missed out then. Malika and Nuune keep bring up old threads and I keep getting excited only to discover that it's old.
  15. ^ It's a nervous condition of his 'LOOL',- It's sort of creepy. lol.
  16. Reeyo


    No worries. I guess it's a just slow season.
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    There is nothing important that we can't include the gents so don't worry about that complex decision. But on sour note- The forum is slowly killing, bored to say the least.
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    lol- I suggest we also make it private; Agree Wadani?
  19. ^ I could easily compile 10 pages worth of evidence. The case is- Can I be bothered.
  20. I honestly believe you two would make great partners (Judges). lol
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    We need away to spice up this place- Hurdo ba iqabata markan so galo mesha, -Can we all post more? Share articles on ALL there is on 'womenhood' or rather not.
  22. Cloud Atlas. Either you like it or you hate it.