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  1. A discussion on Umar's life would be much appreciated I think Xabad.
  2. I got to 3. I'll watch the rest next weekend I hope.
  3. Do you know how I discovered Pink Floyd? Taxi driver, long trip and non-stop 'The Machine'. Learned to love it in the end.
  4. Abu-It is beautiful. But Thank God for the subtitles!
  5. Alpha Blondy;910304 wrote: talentless, hopeless, and useless...three words that best describe your adult life. everybody wants to be special but you've reminded me of the many without a special skill. you might as well shot yourself now and end it all....don't bother waiting for lady luck! LOL Ouch. That hurt my sad useless little heart. Care to give me a weapon to disregard myself with?
  6. The trick is not to be fooled and be led down the rabbit-hole to find a fair-tale in relation to romantic love. What you give is what you get. I disagree with family being the only people who give you unconditional love and acceptance. For most traditional families it's an 'obligation' or a 'given' to care for another family member without really caring for them.
  7. can you deny the soul's existence? Where the soul exists, love exists.
  8. Sorry Al, I can't really do dramatic and exaggeration. Wadani- How do you get to browse and still be at work? Ingenius.
  9. Faheema.;903185 wrote: You should read the Book... Tis' was a beautiful film. Though it could never compete with the book but Ang Lee’s adaption was pretty brilliant I have to say. Ps. The Hobbit, Unexpected POINTLESS and USELESS Journey lol Love it, love it. I knew the book was genius and I was so glad the movie did it justice. Man was it beautiful and that relationship with the tiger ...left me speechless.
  10. Aw that is what troubled teens say when they first get dumped.
  11. I agree but I don't think this should go to law and legislation. Its just a small matter of providing separate beaches.
  12. I am sure you have a story or two to share. I've read your 'lover' antidotes.
  13. After many mishaps and jail date releases, a emotionally drained and physically beaten Alpha borrowed some money and took a Jubba flight to a country and city he has only heard off. After landing in the airport of Hargisa a new dream was born. He met his uncle, the head-chef of Maansoor hotel who presented himself as the owner and he got a job as a waiter (although he believes he is his uncle's business partner).....
  14. I was going to agree with the silly unprofessional Mayor that needs lesson in the art of public speech because just like any country or state, Somalia has certain public cultural/religious behaviour systems in place that any country has which you as an 'outsider' need to follow and respect. As the saying goes 'Do as the Romans do when in Rome'. Then I had the realization that these people that he is portraying as 'outsiders' with an alien culture are SOMALIS. So there the problem lies, they are Somali, call them 'qurbo-joog' or whatever but their country so they can come in and act as they please. But then do they have a right to 'visit' a majority Muslim country and bring cultural attributes and mind-sets of another?
  15. Chimera, I also salute you mate. Please do that and report back and share the routes and travel details.
  16. Here or there, why does it matter. Don't be tedious.
  17. Has anyone seen it? I've only just found it and so far it is great! At the start it has a weird Games of Thrones quality LOL Check it out!
  18. Reeyo

    Camel Hump

    ^ Why are you banned from commenting? Scratch that how is that even possible? This is a forum for sharing ideas we read all sorts of rubbish.
  19. *Blessed;906852 wrote: Riwaayado iyo kaban songs waa laga ilbaxay dee.. Films on HCTV iyo tacky riwayaads (read parties) at Paronama are the order of the day lol. If you go in the summer, you get Somali culture at it's richest, Hargaisa book / literature festival as well as Qurbo joog parties with tradtional dances (though slightly political). Lol @ Paronama. Guilty, I was fool enough to enter that deviant and nasty place one foolish summer. (Guilty and ashamed to admit it!)
  20. ^Pray tell me where did you find an Somali Ud? Good luck finding a teacher, that is an art that needs to be preserved.
  21. War dee waa runtay, you've ruined my very sentimental thread about rosey gone-by days of a different Somalia, sheesh. If you read carefully Jacpher it says 'Imagine going back for the first time' and 'what would you like to see'. Maxa kalee argtay? Somali culture doesn't need a reform, we've barely got any dhaaqan left.
  22. Jacpher;906827 wrote: ^With all that's wrong with Somalis back home, giving heaven to warlordsm, clan institutions, drug, murder and no peace/stability, your major concern is the country has no live club dancing??? Yes, I have heard lots of good things and need lots other improvement but I highly doubt Somalis back home miss live dj club dancing in the wee hours of the night. Did you realize a lot more people get gunned down after fajr prayers. You are a sour one. I was not talking about clubs, just music and plays my friend. The way my parents described it. That was all, just a little wishing for some of the things my parents experienced. Don't get all heavy on me and start listing all the killings and what-not.