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  1. Originally posted by Dhagax-Tuur: If what the other parties are saying to be believed, Tories will cut the number of police officers on the beat, cut the NHS budget, and will probably not ban the Khat. So who would you believe? And why are you being naive when you've seen politicians going back on their pledges once they attained power. Nothing is going to change except faces, if that is. Nothing else. These people are liars, and are trained in the art of lying and will become refined pro liars once they take office. Very few have the people they represent at heart, and that is a very marginal number. So go on and vote and think it will make a difference. What is the point of voting when you dont even believe in democracy!
  2. Originally posted by B: quote:Originally posted by Dhagax-Tuur: The working class Brits hate the Tories, cause they're the white rich men's party. I can't understand why some of us Qaxooties are flying the flag for this party. Or are you all going with the 'change' catch phrase. So-called qaxooties are part of the UK too. Are you saying all ethnic minorities cant express a free and fair mind in voting for the Tories! isnt it about policies and not skin colour and background. When I hear people utter things like this it drives me up the wall to be honest! :mad: my exact sentiment! I am voting Tory because at least they will help change things and do something different. I like their social policies too. More police on the beat, more investment in hospitals! and they have pledged to ban khat! which speaks volumes about change!
  3. Originally posted by Dhagax-Tuur: No one is going to ban the Khat. It is an important export commodity for Kenya to Europe. Keeps farmers and people at work back in Kenya. Kenya has a better relationship with Kenya then the few Qaxooties crying out here. It is not a threat to the British public and their well being. The Tories will not ban this once they come to power. Period. If its an issue of helping Kenyan farmers or UK citizens. I agree with the latter because there are an estimated 100,000 khat chewers in the UK alone. Think of the productivity lost there. If these people were to get up and find jobs then its going to improve the economy of the country. I am sure we could do without a few fair trade deals in support of the well-being of UK citizens!
  4. Originally posted by Dhagax-Tuur: ^you're a Tory activist then. Not activist but its time for change don't you think. 13 years of labour have been enough. I was one of the so-called 'Blairs children' - being tested on all forms of policies. Its time for a change!
  5. So much election hype from many Somali people. Your situation will not change! you people will be unemployed, khat chewers and poor! So vote for labour, the party that will support your habits and keep you dependent on benefits. I remember when we came to the UK, the Tories were in power and people worked and had some form of dignity. Now its a free for all and all respect has been lost. Worst of all Somali people don't even bother to vote!
  6. Innaa lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raajicuun.
  7. Its seems like Gordan has two persona's! one for the public and for his private public life.
  8. Originally posted by *Ibtisam: malika hello hun, how is it going?? can we hijack this malayacin thread please and troll on it. Do you also troll over other peoples marriages?
  9. Originally posted by B: I have always had a fascination with dying spectacularly. Here are the details: On a podium giving a party speech having been elected to a second unanimous election victory over the rivals - Somali Baris party and NGONGE now defunct Liberals. In the previous govt, my party introduced a many new policies that make Somalia now a middle-income country, 4th highest growing economy in Africa and 15th in the world and is a leader in the soya beans industry. Somalia is now part of the international community and has recently hosted the African Nations Cup and plans to host an investment forum and is set to host the forth coming AU summit in Hargeisa, now the capital city. There are press freedoms, Somalia have gone through a process of authenticité, ridding Somalia of all foreign ideologies and cultures. My govt has been dealing with civil unrest and fighting a splinter cell advocating Somalia’s return to Islamic law, we have had many confrontations with this group but they have been ousted, their leader killed with the cooperation of the Israeli intelligence service. The group was recently infiltrated and many of their senior commanders were arrested and sentence to life imprisonment. Whilst giving an important policy speech on fighting terrorism, I am shot in the heart and neck by a young over-zealous Islamist sympathiser. I die in hospital after a week of intrigue and speculations about my health, covered by international news agencies. The nation mourns my death and many international dignitaries attend my funeral. Its similar death to Yitzhak Rabin!
  10. Some believe that where you are born will decide your future, but can you not shape your own destiny? Is it not down to personal determination to overcome adversity, or do you feel the odds are too heavily stacked against you? Is this attitude holding Africa back? Do you feel your fate was decided by where you were born? Have you overcome adversity in your life and succeeded against all odds? How did that happen? What can you as an individual do to shape your own destiny? World Service Article
  11. ABC video. In the seventh installment of the series, Sherri Shepherd, co-host of ABC's "The View," and Jacque Reid, star of VH1's "Let's Talk About Pep," will debate "CSI" star Hill Harper, and Jimi Izrael, author of "The Denzel Principle" on why many successful black women cannot find a man. Are black women's expectations too high? Who's to blame, black women or black men?
  12. That woman doesnt look somali! maybe there has been a confusion.
  13. ^ that disgusting... I am sorry but no one farts is that beautiful. Even new born babies are smelling and dirty creatures. Originally posted by B: queeny, Love is for fools. Don't waste your time with such trivial matters. I suppose you know about love? Sort your life out before you advise others on theirs.
  14. I have been thinking about this for quite sometime now. I heard you know when your in love but how can you know it? Its only an intangible feeling. I also heard that love is something you feel as you spend more time with someone like familiarity. But I am just not sure. I mean I have loved before but I don't think it was love. Maybe receiving love is not the same as giving love.
  15. Originally posted by Tuujiye: ^^^ aaway Icon kaan aa sheegeysid? wiligee ma arkin.. Gabareey fiiri, I know in aad meeshaan wax kusoo qortay si aad sheekadaan loo wado laakiin markaa dhacday nimanka see u kala badalataan or lovers? in wax laguu sharxo waaye...mar marka qaarkoodana waa in xoogaa hadalka luguu jilciyaa marka...queeneey relationshipkaan aad sheegeysid ma aha lover iyo qashinkaas ee wax markii sidii marada joodariga camal loo bad badalo waxaa la dhahaa "qooq" marka kaas in laga hadlo maa rabtaa mise wax kale? wax jilci nooh geed yahee indhaha galuuska leh! KK loool@Bambeelmooyin waa laga baxay adiga see camal!! aduunkaan wax kuunto la dhaho aa waashay..fiiri raga meeshaan joogaan dhan, bal weydii kuunto ma taqaantiin dheh, even G duke iyo A&T waa kuusoo sharxaayaan wili ciwaan ee usoo yeelayaan lol... KK Sol sidii hore kuma ihi laakiin ninman waaweyn oo shaabadeysan ayaa meeshaan soo galeen... Sidee wax kaste u xalaaleysanaayeen ee gaalo iska noqdeen.. ileen markaad xaaraan kaste xalaal ka dhigatid, diintada dhan ayaaba la yaabeysaa...Marka Gaalada SOL iyo kuwaan Islamka sheeganaayan oo jiljileeca wato, waa in aan iskaga ajar raadsadaa... mida kale dhiiga ee kujirtaa yaaqee see yeelaa.... Wareer Badanaa!!! what a load of qashin! :mad: