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  1. Safferz;948653 wrote: ^^ go see the Great Gatsby and report back. I have to get back to writing at 4 I can't wait till it shows here. I am quiet excited. Leo as Gatsby is perfect.
  2. Reeyo

    This is Water

    That put some complicated truths into a simple manner. Incredible, simplicity truly is the best form of knowledge. Awareness and the freedom to choose how you 'think' of real life situations. But the hardness to do is turn off 'default' way of seeing/hearing and processing.
  3. I think your a little crazy. It still rains then? Great.
  4. I am not asking for friendship just a rest from your lame lines. Hows the weather in Hargeisa? Has the rain season passed?
  5. Lol horta what is it with you and these lame comments, can't we have a decant adult conversation without that?
  6. Hi Al, Saturday is relaxing and filled with NOTHING. Which is a great You?
  7. Absolutely revolting. The sight of a grown man chewing greens is sickening.
  8. I think all the best advice have been give: 1> Accept the problem 2- Change your lifestyle, peers etc 3-Seek professional help/rehab 4- Seek a neutral country to break your cycle and go cold turkey (Somewhere Islamic)
  9. Haatu;946446 wrote: This thread has deteriorated into a sad joke! What's with all the flirting? :mad: Anyways, going to play footie. Ciao! It has always been a joke, because of Al's generous nature. Bank holiday Monday and I'm kicking bk in the garden . Life is good.
  10. oba hiloowlow;946374 wrote: abaayo no qarxis ok ee sida ula soco.. Ok, I'll keep it if you do the following. 1. Shave Al's eye-brows and burn his brown and red macawis. 2.Shave SP's afro and break his tooth-pick.
  11. Oba, you can give it up now, I know your secret. Alpha: I'v hated you since the day I met you walking down jiga jiga road wearing that hideous brown and red macawis.
  12. Warya, leave Aliyyah alone and stop mocking that which clearly exceeds your understanding. Bloody na.cas.
  13. Aaliyyah;946350 wrote: Alpha can you and your scripts stick to the topic of the thread. Thanks May God bless you dear Aaliyyah. Truly.
  14. I take that back. Saf do as you like. I don't do calacal.
  15. Saf: Go for it. Can't really lose much by doing it. Oba; Maya, waan ku dacay. Alpha: Die.
  16. oba hiloowlow;946314 wrote: Reeyo inaar this SOL thing is boring ma istidhi im not going all in you know thats why this place is dead im trolling in ethiopian forums malmahaan dee. Go shave your eye-brows.
  17. Nunno adheer Saf waa laa qaaba. Ninka isku sheegay SomaliPhilosopher baa qaba ee ka xishood.
  18. Tony Blair 'I saved the Middle East from terrorism' D. Cameron 'I've saved and built the Horn the Africa' What great Masters our white Master are.
  19. OBA! What are you DOING? Ala you've failed bruv. Major, epic fail. I am a shamed to call you a friend.
  20. Alpha I think you should welcome Saf into your thread, she'd make a great addition to your multitude of entertaining entries. Nunne: Really?
  21. A rare find, but I am glad I did. Thanks Chimera.
  22. Nice read, I wish it never got so emotional though it sent the whole debate into non-sense.