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  1. Shaaqo laan ba idi haysa, arranging ps3 dates. lol
  2. ^ Haven't found the time to- They'r long and endless. Count down....
  3. Astaqfurallah! May Allah protect us all from such a major sin! Had to folks --
  4. Lol, sure cheapen the whole objective then Chimera. Complicated: How did it all go?
  5. Well then don't assume the obvious mate. Stereotyping and misjudging a simple picture
  6. LOL. Al, go take your medication sxb and sleep it off. Delusions.
  7. It could easily be a black man. As the man in the picture is.
  8. Alpha Blondy;929405 wrote: Me and Hindz, as i call her, have a strict professional working relationships. i think we seem to get on fine.....and that's how i want to keep it, really. That can easily be amended. Oba; warya, talada jooji.
  9. Al- I would advise you to marry Hinda, she already completes you. Look how long it took you to make a cupa. Oba; you do sound a little down cawo. Maaxa jira? Is the weather as miserable as it is here?
  10. Apophis;929386 wrote: The man was a hero for those who feel the need to be defined by arbitrary identity; to others, he was a middle of the road type author. Middle of the road? “Then listen to me,' he said and cleared his throat. 'It's true that a child belongs to its father. But when a father beats his child, it seeks sympathy in its mother's hut. A man belongs to his fatherland when things are good and life is sweet. But when there is sorrow and bitterness he finds refuge in his motherland. Your mother is there to protect you. She is buried there. And that is why we say that mother is supreme. Is it right that you, Okonkwo, should bring your mother a heavy face and refuse to be comforted? Be careful or you may displease the dead. Your duty is to comfort your wives and children and take them back to your fatherland after seven years. But if you allow sorrow to weigh you down and kill you, they will all die in exile.” ― Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart
  11. Al- Waayo? mid yaro geel jira maa ii haysa? Oba; just defrost something then, Sugar will only burnt you out.
  12. Hilaac and Samatar are noted
  13. ^ Visit to the dentist soon. Oba; why? Lazy?
  14. Reeyo

    Add a line

    It's that simple, add the first sentence that comes to mind. Don't punctuate I feel like rioting....
  15. Xaaju-Gadafi was a tragic lost. Unlike Mubarak and Asad, both wet ****** that don't even deserve all this hate. Wadan, true said, what has the civil war accomplished? Nothing but death, displacement and a loss of a nation.
  16. ^ Somalia civil war wasn't worth it. And I strongly believe this civil war in Syria is not worth it. Too much pain and self-destruction.
  17. With the death of Sh Buti now this. Everyday a new layer of darkness is added.
  18. oba hiloowlow;926930 wrote: xamarweyne Stunning. I am terribly eager to go then ever now. Thanks Oba
  19. ^ That smells of self-hate there Coofle. :-p
  20. Too far and the weather conditions wont permit to travel to. But it does look interesting.
  21. Sorry I don't have my Alpha translator on me but Mansoor and Summer-time are the places I know very well, especially their teas
  22. Reeyo

    Today I....

    I had my life flash in front of my eyes as I watched the car before me skid and face the other-way on my lane on the MOTORWAY. SubhanAllah. Snow, wonderful.