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  1. I'd watch that. Alpha and Apophis as judges.
  2. Iron and Vit D is all you need for a healthy hair and nails but I'm slow in taking them too. I hate pills of any sort. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Alpha for all you know I could be right next to you as you walk to Kayse Busharo to get your chocolate fix and maybe some xalwo.
  4. Reeyo


    Coofle: Is the big deed done and signed? If so may I request you show your other half this thread and give us her reaction?
  5. Ah I see. I forgot to clarify 'City Center Hotel' near the bacadyal suuq. (Orange tents)
  6. ^^ I think I need a translator that one Alpha.
  7. This is a fab idea. A little cheap but fantastic. The spot would be near City Center for the general republic (Near the roundabout otherwise you'll be dealing with the local crazy folks) and the main hodeels for the stiff-lipped folks. In fact as Norf already suggested get people to do it in all the major cities. I'd love to do Eirgabo
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    Today I....

    I had a lazy hippo day. I needed it.
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    Wearing white

    Waranle_Warrior;917842 wrote: ^Socialise you say? I thought our(Somali) woman were very social and outgoing both in Somalia and the west as they take part in the all ladies gatherings, Hagbad aruun and weddings. Also I agree she doesn't have to cook, clean or serve all times, she can go out all she wants to visit her friends, mother, sister or what have you but what I was saying there was no need for the lady to go to work everyday from 9-5 when there is no pressure and specially when the man is doing the same. She should stay at home and perhaps have more time to socialise with her children, friends and family or whatever she likes. Regular work is about winning bread for me and not social. Here is a reason your mind might not comprehend. She might actually like work and the challenge to achieve something- Work in some cases is an aspect of one's lifestyle and an extension of their self. It's not just about earning your bread.
  10. Alpha: What is Somali music like in Hargeisa- Is there a trend of people listening to new records or is the old stuff recycled?
  11. ^^Another attempt at consuming all there is 'Arab' in our culture. I am all for a revolution to urge Somali parents to name their kids Somali names,
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    Congratulations Coofle, May you both be blessed with Allah's rahma in preserving one of His honorable constitutions. Don't let shaytan get in your head- he's a jealous bugger.
  13. Someone needs to teach me how to post vids and pics. Cold Specks Winter Solstice:
  14. Alpha: Is that a nervous condition? That loud "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL" after your rather serious posts?
  15. Holy, close call. How come they all walked way all 'cool'? No celebrations or nerve break-downs?
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    Wearing white

    Haha @ Narniah. Meh and the crusade continues. Oba, get me some coke with that pop-corn. Isra- Thanks, but it matter little now.
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    Wearing white

    Sorry to disappoint but that matters little. I honestly just wanted a boring discussion of 'wedding' dresses and why certain brides choose 'white'. Boring, bland and probably not everyone's cup of tea. This heated discussion (lack of a better word) aired out alot more then one cares to know about.
  18. Slowly makes an exit. Clearly interrupting some 'bonding' moments here.
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    Wearing white

    *Shakes her head* as she reads this thread with minor shock. Can we let this thread rest in peace. My good name has been assaulted and dragged through the mud.
  20. How do you get high 'excellent' energy levels when everything else is 'terrible'?