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  1. Not a big fan.I can pick up same stuff from the bookshop stores without it being emerged into religion and can feel less guilt about it.
  2. This is all so surreal. Straight of a Hollywood.
  3. It's a matter of subjectivity Serenity- For the wife and possible children it's home-wrecking or the man and the 'other woman' they perfectly justified and find their decisions 'halal' (Following their deen). Sayid; that's a great example, Prophet was married to Khadija up-till she died.
  4. And he's back. Ok I want to collect the taaci money I donated.
  5. Lol @ Sighnomore- That's disgusting. Blessed: You've yet to enlighten us on these condition.
  6. Yep, I think Alpha invented the word.
  7. LOL @ Maaddeey- The one stating all the above are scripts might just be a script too.
  8. Blessed enlightens us on these conditions. Assuming you agree with polygamy, why can't he shukansi his second wife or is that entitlement only for the first?
  9. LOL. I see people are taking that phrase way too serious. Faheema, let them see it how they wish. Bloody reer miyis. . But your right some wives might be ok with their hubbies 'dating' potential second wives. Some is the keep work. Lakin going after a married man is just absurd and low in my opinion.
  10. You've got to give that A for creativity.
  11. Lol @ Mtoto akilia wembe' True. Miskiin, I meant no offence just using it to illustrate a point.
  12. She's an old school friend and I wont get involved in her decisions not my place to play that role. So I'll rule you off as against the idea then Stoic.
  13. Che- I know low blow right. It's just the usual suspects are reer miyi girls/passport seekers Chimera- Oddly enough that made perfect sense. Stoic I'll not report back in fact I plan to stay as far away as possible. I hate drama. -Lakin would you encourage this sort of behaviour?
  14. This is a silly question and possibly frivolous- but don't disappoint Just had a nice catch up session with some old school friends that I haven't seen in a long time and one shared a rather disturbing yet not so un-usual fact. She admitted to seeing a married man, and of course all is 'halal' and it's all done with the prospect of marriage. Now this is not a young hopeless reer miyi woman that has no means or education in fact far from the usual suspects profile. Anyhow it just got me thinking and wanted see anyone found this slightly weird. I stopped asking for details thinking I'll probably know the unsuspecting wife. What do you think?
  15. Reeyo


    What type of mum were you then? Were you the type that wore Ugg boots and dirac sheeds with haggard-face bashed away crushing the little emotions of poor rich cadaan women like Amanda Holden? I think I might make an account, just imagine the number of emotional mums on there waiting to be comforted as they complain but instead get stampeded on. Might be fun. lol
  16. Carafaat;776673 wrote: I love the painting in the background!
  17. Reeyo


    Ok I am a BBC radio addict and this topic amused me this week. Enjoy. Amanda Holden, the Britain’s Got Talent panellist, thought going back to work only three weeks after having a baby was the hardest thing she’d ever done. Wrong. Far, far harder was hearing what they said about her decision on the Mumsnet forum. The anonymous mothers piled in with comments that, Amanda bleated, were “negative” and “judgmental”. They ridiculed her show, questioned her parenting and filled her with guilt. Simon Cowell is a sugarplum by comparison. Poor little Amanda. She didn’t know the nature of the Mumsnet beast. She dreamed of “a support network for mums”, a country kitchen where she’d be spoon-fed coochy-coo comments about her baby’s dimples and tips on maternity nurses. What she stumbled into, instead, was a north London Starbucks where angry women sit among laptops and prams, venting their frustration. In their Ugg boots and baggy sweatshirts, the haggard-faced mothers attack their keyboards, tapping out their angry message to the world. It boils down to Lauren Cooper’s catchphrase: “You disrespecting me?!” Amanda Holden is right about Mumsnet. Its 600,000 registered users are more judgmental than a Fifties suburban housewife, more negative than a BBC commentator discussing Tory cuts. Ironically, the one thing they had in common, the mummy label, was the one thing they did not rate. Most sounded as if they'd been raised in a Left-leaning, “a woman’s place is in the boardroom”, world. They’d learnt to equate work outside the home with satisfaction and work within, with drudgery. When they slipped from a proper salaried job to a limbo without kudos or pay, they burned with resentment. Others would have loved to obsess about their “DD” and “DH” (darling daughter and darling husband, as per the site’s acronyms); but sensed that outsiders held their non-job in contempt. They felt frustrated by the huge gap between their faith in the family and the official line. Mumsnet brings together these angry women. They love it because it gives them a fig leaf of professional respectability: unlike gossiping by the swings in the park, Mumsnet requires a professional prop, in the shape of a laptop, smartphone or computer. And unlike swapping cracked nipple tales over tea and digestives, the site connects mothers to the outside world (by golly, even to politicians) as well as to one another.
  18. Interesting ladies, thanks for sharing. I've always wondered why there are never a therapy/counselling sections in the birth/women hospitals. I also never believed my ayeeyo for claiming she gave birth on her own while with the ari in the miyi. Supposedly she carried a single kitchen knife and a extra dirac and went on with her duties, at the end of the day waay so caarabatay with all 12 iido and baby uncle Ayaanlee.
  19. Apophis;936015 wrote: I like this girl; she speaks her mind Keep being condescending, it's the nomadic way I quiet agree. Wadani-I actually don't know why you've picked Safferz for that little noble take-down, as we can all clearly see DK and Xabad lack any understanding of the topic and come across as defensive and dismissive. As to the death of Thatcher, good riddance. And the opposite of RIP.
  20. Aaah poor thing actually decided to pose half naked and assumed to achieve something in a Arab country. I don't know whether to pity her or advice she gets married off to a fat sheikh with 3 wives to cure her. Her surname is Tyler...
  21. Alpha Blondy;930571 wrote: advice of the day: focus on working smarter, not harder Really? Wise words, working smarter. ')
  22. Worldwide Somali Students & Professionals' website and facebook page.
  23. What is wrong with that woman's bra? She needs some size advice. Ceebta.
  24. It looks like it was well organised and a success (from the looks of the pictures!) Well done team.