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  1. ^ War nacasnimoda naga daa dee. Reserve psychology doesn't work one me. I invented it.
  2. Reeyo

    Today I....

    Bluelicious;907057 wrote: Today I was a chocoholic. I've been craving chocolate for about a month now and I've yet to pick-up a bar. I'd say I had some incredible self-control.
  3. Haha @ fish and chips teen. Aw, maya gabadh bariis iyo basto cunto waye. Plus I've witnessed it a few times.
  4. I still feel offended and I strongly recommend you apologize. And not for calling me a script of Alpha's
  5. oba hiloowlow;911333 wrote: Im shocked you know reeyo :eek: ? Do I appear white-washed that I wouldn't know?
  6. I love all the characters, although they could never do justice.
  7. Apophis;910854 wrote: Don't be shy Reeyo, responding to this offer (unless you're Alpha's script, in which case never mind) I feel like this is an attack on my persona here.
  8. Reeyo

    Wearing white

    What are all you guys doing here? Find an exit. Blessed walal I was curious because I recently saw a dear friend get married and she had to find 'right' dress and it was white. I found it wanting something. I didn't push it though So what did you wear? normal nice dress or traditional?
  9. And males don't have xishood and sharaf to protect?
  10. I completely disapprove of 'dhaqan celis' and personally feel it is an insult to Somali/land. Alpha if you give me your family's connect details I will personally report them to the authorities and claim 'kidnap'. This s.tupid act needs to stop. People need to deal with their troublesome relatives rather them dump in another country. Bloody i.diots.
  11. 'Naa wiil ka kac'- Blame the girl then, she is the whor.e. Double standards there mate. Let live and live yours.
  12. Alpha are you telling me you're mentally retard and like to stroke 'soft' things which eventually results in you killing people? Wadani: Thats' interesting walal. So men see another Somali as someone who has there back and we females feel judged and threatened.
  13. ^ Xasid; You already have 6 other cats, you wont miss one little one.
  14. LOL @ Alpha. What the hell analyzing? Let me attempt a serious answer: 1. Believe it or not it was Oasis and some random WESTLIFE! yep I said Westlife. 2. I didn't fear the brother. I was freaked out that I saw a Somali! and he saw me dancing in my car. 3. This question is confusing. what do you mean by 'suggestive" and 'present yourself in manner' War I was in my car at a traffic light. Apophis: don't knock warya, I have some cool moves even when I sitting
  15. Reeyo

    Wearing white

    Ok I am going to ask a question I've always wanted to ask.-- I was at this wedding recently and the Somali bride looked like any other Somali bride that I've seen. She was tall beautiful, had long extensions and wore a form fitting White wedding dress. She looked stunning but at the same time foreign looking and uncomfortable. I love how Somalis describe brides as 'caroosad' because she looked plastic and barbie looking. All you married girls- You wore a white dress (don't lie!) Why?
  16. Wadani;910772 wrote: I do love it. It's our weird way of saying 'ur a somali and im a somali, so if anything happens within the next few seconds, while were still in each others range of vision, I got ur back.' lol Haha. is that how you see it? Walle that is nice. I always saw it 'I am Somali, your Somali, I may know your relatives and I can easily report I am watching....' That's why I felt girls that dress inappropriately get extra b.itchy. Right?
  17. Apophis;910762 wrote: Lool, no deal Reeyo; the cat is innocent Pretty please? I'll even feed it milk before I torture it.
  18. Haha. It is funny I guess. But don't you love that bypassing look you get with every Somali you meet randomly?
  19. Nice read ^. I had an awkward moment today with a fellow stranger, who happen to be a Somali. There I was waiting stuck in traffic (caused by the darned white stuff!) listening to some killing tones and of cause doing what I usually do in the privacy of my own car. Singing, bobing my head and doing my lame *** moves to bypass the time. And all this time a creepy looking Somali guy was standing at a bus watching me. He didn't even look away when I caught him looking. We exchanged a long suspicious look and I drove off. Always love exchanging them looks with my fellow Somali people. It's always exciting seeing another Somali.
  20. You have got to be kidding me. Apophis permission to kill you cat to relief some stress after reading this?
  21. Get more involved in Africa like how he is F.ucking the Middle east? Nice.