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  1. Your a terrible excuse for a reer xamari nin warya.
  2. No I can't help but I'll gladly draw entertainment from it. So do share.
  3. There goes your chance to sweet talk me and ask for my forgiveness! I never!
  4. Lol, my expectations of you never fail. You've given me an idea there!
  5. Count-down. 3. half days till the 18th Got my flag out.
  6. Alpha Blondy;950317 wrote: Oba, why have they all left me? its literally empty at Al's thread? do you want to come through? I am still in support of you Al, I'll come by but you MUST be nice to me. I have officially withdrew my support of Oba.
  7. Underdog I agree with you mostly- but let me add the root of the problem as Alpha mentioned above, with the crisis of man came a avoid- Women and families founds themselves dependent on this masculine figure you've described and their femininity (in the way you described it) which seemed to completely need masculinity for balance became useless in many regards. It became a weakness and with it came change. Rule blurring is not a negative, but rather a method of survival and growth. Women managed to adapt we're just waiting for man to come to realization. He needs to acknowledge and remember times and societies change. That understanding of femininity only exists in disney and to be honest with you it is rather eurocentric. women define themselves through their family and children, and preserving culture and traditions. That has not changed much.
  8. Wadani;950299 wrote: Men and women are not equal ee sidaa ula soco. I never said they were. Seriously Wadani.
  9. Alpha Blondy;950149 wrote: there is nothing impressive about this criminal paradise, poverty-ridden and 3rd rate provincial city. its dirty and the people of this city are not nice nor interesting. i was even stopped, searched and interrogated in pathetic. my advice: DON'T go there. +100 I hate that place. Some bad experiences.
  10. Johnny B;950290 wrote: To be a man in its most complex form means to be constantly surrounded by females that remind you that you are not a female, in it's simplest form to be a man means to have that gut feeling of you really being the one. In this particular case it's ubvious that he showed some extra intelligence among his freinds when they were expecting him to be dumbass, hence "be a man". ( read : be a dumbass ). and i am neither wise nor odey. Indeed the title of a wise odey would suit you oh clever one. But I've already gave him the good self-confidence speech to be unique and not follow what expectations his friends may have. Wadani: Women led households are more successful in contemporary society. That's a fact and as community we are doing much better in producing intellectuals and successful business and political leaders.
  11. Al- Using the above, would you say it's time to redefine the Somali man identity? If so how and what?
  12. I think the leadership quality has been trialed by women and it has shown itself to be a unisex quality and in fact in modern times women seem to embody the concept much better with results of quality standards higher for the family. So Underdog do add your two pence.
  13. Lol, are you not being blasphemous in stating that?
  14. Wadani aint you brave lol. All the above can easily be applied to a woman.
  15. Carafaat;828745 wrote: Alpha, I didnt know you hosted couchsurfers. It's quite an experience to couchsurf. I have done it once with some Dutch friends, we went to Paris and stayed there with strangers. quite an experience. but the idea of hosting them, isnt attractive. I've done it couple of times too. With females only, it really is a great idea when it works out.
  16. My little nephew came up to me today as he is having trouble in school and asked me this question. I was just as lost as him. So I'm hoping some wise odey out here might throw a poem or a song and define the 'Somali man'.
  17. Haatu really? We should start a picture thread then.
  18. Alpha Blondy;949034 wrote: i'm a little disappointed that my thread has been deleted. SOL is an internet extremist. why is the Admin and his MODs blocking freedom of speech, baal?. Nin-yaaban wasn't offended, i'm sure. this is UNACCEPTABLE and may result in a serious breakdown of our mutual cordial relations in the short to medium term. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: I wish I could smack you. ***** foqol *****. :mad:
  19. Gladly, let me just go up-load a decant one. Now stay right there. Watch this space.
  20. I never understood this fear of people posting pictures. Al as the social elite of SOL You must set the trend!
  21. Yes indeed, and eat! and sleep!- All important things to survival.
  22. Benefits of water? really Aliyyah? lol
  23. I think you look adorable Saf. Beyond cute.