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  1. Very funny videos lol Watch umahfilms and go little faster like that guy.
  2. Originally posted by Abdulladiif Al-Fiqih: Heinrich believes that any company operating in an area of social and political tension can never hope to be neutral actors. Their presence and activities will always have an impact on the host community and society in general. Very informative analysis and reporting in the articles. Bottom line is any reputable multinational company must understand by making any capital investment in a hostile/warzone territory, they are taken a side in the conflict and are directly responsible for any repression and violence against the indigenous peasants. The O*gaden is no exception. Its great some companies are now rethinking their investment strategy and are not contributing to the violence.
  3. Wow massive welcome for Cadar. She wont miss Titanic.
  4. These kids will not learn anything from this, believe me. There are have been many arrests in the past for varies violent crimes, some kids serving life sentences but still this happens and will probably continue to happen, its the nature of inner city living. These kids need early intervention when families see the signs of trouble.
  5. ^^I propose we ban hair for women also since its not really obligatory? why not? Layzie will be good sport and go first.........Cara get ready you next
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    ^2nd post on this thread says; Originally posted by Haatu: We're not doing bad eh :cool: More will come later IA I don't remember much of Karisa, we were kept indoors the few days we were there in early '91. But these pics look as good as some parts of Nairobi,its good to see reer karisa make great progress. Post more pics if you have them Haatu.
  7. Originally posted by Somalicentric.: Currently reading the "Namesake" not too shabby! p.s- The khalid books are AMAZING those are a MUST. ^^If you like the namesake, you would also enjoy Unaccustomed Earth from the same author.
  8. All of us who are concerned for peace and triumph of reason and justice must be keenly aware how small an influence reason and honest good will exert upon events in the political field. ~Albert Einstein
  9. The doctors should only force treatment if this kid is danger to others or to himself. If the hospital made an assessment that he is, than they need to make that public. It just does not make sense for the hospital to unreasonably clampdown on information about the current condition of the kid. At minimum they should let the family observe and talk to the kid. This is just horrible. The family should try to hire an attorney and let the attorney demand to see his client. There use to the be similar issues here and it includes story about why forced treatment is sometimes necessary.
  10. haha@Castro Atlanta is one of the top affordable metropolitans in the states. You will find cheap and spacious housing and lively night life if you are interested. Get ready for the sun because it gets really hot, summers being the worst. Blacks in Atlanta are generally very pleasant, I would say more than any other city in the US. Good luck.
  11. Ms DD great pictures. I can't blve Q-town is this green, Nagahubi.
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    Emotional song. Wax kiciya dadweenaha waa loobahanyahay.
  13. Wow I missed out. It looks like a great turnout. Kudos to the youth!
  14. Is going to the gym a newer trend among somali women? I went to my local gym few nights ago and I was surprised to see so many somali girls and older women at the gym. The choice of workout attire was crazy, I saw girls with shorts, sweat pants and than i saw few with full jilbab :cool: on the elliptical, very unsafe but cool to see everyone working out.
  15. It's an accomplishment to be the favorite of fans and foes alike, congrats saxiib.