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  1. Great projects! But i agree with Yoniz, SFG should also tell us what have they given in exchange of our resources for these projects, nothing is for free!
  2. Hoogto! Aduunyo iyo aakhiraba wey seegtay.
  3. Allah yarxamuh! Samir iyo iimaan Allaha kasiiyo ehelkiisa, qaraabdiisa iyo ummada Soomaaliyeed dhamaan, amiin.
  4. Good to see bilicda Muqdisho coming back slowly, MA' Thanks for sharing buddy!
  5. Iikar Jeesto, best daadis song ever, classic! This one iyadana caadi maaha.. Banadiri songs are cool when not Indianized much, if so, than it becomes yikes
  6. Sujui or not sixir exists, and if you meant to get it you will get it. Unless, you wear qardhaas of course
  7. Change of environment as well as friends who might have bad influence on you can be helpful, if not, join the tableeq.
  8. I was complaining of paying 1.13/liter, but hearing how much some of you guys pay (daamn!) I should say Alhamdulilah
  9. Wa salaamantihiin akhyaarta. Can sombody help me find a song that i been having hard time trying to locate, i'm not sure who sang it but it sounded like Sulfa.....It goes a lil sometghing like this "Calafkii laguu qoro cidi kaama celiso cirka laguma laalo caadku kaama qariyee, midbaan sida caad ceeda calankii dulsaroo, cirada iyo jeceelka caawa igu dulmeeree" Thanks!
  10. ^ Speaking of is walaaq, i like how isku walaaqeeso in this video, caadi maaha!
  11. The growing use of the stimulant Khat is causing widespread social problems among Britain's East African community, according to a Sky News investigation. Ten years ago an average of 10 tonnes of Khat were imported into the UK every year. That figure has now risen to 10,000 tonnes per year. The Khat plant is grown in Yemen, Somalia and Ethiopia. Users chew the leaves then swallow the juice, which contains an ingredient similar to amphetamine. Although banned in North America and most of Europe, Khat is legal in Britain and sold openly in corner shops. After a few hours users become talkative and experience feelings of alertness, euphoria and excitement. But symptoms can include depression, lack of concentration and psychosis. Abukar Awale, a Somalian living in North London, claims he was addicted to Khat for seven years. He lost his confidence and self-esteem and became depressed and paranoid. He told Sky News: "This drug is destroying the Somali community in Britain and should be made illegal." The government banned 'Meow Meow' within weeks. That was clear discrimination because it was white people taking it. "Last year there were 16 Khat-related deaths but you don't see that on the six o'clock news." The legality of Khat in Britain means London has become a hub for smugglers. Read more! Skynews investigation (Video) -------------------------------- I think bahalkan sharrtiisa waa badatay, rag badan iyo (some) dumarna wey abuse gareeyeen, marka in laga mamnuuco wadamadan uu legel-ka kayahay haatan waxay ku dhaanto majirto (for the long as well as the short term betterment/success of our people throughout Europe or anywhere else for that matter) Therefore, i CANJEEX support the banning of this DAMN thing!
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    Fitness Freaks

    ^ Meeshan waabsi eber nooga dhigtay, Ileen you is a geek
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    Nadiifo, these yankees dream ee ku jiraan runta u sheeg yaaqey This WC saadaashu waxay u badantahay xagaa iyo Maradona!
  14. Maad, wadamadan gaalada arima badan baanu ugu dhimid sxb, lakiin arintan aad sheegi waa arin dhici karta. Weyna dhacdaa, specially when the individual is under the influance (caruurtooda eey faraxumeeyaan markay cirka marayaan, do you think inay xaaskooda u daahi)