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  1. Sxb my mowqiif is cut and clear. I cannot stand traitors, weither they be hags puntis or snm. I will always support United Somalia under Shariahlaw.
  2. You may ask what is this real war you are talking about? Nimanyahow Somalia cannot hold together somalidiid secessionist traitors and somalidoon patriots. One of the two groups must be expelled from the land. So after alshabaab, the real harb will be started. Lacnada Allah korkooda ha ahaado. We must kill them(militarily) wherever we find, including the sympathisers. After the irhaabis are done it is time for Somalia to beef up the military forces , get warplanes and tanks, make new commando units and prepare for the great war to protect the motherland from traitors. Srilanka Part 2 in Somalia. A bloody end for the somali naago movement. This time there wont be USC to save their xabashi ass.
  3. SomaliaRising, please respect the rules of the website and stop the clan insults. We will not tolerate vulgar and childish name-calling on this website. Admin Somalia Online
  4. SomaliaRising, please respect the rules of the website and stop the clan insults. We will not tolerate vulgar and childish name-calling on this website. Admin Somalia Online
  5. <cite> @Mooge said:</cite> haha. so if the support for a third party like jubaland is what causes alshabab to attack, how do you explain the attacks on puntland before jubaland was even created? if support for enemies is what matters to Alshabab, then how do you explain somaliland being friends with the most enemy in alshabab books which is Ethiopia?. loooooooooooool. niyoow, come up with another excuse. there is more western worshipping and Ethiopian loving in Somaliland than anywhere in Somalia. if being friends with other society is excuse for Alshabab to attack, Somaliland would have been a toast a long time ago niyoow. the reality is that only a fool would attack his safe haven. godane is not dumb guy. Sxb if that was the case, smellyland would see daily bombings hahaha Niyoow ignore xaaji smellylander, we all know that transgender godane is ictiraafagent. Ninkaan xaaji smellylander wuu ogyahay taas.
  6. Niyoow, is this flipflopper confused or was it a trick?
  7. Xaaji somalidiid, Maamulka smellyland is protected by Xabashis which in turn invades South Somalia. If Godane the snm dog was serious and not qabilist agent, he would target maamulka smellyland for taking ingriis and xabashis as awliyaa min duuni Allah The fact is that Godane the khaniis snm agent wearing niqab from hargeisa never targetted maamulka smellyland in words and deeds since he became amiir of alshabaab in January 2009. The attack in har-gay-sa november/december 2008 happened when abu mansur roobow was the leader. Abu mansur roobow dont care about clans. He blows up all, including his own clan. Ninkaas waa daacad. Godane the transgender from Hargaysa clan enclave attacks only Somalia. He is agent serving the failed ictiraaf machine.
  8. the snm were terrorists. iam glad the siyad barre regime killed lots of them. i would do the same.
  9. Tallaabo may Allah curse somalidiid. Everyone sees godane is snm rat. Why is he not attacking maamulka smellyland? 2009-2014 no single attack since he is leader of terrorists
  10. Xaaji somalidiid. Does Ethiopian protectorate(Smellyland) rule by Shariah? Does Ethiopian protectorate do jihad in Syria and Somalia? Lol U added blindness to your ignorance. Everyone sees that godane is an snm rat.
  11. <cite> @Xaaji Xunjuf said:</cite> Uganda Kenya Djibouti do you see the patron all the Amisom countries , Amiir Godane seems to be on Fire today he hit the parliament in Mogadishu and hits 900 miles and hits the heart land of Djibouti. Yet he never attacked Maamulka Smellyland since he took over leadership in 2009 hahaha Dirty snm rat. I feel sorry for dumb southerners who is falling for his b.llsh.t.
  12. DJIBOUTI, May 24 (Reuters) - Two loud blasts struck a busy cafe in downtown Djibouti frequented by Westerners on Saturday and at least 10 people were wounded, a Reuters witness said. Police had cordoned off the scene. It was not immediately clear what caused the blasts. The witness said he saw at least 10 people sitting near the area of the cafe, with bloody wounds. (Reporting by Abdourahim Arteh, Writing by George Obulutsa, Edited by Angus MacSwan) SNM agent Godane attacking Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, Puntland(Somalia region) and now Djibouti. Why is he leaving out Maamulka Smellyland? One answer: Qabiilism! Dirty rat from clan enclave.
  13. Iam happy that useless C/Kariin Macalin Dugsi resigned. How can teacher be minister of defense? Ceeb weyn!