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  1. Abtigiis ooh-I meant Alle Ubaahne oo soo toosay. Welcome back waryaa
  2. What has this picture got to do with him being a role model? Waryaa stop trolling and let him enjoy his life as he wishes.
  3. Their (Hassan and co) first one year in office was consumed by the JL debacle and now they are turning their guns at PL. I heard that they were complaining about the reception given to Faroole by the Yemenis and they have filed complain letter to the Yemenis Foreign Ministry. If true, then I would advise them to pile up their office supplies
  4. This is not about Madam Fouzia, but rather the policy of her government. The point is that you cannot allow the U S to invade your airspace free willy and at the same cry about neighboring countries for nor respecting your sovereignty. Of course we all know that this government or its predecessors have/had no control of the country, but for Gods sake don't voice the obvious in public. This is PR disaster.
  5. Embrace for more of these kind of remarks, awoowe. Sad part is that she is the face of this government on its foreign affair relationships. No wonder why Hassan wants to do the governments duty.
  6. In an interview with CNN's Christine Amanpour, the Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Ms Adam welcomed the US raid on AS' stronghold and also told that the U.S doesn't need any permission from the Somali government for any future attack. Really? No permission at all and you want the world to know that you're in control of the country. Is that how they roll in Mog now? Com'on guys even Karzai grew some balls.... Where are the SOL's pseudo nationalists who used to foam from their mouth when similar raid/attacks took place under Yeey and Sharif's watch? What now?" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  7. ^Canada ma dhaqan caruurta la gowraco aa ka jira? Calling this wicked act as a "dhaqan" is just plain wrong. Alle ha u fududeeyo hooyada dhibtan soo gaartay, caruurtana naxariis Rabbi.
  8. Ambassador xaal qaado. The guy is ciyaalka xaafada!
  9. How did the Somalis corrupt the Turks, yaa Mullah? Are you saying Turks didn't know hip-hop before the skinnies arrived on their shores? Bloody sensationalist you are
  10. ^HB, adiga iyo Che, kee shaki laga qabi karaa? Midka cayda la gadaal joogo Musliminta mise qof fikirkiisa soo qora? Naga daa boorka aad isku qarinaysid,inaar as Al would say!
  11. Wadani, waan kula kaftamaayay ee dhaarta bal dib noogu dhig!
  12. Wadani, maya ee Soomaalida oo dhan baa sidaa tiraahda, laakin ficilkoodaa ka run sheega!! Bal adiga sideen ku caddaynaa warkaad noo sheegtay inuu run yahay?
  13. ^Waar Haatu waa nice sujui guy(I was told), he just doesn't like some segments of Ogs and of course the pirates
  14. Haatu;979667 wrote: Are you trying to incite intra-OG hatred? Typical pirate Apo, that's the way to go. While you're at it, get Baardheere back as well Nah, just stated the obvious In fact it's you who's always take a jab at your own people...Hence the suspicion about your OG claim
  15. ^We all know without MZ, you (ya Haatu) would be a pinkie Didn't know you were LG(laan gaab).
  16. The speech is finally out eh? Seems like 5 more years of the old man is in order!
  17. Alpha, a great project really. Kudos to you, inaar! Btw, those floor tiles are horrid, magaratay
  18. Dadka qaar mar mar waa is yeel yeelaan baa is dhahaa. If Kenya is so bad, why do Somalis(from Somalia) still invest and call it home? And to top it all, they wants us to believe the largest economy in East Africa with $75 Bill GDP relies on Somali businesses (drop in a ocean) and some hand outs to Somalia. Waryaada, ka shaqaysiiya bahashan yar madaxa ku jirta.
  19. Anything north of Kentucky is Yankee to us, the great, the proud hilly-billies of SAUT! Go Duck Dynasty
  20. Che, glad that you clarified your stand on AS and their terror act. My whole point of asking you that question was to make sure I understood your points well. You sounded like as if you were justifying or making excuses for that terror attack. That being said, you are somehow bothered by the so called "invading" foreigners, be it neighbors or the other AMISOM army, while you completely ignore the underlining issues. It is not like if these countries woke up one day and decided to invade Somalia for the sake of it. Yes they are there for their own interest, but what compel them to go into Somalia, is the question to be asked. Specially the case of Kenya. If it wasn't our wars, our non ending cycle of violence, our refugee crisis, and to top it all, the AS menace(partially foreign) that internationalized our internal civil war. These foreign armies would never had set foot on Somali soil. If we had resolved our issues and reconciled on our own from the get go, they would never had the chance to interfere our internal civil strife and side with one group over others. It's we who sneak into their capitals and take our dirty laundry to them. It's we who exported our menace to their lands. We are the ones who don't have our interests at heart. Or is that not true? The truth of the matter is that we are a broken nation and the mistrust among us is as high as it ever been. Now, I would have no issue if Somali groups, be it warlords or religious, appose or even fight any foreign army in Somalia so long as there is no consensus among the Somalis for the presence of foreign armies in our land.. What I have issue with is when a group that claim to represent Islam and Somalis(both false) go rampage on a place space full of civilians. Awoowe, you are intelligent enough to assess and analysis things in their perspective, so don't let emotions drive you or what few guys in Sol say, cloud your judgement. Lastly, to have any faith in our government and all Somalis to support it, one thing must happen first, a genuine reconciliation among Somalis.
  21. Nuune, since no one is certain about the identity of the guys, how would one know inay wax baxsadeen? And who are the inside source? Jinkaagii miyaa? Naga daa dee