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  1. 4.5 ayaa lagu dhaarinaa.xildhibanada qormey wadaado culumo noqdeen
  2. Why are talking about somaliland? I am talking about south central somalia.i welcome Nigel over a geeljire who refuses to be accountable and runs to his qabiil if he asked or questioned about the finance of the bank.did you know some govornors of the bank threatened the gov of class war if he is asked about the money he laundered.
  3. Hormuud equals alshabab.i dont care what happens to them.more these posts need to be razed down in south central somalia.when ever alshabab attacks a place hormuud is the front that provides logistics support.remember the 14 October explosion that killed 1000 someone.hormuud employees facilitated the opetation
  4. If you dont need imf then why didnt somalia print new currency notes for more then 30 years.inflation is so bad that 100 dollars is equal to 2 .5 million somali worthless shilling.if Nigel is gonna improve the situation i welcome it.i am sure if he head of Cbs was somali people will hate him for class reason waa reer hebel
  5. Changes include the permissibility of non somalis to be included in the board of govornors CEO and head of the nonexistant CBS. Only 17 mps abstinated from the vote.i think this is historic movie which show the matureness of our corrupt parliamentarians.
  6. Whatare you doing here as illegal don't you have isbaaro to attend or granny to rape.iljeex is the main reason why somalia have been ruined.nobody trusts iljeex with mobile let alone position .
  7. those who destroyed somalia with clan wars since 1991.
  8. what is the significance of this sad beesha mooryan is busy with defending traitor abdishakur eho sold our sea then this issue.