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  1. Were there any discussions in this thread? I doubt it. All we have in here is we are better than you, and clan this and clan that..Have a intelligent discussion and people will contribute something positive, but anyways continue you usual things guys..
  2. Ciyaal ayaa iridaha loo furay lately. The registration process more lenient loogu dhigay and already taking advantage of it, as opposed only those invited before. Trolling meesha lasoo galeen, and if saan ku socdaan meel am gaarayaan, believe me. MMA, hadda meesha aa la hadli lahayd dadkaan meesha ku gaboobey, likes of Duke, Redka, and Afriown n more, ayaa waxaa eed dusha uga tuuree the "NEWBIES" meesha waxa is caynaaya oo clanish ka wada waa aragtaa ee wax ka qabo. Mise sharciga yar yariiska lee qabtaa?
  3. Can he not from clans of Puntland and at the same time criticize Puntland leaders?
  4. FB, i hear you bro. Lets just wait and see what brother EmP says, hope he will clear his position once and for all.
  5. Generale why do you think Che is oppose to Puntland? He just don't support the admin there, he has nothing against his people. Besides, what if you and Che actually have clan connections? what if he is as close as you can't imagine? are you still gonna call him clan names? i suppose not.. or should i let you keep guessing huh..mmm
  6. Mudane, your excellence Ambassador Duke, why don't you use your diplomatic connections and help the poor guy? After all you were supposed to represent Somalis of all walks of life....
  7. The dude asked 2 valid questions, and i don't see where he mentioned a change of his position what ever that was. So, what's all the huuhaa about? Somalia has been a doomed nation since Barre left in 18 yrs ago. Hell didn't break loose with the Ethios invasion 18 months ago, it has been hell long before their arrival. Soomaaliyeey maxaa inoo talo ah is a valid question! discuss that and leave the guys persona alon e
  8. The pic is indeed Cali Madoobe..Ali Madoobe/Looyan is the same guy.
  9. Qanyare of all people, calling someone to be arrested for corruption? Give me a break, he is the biggest loser of all. If he wants to correct things, he should shoot himself in the head 6 times
  10. Waryaa dhulqarneyn, see how you made people go crazy... shake my head. Hey people leave Duke alone, he said he aint the guy so that should do it.
  11. Originally posted by General Duke: A landmark moment, and insha Allah may I see it celebrate its 80 year. And how old will you be then? i hope Cadde leaves soon, so that place can get the development it deserves
  12. feynuus, huuno i was just twisting things..hope you didn't mind it..
  13. Maxaa maalin dhaaf ah aa tiri? lolz maxaa lagu xaal mariyaa ka dib? loolz again. forgive me mm
  14. Will his death really gonna solve Somali problem you think? I don't think so. He is not the reason why the Somalis are fighting, think about it and come up way out of this rather wishing him death Methinks.
  15. People just forget things too fast... Yes, Somalia is in dire situation, but it's not its worse or worse than in early 1990s. Yes Mogadishu saw a relative peace under UIC, but that doesn't mean Somalia went back to rule of law where everything was so rosy. Yes 8000 lost their lives and million people have been forced out of their homes in the last 18 months of this mayhem, so does it happened in 1988 in the north where 1000s have lost their lives and more fled their homes. And again in 1991-93 where close to half a million people perished in the south by gun,famine and hunger, and some drowned while fleeing. And millions have been forced out of their homes. So NO, Somalia isn't in it's worse time, Somalis have died before, they are dying now, and will continue to die as long as we keep blaming others for our failure and keep fighting for nothing. And no one wants or cares what you watch or chew. We should f**8 sit down and compromise, that's the only way out if this deep shty we in.
  16. Who ever that person is, what is the significance of telling his sickness? Besides, you already tell us that he is sick, so why wait the media?
  17. Ibti, Modern Metro-sex man iga dheh,I see. By the way I aint a Woman and I did not ceyn ninkaaga. I was just wondering why would he wear a PURSE... Clarity checked.
  18. Ms DD and Malika will walk up behind him in an ally and scary him, I should then run out and knock him dead with a hammer, then take his purse and make it look like a robbery. That plan is good but again I want him to KNOW. SO he carries a PURSE mmm, Ibti your man is so sissy no need of whacking him like that..Just slap him and he will come to his sense :confused: As for the hargeisa girl, whether that is real gentleman or her dream husband, wish her the best.
  19. How come you are not in any of those nominations Mr. MARX? or duh me, I thought you had only those youtube videos, Mark AWARDS too?
  20. Good one brawnie... i like the last one most. So true
  21. GT: Adeer you talk about foot soldiers. Here are the names of the leaders of ICU. Sharif Ahmed, Abukar Cumar Cadaan, Janagow, Xasan dahir, Ibrahim Cadow. Militarry. Indacade, Abu Qutabe, Cayrow... What clan are these men from? Again El-Generale, as i said before there is no co-incident that all of those guy (ICU leaders) were from the same clan because ICU has started from Mogadishu. They were union of courts set by no other than clans/inhabitants of Mogadishu. i will give an example here bro, back in 1992 when Al-ithixad was in Waqooyi Barri, almost all of the said party's leaders were from local clans(sheikh Abdulkadir Faarax, Sheikh Hussein Abdulla, Sheikh Abullahi Ali Hashi, and I can continue.) Don't jump the gun on me and bring Hassan Dahir, he was the only guy outside of the local clans there. Who were the Al-ithaxad foot soldiers there? 90% plus were also from that area. Now tell me Gerenale, were Al-ithixad one qabiil or qabiil based group? were their agenda to futher a clan interests? Bal isku barbar dhig 2dan group similarities ma jiraan? Maxaa ICU u daba wadaa waa hal qabiil?
  22. So, if you know her name and know where she lives, then why in the world you tell SOLers about this little over rated incident of yours? Dude take those shades off, wear boots with heels, and head toward her place of stay There, right there and then express your crush on her..daarn
  23. Che, I have never seen a written Maay language before. One thing though, it's hard to believe that letter "p" is in the Somali language. Maay iyo Maxaa tiri maryooleey, beabol uu wada guraayaan
  24. Che, waxaan kor ku qoran Soomaali waaye maa dhahee? etheegsythaw= maay? iga daay widaayow meeshan wax kalaa ku qoran. :confused:
  25. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: ^^Meesha wax ku dhacayba, waxba ku dhacay saaxiib. Laakiin halloo so nooleeyo...I heard in ciddu mar ku shirtay oo ay isaga yeerteen ilaa Kambala... Lool..Xiin, ciddu inta illaa iyo Kampala lacag waa hayaane yaase ka gacantooda ka soo bixinaaya? Meesha waxaa ka soo dagtay doontii "jimca, jimcatul muslimiin....." inta kale dhamaystiro. Doontaas shar kama horeyn waa haddii myth kaasi wax jira yahay.