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  1. Emp. don't you think this guy will regroup his militia from all over Gedo and attack the city again? What about the Al-shabaab factor? what makes you think Al-shabaab will just sit back and wait till TFG comes into the picture?
  2. Allah ha u naxaristee waxaa dhintay Dr. Hirsi Magan Isse oo ku geeriyooday London. He was a great man of honor, a scholor, and an outspoken intellectual. He was also the father of that infamous Ayan Hirsi. Allow kuu naxariiso Aaamiin Aamiin!!
  3. Kool_kT, eeddo I am no way close to that Saqajaan character mana ku soo gabanooyo, it was just that your "xaax" aa iga yaabisay. Hadda, there is this other character called Mr.Pea so you gotta deal with him
  4. Did i miss something here? waryaa Mr.Peace jooji dhibta.
  5. I wonder if they use any protections? With all the sex starving tourists pouring in to these small communities, STDs and other deceases will spread like a wild fire.
  6. Originally posted by Oz: Basketball. Australia vs The Dream team is on tonight. [/QUOT] Redeem team dashed the Aussies hope for a medal with 116 to 85 "easy win." 2 more wins to the Gold... As our Somali young lads, they try and came short, but they are definitely winners by default for repping our land. Kudos to them, they are still young and will come better next time.
  7. Mr-peace, who are people you refer to as "baboon"? You sound so much like that other character you been looking for.
  8. Originally posted by Kool_Kat: Maya, Carab uu ismoodaa... Afro, am loving the avatar...Would've married him in a heartbeat no doubt...Xaaaaaaaaaaaaax xabadkaas... Xaaax aa ? You don't wanna Saqajaan to call you a bad mother mmmm watch out eeddo!!
  9. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: ^Are you ok?..I'm actually supporting the guy. Between him and Cadde Uusay, I think he's better fit. Nurudin might be good choice too. LoL@uuseey. I think Gen. Ilko-Jiir and Nuradin ticket will be perfect. If not these duo then Saleban and Farjac. Uuseey has no place in the future of Puntland. He messed up quite enough and people are really fed up with the old man and his cronies.
  10. Why the hell should we care these kinda rubbish anyway? Ninbaa naag aroosay, naag aa uur yeelatay, so what...
  11. Che, don't pay a dime and you shouldn't worry about duke' tolka taking any revenge for the time being. Since your "tolka" and duke's are getting along well.... should I say in Mogadishu.. as long as they keep holding hands in that part of the world, they wont hurt each other. Jokes aside though, did you ask you uncle if the said victim's family actually asked for DIYA? If they didn't, then whether you raise money or not the revenge will be on the table for a long time to come. Few years back, friend of mine's dad was killed for "aano qabiil" that he had no business in it. He never had any hand in the old vendetta yet he was killed for simply being a successful man. That is one of the sad parts of our society.
  12. CG, this is an official English site: I do follow it up on here you can watch the Live events as it happens. Preliminary heats are starting Saturday I think , hopefully Somalis will qualify to the final. Pray...
  13. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: Xinn The sheikh story was an anomaly. The real thing will resume soon. Haye, marada ka carar! Lol@GT's tororog. But could it also be resourcefulness? Indeed it could be resourcefulness, but can you imagine you hitting 20,000 post "hallmark" in less than 2 yrs? It took years for Duke to get there, I am not in anyway comparing you with Duke
  14. Che, so you are related to that guy who killed my causin soo maaha? weey oo wey waa haddaanan Boston iman TOLBA inaan ahayn mmm "grind my teeth." You either pay the diyo to us or else I am backing up and heading toward Boston.
  15. When these so called main media couldn't find anything to damn the amazing opening ceremony, they dig down and came with this lame lip singing allegations...It doesn't matter whether one girl is cuter than other, China wanted this way and they did and did it well. Let them media cry all they want. Kudos to China and to the young beauties of China.
  16. CG, you raise a good question brother. How do you indeed enforce or change a social norm? How do you tell some1 to use a hygiene products for instant(deodorant, perfume, or cologne)? with out provocations or hurting his/her feelings? How can you change all those bad manners, skipping que to way to talk to people?...I think it has to start from home and slowly go place to place...
  17. I think it has a lot to do with cultures than say religion. Most of Muslim communities are really ignorant about their religion and adhere more to their cultures...So, some of the akhlaaqaat and manners we are talking about here are alien to some cultures and they don't really look back to the religion to find out how important these things are. As for the cleanliness, dadki wax kala hadla ayaaba iska yar, Culluma iyo Caammaba.
  18. AT&T, you have been here for only 6 months and posted more than 1600 posts, what does that say about you? Newbie with torarog
  19. Duke, do you have to rebuttal every opinion that SOLers put in this forum? Just take it easy man. I can see you are trying to defend an entity, but you can't make things so rosy when they are not.
  20. Originally posted by NGONGE: ^^ There is more chance of A&T persuading Xiin to read Playboy than the other way round you know. So, AT&T reads playboy and that's where his motivation of writing stories comes from huh? No wonder why some of his stories R so ......
  21. Mr. unknown1 has been warned and given three days to clear his name or he gets the cut.. SOL admin maybe doing some clean ups behind doors and I heard that notice of eviction has been sent to trouble makers in here..mmm So, he is asking other SOLers if they have anything against him, so that way admin can see how popular Mr Unknown is... Help him out and we should all tell him he is good man and we all like him. I have nothing against you and I will stand by your side.
  22. Money, forget about the nakedness of Xaliimos for a sec, and tell me what we are talking here Mr. Money? I am confused really. Is it about how some countries regardless of their religion are lacking behind? Is it about why there are no enough Somalis in Beijing? Maybe why some Muslim countries are not sending their girls to Olympics? When is Somalia or other Muslim nation gonna host Olympics or win medals? I can only try some of the questions you posted above. So specify please adigoon xanaagin.... The only reason why I replied to you earlier post, was because you threw questions about Arabs and Somalis not having girl swimmers in the Olmpics or whatever. And then you came back and said that some nations are been held back or are stucked in the past. I assume you meant those nation you mentioned before(Somalis, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar) are not doing what other nations are doing Beijing because religion is holding them back..If that isn't what you meant then I am sorry to assert those lines in my other reply.
  23. There is nothing so sexual about the story, besides there are grown-ups here.. AT&T keep them coming my friend..Your products are selling well in the market, so forget about the few protesters and keep up the good work.