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  1. I found all these maps of somalia in the 90's, with the exception of hargeisa - mapped in 1968. I was suprised at how much these cities have changed e.g. bosaso, hargeisa, gaalkacyo. However I was even more suprised at the map of Xamar, with all those buildings of embassys government buildings and houses. Hargeisa (1968) lawrence street, corfield avenue Baardheere (1992) Bosaso (1992) Gaalkacyo (1992) Jalalaqsi (1992) Marka (1992) Muqdisho - part 1 (1993) Muqdisho - part 2 (1993) Xuddur (1992)
  2. Oo Kuwan sawirka dambe ku jira, miyeyna salaad ku jirin - I counted 8 of them looking in at the camera
  3. Originally posted by Poker: I paid 4,000 shiling to see these lions. Those gates are very secured bi=ut the whole place smells so bad. 4,000 shillings? It seems I was ripped off I had to pay 9,000 shillings I remeber that place there were 3 ostriches near the entrance and I was scared to pass them as they weren't in any cage, there was a falcon aswell and 2 lion cubs tied to a tree with a rope and the main lions were in that small cage which looked very weak, although so did the lions aswell. Here is a video of simon reeve visiting the zoo:
  4. Hall of Fame: Aden Cadde(AUN) Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke(AUN) Maxamed Ibrahim Cigaal(AUN) Abdulaahi Ciise(AUN) Maxamed Siyaad Barre(AUN)-pre 1977 SYL SNL Hall of Shame: Maxamed Siyaad Barre(AUN)-post 1977 Maxamed Abdalle Xasan(AUN) Abdilaahi Yusuf Morgan Maxamed Farax Caydiid Al-Shabaab TFG TNG The list is endless...
  5. The East african Iran one is still better
  6. i think imust be the only somalilander in the world who does not want secede like a bunch of fools. then again i was not born with qabeel mentality like some others. even my cousins hate when i say that our fufure lies with our brothers and sisters fo all somalia. god i hate seccessionism. the country was destoyed the moment the snm decided to attack somalia from eithopia . yes the same eithopia which the country went to war with to regain back our lands. siad barre was a crazy guy. but at least we had a country in those days, we were a proud nation back then. not the sorry mess we are in right now Somali Pirate, As a fellow somalilander I accept your opinion that you are a unionist, but what I don't agree with you is the bit in bold about the day somalia was destroyed. In my opinion somalia was destroyed when our president - who at first treated everybody equal - decided only his sub-clan and mother's sub-clan were allowed to work in the top jobs. The SNM as well as the SSDF were feeling that it was unfair that a country were everybody was supposed to be equal, was treating everybody - with the exception of the president's sub-clan - as second class citizens. Meiji, to be honest with you Somaliland is better off seceding because, although we aren't any different to the rest of Somalia, we can't even have any sort of power sharing and treat each other equally, so tell me how can we share a country if we can't share it equally amongst each other?
  7. A short film about young boys wanting to come to europe by taxriib.
  8. Why is it so hard for somalis to let go - i.e. somaliland. Why don't we just follow the path Korea did and get on with it. Btw, the VP only said this as a last resort because UDUB have no chance of success in the coming elections.
  9. Why is it so hard for somalis to let go - i.e. somaliland. Why don't we just follow the path Korea did and get on with it. Btw, the VP only said this as a last resort because UDUB have no chance of success in the coming elections.
  10. Somali Pirate, why are you shocked at SL residents living on remittance where do you think SL is in Europe? Fact is all of Somalia or for that matter Africa lives like this. Also, Burco, Hargeisa and all of SL and PL is peaceful, so to say Burco is a hell hole is rubbish, I bet you haven't been there cos I have been and it is great as are the others I mentioned.
  11. cabdi-casse


    Wow, Abdi Haybe is a legend I watched both of the riwaayads posted. The one JB posted at 1:50 you can see ina Bisad in the audience - I think? Btw there was one song I liked from one of his riwaayads were he sings with a woman who replies to him: asaad ii doonte asaanku diidey ma dembii baa?
  12. How long will it take our new govt to bring peace to Mogadishu, so that we can play football on its beaches?
  13. I'm suprised no one chose Cumar Cabdirashid Cali (Sharmarke), because he is relatively unknown and his father(AUN) was 1 of the 3 presidents who actually did something for Somalia. And if I'm not mistaken he qualifies for the 4.5 system - reer Sool I assume?
  14. As Xidigo said, SNM's atrocities in places like Erigavo , Borame , Las Anod need to be counted as well. However we need to forget the past and forgive each other. Or else we will be pointing fingers at political figures and associate their alleged crimes with whichever clan they belong to. These places were the main contributors to the SNA, who were involved in the massacre of reer waqooyi galbeed (hargeisa-burco-berbera). As for these former warlords applying for presidency: only in somalia. :rolleyes: Also as far as riyaale is concerned he is just as guilty as morgan and the other worlords, who targeted particular clans. But reer somaliland seem to forgive him, so therefore I will forgive but not forget. And finally all somali cities/towns were either responsible for the destruction of somalia or were the victims; so I would say forgive but never forget.