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  1. Need Help and fast. I am slowly drowning to the abyss of the unemployment ocean. OOh yeah, what is this? Dr, Phil like drama sessions? Come on man, you can do better than this..Be serious dude. get urself together and act manly
  2. Originally posted by money: the games are beautiful and Olympics are the epitome of athletic excellence - Olympics are pride, joy and example of civilization and progress - I think some societies are lagging behind in everything these days because of not only the limitations and restriction they put on half of their population but their lack of reform and reasoning to adopt to modernity. we live in a very advanced world, a world that competes, advances and reaches heights and sets new challenges to overcome, But some societies wanna be stuck in the past and just be happy with backwardness. I sometimes think what would we Somalis had been if we were influenced by the Chinese or the Japanese instead of Middle Easterners? Just questions? Waryaa tell us what's so backwardness that we should change as a society that is "stuck in the past" those are your own words? and if you are alluding the good religion is a mere influence of Arab society, then we will keep it that way and you should embrace maybe Budha reform and adopt modernity kuyeh..All of these just to see a xaliimo in her undie or an arab girl in bikini playing volleyball.. Dude help your self
  3. Nice pics indeed, but three things must take place so these cities will look even better. Roads must be paved, trees should be planted(a lot of them), and finally something must be done with those phone/electric cables..Bosaso is booming and lil Garowe is getting bigger..
  4. Just wondering who's going do all of these? Maybe our good friend Sayidka :confused:
  5. There are a lot of guys running and it's really hard to determine who is the best candidate for the job. One thing is clear though, Cadde and his incompetent crooks aren't coming back as they proved themselves to be nothing more than calooshood u shaqeys tayaal. I think it is time for someone outside that "TOLKA" to take the helm of Puntland. And then I saw this guy who is also running. He is someone who I think can deliver if given the chance. Let us wait and see.
  6. Blessed, don't take the little sarcasm of our end as sacab tumis. I think as much as you think faaraxs here are enjoying this, is actually mockery and making fun of the old guy...But again, it is surprising to see an old man with all of those wives or not?
  7. Originally posted by Malika: We've got to remember,this is in an African village somewhere in Nigeria,no one cares enough about the happiness of any woman,let alone kids going hungry cause the old man cant feed them and so.. If he is a healer then he is those so called sheikhs in Africa they somehow end up marrying their patients,now is that coincident or is faal iyo quur baa shekhaduu kujiirta,I mean look at those pictures of some of the women! odey waxnaa laheen mexee kufaleyaan?..Astagfirullah,for these assumption but there is something fishy about this man! Let us not associate the name Sheikh with this Man. In the content that he knows something about Islam, coz he doesn't. His reasoning is that Quran doesn't have any punishment if you marry more than 4 wives. Cawaansanaa ninku, I wonder who did all of his maher? As for marrying those 86 wives, who knows maybe the man has something going on for him. 84yrs old and still hitting it them young girls, darn :confused:
  8. Originally posted by Ducaysane: ^ waa markii odaga ay naftu ka dhici lahayd. If that old hug 84 yrs dude could handle 86 wives, what makes you think good Xiin will have an issue with young "jug jug Nigerian" girl?
  9. AT&T wuu gabyay, laakiin meesha gabay loogu jawaabay ma arag. JB wuxuu soo qorey amay sheeko ahayd lool. Yaa yidhi Ethiopia Garam garam baa ka imaata. AT&T, meesha ka kac oo noo dhici magaca.
  10. Xiin mid yaroo Nigerian ah talow ma u raadshaa Si aan mar demba looga maqal MINYAR search.
  11. Xiin, midaan minyar waa dhaaftay walle.
  12. Maxamed dheere tolow Michael Jordan ma yaqaan? This is the man who said "dowladaha xuduuda barriga naga xiga aa dhibta ka imaahee" :confused: not knowing there is only big ocean on our east side. And that famous phrase when he was talking about kenyan foreign minister "Xoy yahay waa Ja*****r xunn ah" darn with our (his excellence) mayor of the CAPITAL.
  13. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: The Communist That is history. Who is the new enemy? New enemy of who though? Your enemy is any1 who's against your interest. If you are alluding that America is an enemy, then to whom? To Arabs? or maybe to Muslims? to whom? to Somalis? Irony is that Amaxaras were enemy of Somalia decades ago, Melez boy was a friend of Somalis at the time. Yey was on the other side on the fence at the time, so were the rest of Somalia's would be warlords. where do we stand today? I read a piece that Amxaras trying to make a pact with ONLF. Are Amxaros becoming our friends today? Sorry if I hijack the topic....
  14. Che, what is your take on this? You once suggested that Somalis should take a DNA test to find out a genealogical/ancestral of their clan origins and what not, wonder if you indeed took that test? loolz. Anyway, the author seems to be rebuffing Dr. Mukhtar's essay and his take on northern Somalis origins. I haven't seen Dr. Mukhtar's piece, but it sure be about another clan x origin, false pride, shrine this and that, and what not. We are tired of this and I don't really know why we are still pre-accupied with the past. If we could only leave that dotted and doubted history of ours behind and look forward to the future, then and only then will we... will we become nation of one.
  15. What a sick ******* and ignorant man he is..God talks to me kulahaa, waa fooxle iyo khuraafale, and they're calling him a muslim preacher. Adduunyo wax kastana waa ku tusee.
  16. Russia has already sent troops/tanks on the ground and also started air assault in Georgian territory. The question is, will the US intervene and help their close ally in the region? I think US might give logistical support to the Georgians, but there won't be any direct confrontation with the Russians. Mind me, these kind of tensions between Russia and US, will have a great benefit for nations like Iran, Sudan, and Venezuela. It's going to be tit for tat politically between these 2. We will wait and watch.
  17. Principle has died long time ago my friend..And the few that still adhere to it, would easily succumb to the peer pressure from the "Tolka" add that to poverty and the rest is history..... Ps: even in the west, you will see a known looser marrying a decent girl from a well respected family. Just because he is from Tolkaand the pressure of marry her off while she's young became the norm lately.
  18. Hassan, I call that a dream which is so far from the reality on the ground. By the way who are the ICU allies? Somali unity will never come by force, it has been tried and failed.
  19. Hantida aad leedihiyo Wixii aad haabataa Haddii loosiiyo hibo Abaalkood lama helee HOOYADU WAA LAMA HURAAN That's so true. Allow kuu naxariiso Careys. Thanks Sayidka and Nuune. Ps: please let's not turn this good thread into politics and who is good or bad.
  20. p.s. what kind of father would let his daughter marry a pirate? The pirate will be "wiil reer habel ah" not a pirate when he is asking the daughter/wife to be hand. Tell me the father(poor father in Somalia) who will refuse to marry off his daughter to "wiil reer hebel" with do$$ar?
  21. Notice how he is trying to steer tribal feuds between the Somalis. The tribal hate Somalis have for each other has been up in the open for quite a long time my friend. The problem in somalia is not Tribal, but its Ethiopia that is destroying somalia and the somali people, it is the hateful Meles Zenewi that is bring tears and blood to somalia. ooh yeah! you must have been in a deep hibernation in past 2 and half decades just to wake up Ethiopian destruction in Mog. huh? it's not tribal ku lahaa. Hopefully that will not work, as the UIC is in place to take power and bring unity and order in somalia through Islam. ICU in place? where I ask? wake up and smell the coffee my friend. Without a compromise, without a genuine peace deal between the Somalia's waring factions is reached, there will never be a group that can over run and take the entire country. Unless you believe the bravado and chest beating of some young fella in here.
  22. To organize the business sector is one thing, but to give away the livelihood of the common citizen is of completely different ball game. JB, don't you know if only one guy has the right to export the livestock, it means he can refuse who he wants to but it from or what type he wants at a will. On top of that, he can set up his own rules, and here you are talking about a set price tag f $42. The price of any commodity can change based on economic aspects, or security, or exchange rates. So, what if tomorrow the price of the dollar goes down/up? What then? War ninyahow let him be there as he wishes, but don't support this broad day light robbery. Let the people decide who they want to sell their goods to, or where they want to take them.
  23. The issue is not whether livestock should be sold to the gulf countries or not, it is about the whole monopoly business. This admin is giving away the livelihood of entire nomadic community, as well as that of business people. How could a deal that gives a single rich Arab businessman the right to export entire livestock of that region, is worth the benefit of the people? Let the people have their choices of where to take their businesses and whom they sell to. Let there be a competition. As for the connection between Al-jabiri and the SL admin, who are we kidding now? The guy ofcourse bribes them to get a such a deal.
  24. Check it out, she at least finishes a full sentence with out the "I am HoT" words.