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  1. Saalax;992245 wrote: Latest news the police officer has refused to be transfered to Zeylac in defiance, he said he is not going anywhere and will stay in Burco and doesn't want to hold any position in Siilaanyo's government anymore. And rightfully so, he should not go anywhere. Burco is his home, his family is in Burco, and he wants to serve his people in Burco.
  2. I think the regions should elect their own governors and mayors. I don't like the idea of Hargaisa deciding the affairs of Sanaag or any other region, the constitutional powers needs amendment ASAP, the regions deserve more powers.
  3. 1. For a man to die over the sacking of a Police chief waa ayan daro, hopefully the authorities/community leaders are able to defuse the situation quickly. 2. This president should really learn to stop engaging in activities that might create the perception for a Conflict of Interest, he has a long history of doing this bs. 3. I'm also really disappointed in Warracade, Silanlyo uses the the interior ministers (who are always HY) as his foot soldiers. 4. I find the none-Somalilanders discussing Somaliland internal affairs annoying (I don't know why)
  4. Haatu;991421 wrote: Bagpacking? Just what do people do on these "bagpacking" trips? You carry small amount of your belongings, and you travel from place to place (with small group of your friends), is really that simple.
  5. Xaaji Xunjuf;990665 wrote: Ofcourse there are concerns the amount of investments what company should it be leased to how will it be managed for how long,berbera has allot of potential its located in a very strategic place. Maybe foreigners are able to manage it better? I say we give the lease to a reputable port managing company ( a short lease, maximum 10 years) under the conditions that they hire locals only so that a smooth knowledge transfer can occur when their lease is up.
  6. AfricaOwn

    Awra Amba

    Khayr;991394 wrote: The Islamic paradigm for societal success is How many did we produce in terms of: 1. Ulema 2. Awliya 3. Shuuhaada A total opposite of the myopic standards of measurements for the successful society. "Two different directions and no, we don't stop trading and living just because we want the Akhira. Just incase any obtuse house Negreos wants to come to that conclusion. "One reason the people of Awra Amba are able to work so hard is that they do not follow organized religion. In neighboring Christian and Muslim villages, residents respect the Sabbath and holidays. “They have quite frequent religious days, so on those days, they don't go to [do] farming work,” says sociologist Ashenafi Alemu of Ethiopia's University of Gondar. “But for Awra Amba, this is not the case. They work every day.” The lack of religion is not the only competitive advantage for Awra Amba"
  7. Have you traveled to Thailand-Malaysia-Cambodia for at least a month stay? What was your experience like? Please tell us about it. I am bag packing to go there in January so I'm curious.
  8. Alpha Blondy;990938 wrote: i can't wait for the Christmas holidays. as y'all know my little library project is coming along really good. lakinse, i've been so busy. i've hardly had any time. so far we have the following: 1. rented a spacious property. 2. acquired 460 more books. 3. have 4 people on the payroll 4. made all the furniture (tables) in house. 5. bought almost all the furniture (all other). 6. bought all the stationary. 7. have all administration policy documents completed. 8. decided on the payment procedures ------------- what is left to do: 1. advertise (including the designing of the logo, advertising boards and advertising materials) 2. register the company. 3. do the electronic book catalogue it's 87% ready. the plan was open on the 15th of Dec. we've now decided to put this back until the 1st of Jan. This is a non-profit organization ('m guessing) and you're dedicating a lot of time in this project (so it seems) how do you plan to cover the operations/maintenance cost of the facility? The construction of Somaliland national library is taking place now, are you working with them?
  9. I suggest you guys share as little as possible about yourself on this public forum, Somalis are typically nosy and nasty people - if you don't want people to know your business be as vague as possible and avoid the cross-examination style questions.
  10. She's lovely, and is inspirational to other women and to men as well.
  11. In Chicago right now and the wind chill is outrageous
  12. Khayr;990717 wrote: Ah, so by being an academic you are excused from judgement. It is normal for you to curse but for someone like "classified", it is not acceptable. Don't be afraid to punch back and be as ruthless as you can be - don't worry about their feelings. (This goes for whoever that's being called silly names)
  13. thefuturenow;990589 wrote: lol she knows Obama got thing for them white girls. Waa in ay isha ku hayso Generally those classy white girls DO look better (in my opinions), I don't blame the man. Michelle is extremely sexy in her own right with her height.
  14. ^^Sometimes I wonder if these obnoxious characters are like that in person or do they only feel empowered behind their cpu screen - is pathetic really.