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  1. Originally by Samakaab history he wasn't that bad. At least not as bad as Saddam, Idi amiin or any Middle eastern/African ruler I do not know about Idi Amiin but Saddam Hussein despite being obsessed with exterminating with any potential enemy, during his reign (before the sanctions) Iraq had Middle East's best education and health system, the verdict is on you to decide which one did better
  2. AUN

    Puntland Peace Talks

    This is a positive news coming from home hope insha allah other parts of Somalia will take this example and solve their problems through this path
  3. sorry guys I mean AYAAN DARAN not AYAAD DARAN it is an interesting book
  4. Hello Sophist, Does it include Somali books cause I read Somali, Currently I am reading 1. DEVELOPMENT AS A FREEDOM by Amartya Sen for study purposes 2. Africa since 1935 by Ali Mazrui 3. Also I am reading AYAAD DARAN I think many of you are too young to remember this book unless you took most of your schooling in Somalia
  5. Hello LSK I have got to agree with you there are some very cool and talented people and who could doubt the talent of people like Jamaal 11 and Barwaaqo. Watch out Jamaal though give time I am coming after you lol
  6. let us hope that insha allah
  7. I came across with this article from one of the Somali websites which is saying that he wants to see a united and fuctioning Somali government soon. Here is it in Somalia Abwaan Maxamed Ibraahim Warsame (Hadraawi) oo kamid abwaaniinta fara ku tiriska ah ee ka haray xulkii curiyayaasha Soomalaiya ayaa sheegay in uu usoo jeedinayo madaxda cusub ee Soomaaliland in ay dib ula midoobaan Somaliya kadib 12-sano oo aanay helin aqoonsi. Wuxuu sheegay Hadraawi in uu aad ugu faraxsanyahay in uu dibu arko inta cimrigiisa ka dhiman Somaliya oo dib loo mideeyey kana dhisantahay dowladd qaran,isagoo sheegay in uu ilaah ugu dhawaanayo in uu taas gaarsiiyo. Hadraawi oo u waramayey weriye madaxbanaan oo Jooga Burca ayaa u sheegay in reer Koofureedku aanay dembi ka gelin reer Waqooyiga, hase ahaatee cidda dembiga gashay ay tahay maamulkii milateriga ee qudhiisii reer koofureedku rideen. Abwaan Hadraawi aya muddooyinkaan dambe ku noolaa halkii uu ku dhashay ee Burco ,isagoo ka doorbiday qurbaha, wuxuuna ugu baaqay fanaaniinta soomalaiyeed in ay dalka dib ugu soo labtaan si ay uga qaybqaataa wacyigelinta dadkooda. C/raxmaan Xasan, Goobjoog, Muqdisho
  8. As you are all aware of the depressing news that the slaughtering of the people of Iraq has been going on for more than 4 days. We do nt have a power to stop it but we can make our vioce heard. as many as 213 MPs voted against this decision though it was not enough now visit and fax your MP expressing your opposition to this unjust attack against Iraq. Beleive me if they feel the heat they bow down because they know that they need their constituents at least one every 5 years and they cannot ignore you at leaset they will respond to you so give it a chance and see what is their answer. Some of them are already opposed to the war if your MP is one of those fax them thanking them on their heroic stand
  9. I recommend that if you look at this website by Robet Fisk one of few neutral reporters from the Middle East who has been working there for more than thirty years. He regularly writes for the British Independent but even better he writes at his own website which gives him more freedom than his newspaper allows the link is
  10. Political Zionism and the Persian Gulf War of 1991 One of the goals of Historical revisionism is to bring to the public's attention the part played by low profile, shadowy forces in getting nations involved in wars. Only rarely will one ever see a discussion in the North American mainstream media of the role played by Zionist interests in getting the United States involved in the Persian Gulf War of 1991. At the outset, it must be clearly seen that Jewish Zionists perceived Saddam Hussein's Iraq as one of Israel's most dangerous enemies. Hence, wouldn't it be nice, so this Zionist logic went, to goad America into utilizing all of its military might to destroy one of Israel's worst enemies? Simply put, many Jewish Zionists have long relished the thought of America doing Israel's "dirty work." This was revealed in an article that appeared in Cleveland, Ohio's main Jewish community paper, CLEVELAND JEWISH NEWS: "Some normally outspoken Jewish activists are deliberately muting their most fervent wish-that the [bush] administration deal with the Iraqi military threat in a decisive way-out of fear of an anti-semitic backlash that could be a by-product of a costly and protracted Persian Gulf War."1 The PLAIN DEALER (Cleveland, Ohio) pointed out that Israel's contemporaneous Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, actively encouraged the U.S.-led alliance to continue the war effort until Iraq's military machine was destroyed and Saddam was removed from power. The article added: "In pursuing their [israeli] interests, Israeli officials have sometimes played down the difficulties Allied forces face in fighting Iraq."2 The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is one of the most powerful of all political lobbying organizations in the United States. In a rare but quite candid WALL STREET JOURNAL article, it was pointed out that AIPAC's efforts were crucial in gaining Congressional approval for President George H.W. Bush's war plans. But even more importantly, the article revealed this immensely powerful Zionist organization worked "behind-the-scenes" and consciously disguised its efforts to garner Congressional approval for the war.3 CLEVELAND JEWISH NEWS stated: "Most Jewish groups lined up behind the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations to support publicly the president's policy. How hard they actually worked is unclear. Many senators and representatives reported getting calls from Jewish leaders and constituents.The effort was kept low-profile largely out of sensitivity to possible accusations of turning the [pro-war] resolution into an 'Israel vote.'"4 In politics, when a concerted effort is kept low profile, it means that an attempt is being made to hide the effort from public scrutiny. These pro-war efforts were kept low profile in order to hide from public scrutiny how certain Jewish-Zionists were pushing for a Gulf war. This intense desire on the part of certain Jews to get the U.S. to destroy Iraq's military capability helps to explain why liberal, anti-war Jewish individuals and organizations suddenly switched into hard-line pro-war hawks. The Jewish Congressman, Rep. Gary Ackerman (D. N.Y.), typifies this element. He had a history of anti-war activism. He opposed the war in Vietnam and the military operation in Grenada. He has described himself as a "peacemonger." Yet, when it came to war against Israel's enemy, Iraq, he voted in favor or President Bush's war plans and called for firm resolve against Iraqi aggression.5 Michael Collins Piper, former columnist for the now defunct SPOTLIGHT, made this observation: "Who engineered congressional approval of the resolution that backed President George Bush's drive for war against Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein? None other than Rep. Stephen Solarz (D.N.Y.), the Israel lobby's chief legislative tactician on Capital Hill."6 Yes indeed, it was ardent Jewish-Zionist Stephen Solarz---liberal critic of the Vietnam war and U.S. military action abroad-who helped form a pro-war pressure group, the Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf.7 That Zionist interests had a decisive impact upon his pro-war behavior was revealed by a comment that he made on January 17, 1991 at Georgetown University, one day after U.S. air strikes against Iraqi targets began: "Enough Jews have been gassed in our century. For that reason alone our [military] strike last night was justified."8 At the 85th Annual Dinner of the American Jewish Committee, he again admitted that the "overwhelming thought of the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust" was the ideological driving force behind his pro-war activism.9 As the Jewish critic of political Zionism, Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, has pointed out, this is a stock-in-trade Zionist tactic-using the Holocaust doctrine to "justify" military action against Israel's enemies.10 Certain sources have noted that the Jewish vote in Congress giving President Bush the authority to make war was split: about half of the Jewish legislators voted for it, and half voted against it. They then drew the erroneous conclusion that this in itself "proves that the interests of Israel had nothing to do with the Congressional war resolution." According to this line of reasoning, each Jewish member of Congress was "voting his conscience for what is best for the United States."11 These sources fail to take into account the complexity of the situation. There were in fact two conflicting forces operating upon these pro-Zionist Jewish legislators. Their Jewish identification with Israel was goading them to vote in favor of the war resolution. However, there was also another opposing force at work here. During the late 1980s and 1990s, there was a consistent, mounting criticism of the pervasive Zionist influence upon Congress and society in general. Indeed, political commentators like Patrick Buchanan were bold enough to publicly criticize Israel and "its amen corner in the U.S." who were beating the drums for war. These Jewish legislators were well aware of this criticism, and were also aware of the possibly fatal political consequences if all Jewish legislators voted in a bloc in favor of Bush's war plans; the public's attention may very well have focused upon the inordinate influence that alien Zionist interests have over Congress. The Jewish legislators who voted against Bush's war plans may have said to themselves: "If all of the Jews in Congress vote in favor of Bush's war plans, and ultimately, this Gulf war turns into a disaster, the political backlash could be fatal. It could mean an end to our political careers and Zionist influence upon Congress. Therefore, I think it is in my own and Israel's best interests if a good portion of we Jewish legislators vote against Bush's war plans." And yet, there may even be a better explanation as to why the Jewish vote in Congress was split-it may have been planned that way. As the now-defunct The Spotlight noted: ".legislative votes are frequently planned well in advance by both Republicans and the Democrats. This permits legislators with public relations problems to cast 'politically correct' votes, while at the same time being assured the outcome of the balloting will be exactly expected as expected."12 The Wall Street Journal noted that there was quiet relief among Jewish groups when it became known that ".the vote showed no solid Jewish bloc in favor of a war so relevant to Israel."13 One Jewish lawmaker commented that it wasn't such a bad idea that the Jewish vote in Congress was split.14 By consciously splitting the Jewish vote, two objectives could be obtained. Not only could the war resolution get passed. But just as importantly, public opinion would remain largely unaware of the linkage between the pr o-war resolution, the interests of Israel, and Zionist influence upon Congress. With a split in the Jewish vote in Congress, Zionist politicos could surreptitiously "discredit" the claims of the critics that Zionist interests wield too much influence upon Congress. In this case, American Zionists faced a severe dilemma. On the one hand, they had to somehow satisfy their most fervent wish of getting America to destroy Iraq's military might. Yet, on the other hand, if the American people ever became aware of the fact that an alien Zionist element was working to have American soldiers sent to die for the state of Israel, the result could be politically fatal. This is why many Jewish efforts to get America involved in the Persian Gulf war of 1991 were kept low profile; this why AIPAC disguised its crucial role in gaining Congressional approval for the war; this is why that much of the pro-war propaganda issuing forth from many Jewish sources was couched in the rhetoric of "patriotism" and "the American national interest." According to many of these Jewish sources, Saddam Hussein was the "new Hitler" bent on destroying America. Hence, as the propaganda went, fighting Iraq was in the best interests of the US. Behind this "patriotic" pr opaganda and rhetoric lurked so many Zionist interests. As admitted in Cleveland Jewish News, it would have been severely threatening to Zionist interests if large numbers of Americans started asking the question: "Should Americans die for the interests of Israel?"15 Historically speaking, this clandestine method of promoting Jewish interests has been a standard stock-in-trade tactic of many Jews. For example, in 1936 Hollywood Jewish writers and executives had a meeting where they formulated plans for dealing with Nazi Germany. The Jewish producer, David Selznick, along with attorney Martin Gang were present. Gang recalled how Selznick wanted to deal collectively with the Hitler regime. "What stands out in my mind was David Selznick, who wanted to do it in the usual Jewish way of being on the fringes and not letting yourself appear as involved in it.Don't get too public. Do it quietly. Behind the scenes."16 Sometime after the end of the Persian Gulf war, the former Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney, admitted his country's reason for joining the war effort was to protect the state of Israel: "The ultimate ambition of Saddam Hussein was to launch an attack on Israel, which is why Canada took a stand to avoid this eventuality."17 In all fairness, there were some elements within the Jewish community that were very much against American involvement in the Persian Gulf war of 1991. And I would be quick to point out that Jewish elements were not the only ones pushing for war. There were very powerful WASP and Arab elements behind this push for US involvement in the war. But these admissions in no way nullify the historical fact that Jewish-Zionist elements were an integral part of a coalition of forces that drove America into the Persian Gulf war. II. Political Zionism and the Probable US Attack Upon Iraq in 2003 It is now January 2003, and the United States is once again on the brink of war with Saddam Hussein's Iraq. As we shall soon see, once again, it is the Jewish-Zionist power elite and their Gentile allies that are a major driving force behind this push for war with Iraq. Although the evidence in support of this claim in abundant, it is rarely discussed in the mainstream US media-a tribute to the enormous power of the Jewish-Zionist power elite and their ability to censor the news. In fact, political pundits that work for Jewish-owned, pro-Zionist newspapers attempt to mislead the people by prodding them to believe that the Jewish-Zionist power elite is not a driving force behind US war plans against Iraq. In regard to the probable US attack against Iraq, the Jewish-Zionist power elite has appeared to have changed their tactics. It makes no sense at all for them to deny that a US attack upon Iraq in 2003 would serve Israeli-Zionist interests. It would be both pathetic and pointless for Zionist representatives to spend time trying to "disprove" the claim that Israel would not benefit from an US attack upon Iraq. No matter what the outcome of a US attack upon Iraq, Israel is the nation that has the most to gain from the ouster of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Indeed, this was pointed out by panelists at a Bar-Ilan University (Israel) seminar entitled "The Regional Implications of a US attack on Iraq."18 Yes, Zionists admit, a US attack upon Iraq would serve Israeli-Zionist interests, but it would also serve the interests of everyone else--so we are told. This is why, so their tune goes, it is not Zionist forces that are pushing for a US attack upon Iraq, but rather "concerned patriots" who realize what a danger to world peace that Saddam Hussein really is. It is important to note that the Bush administration and its Zionist allies attempt to make people believe that, somehow, going to war with Hussein's Iraq is in the best interests of everyone. (As the psychologist Kevin MacDonald has pointed out, this is an age-old Jewish tactic-making sectarian Jewish interests appear to be congruent with the interests of the Gentile world.19) And just as importantly, even those in the US media who argue against war with Iraq will go to great pains to cover up how Gentile and Jewish Zionists associated with the Jewish lobby are pushing the US into war with Iraq. For example, consider the case of Elizabeth Sullivan, Foreign Affairs Correspondent for the pro-Zionist, Jewish-owned PLAIN DEALER (Cleveland), Ohio's most important newspaper.20 Although Ms. Sullivan is on record as being opposed to a war with Iraq, she nevertheless goes to great lengths to hide Zionist involvement in promoting a US attack upon Iraq. Her rationalizations are typical of what one will find in mainstream US newspapers. I wrote her the following email: "Congratulations on your fine editorial in the Plain Dealer (9/9/02), which opposed a US attack on Iraq. I have only one criticism. You failed to mention (out of fear of the powerful Jewish-Zionist lobby) that one of the primary reasons that we have problems with dictators like Hussein is because of unbridled US support for Israel and political Zionism. If the US were fair and neutral in the Middle East, then a lot of our problems with the Arab-Muslim world would end. If we would stop giving Israel the sup plies to oppress the Palestinians, then dictators like Hussein would lose much of their appeal among the Arab-Muslim masses."21 Ms. Sullivan responded with a line of political thinking that is probably representative of the Jewish-influenced, pro-Zionist media as a whole: "Thanks for your note. Of course I dispute part of the premise. We're not on the warpath because of Jewish lobbying pressure but because of a wider geostrategic view that has alighted on Saddam Hussein as a rogue dictator we have the capacity to subdue. Yes, the war on terrorism has blinded us to the downside of Israel's war on Palestinian terrorism and made us even less of an honest broker in the region than we were. But to suggest the Jewish lobby is driving the aircraft carrier would be a big mistake. I take issue with your wording, too. Broadened American sympathy for Israel of late stems from the murderous spree of suicide bombings, not from some nefarious 'lobby'."22 Her claims are flatly false. The distinguished British journalist, Robert Fisk, pointed out in the highly respected British newspaper, INDEPENDENT, that: "Only THE NATION among all of America's newspapers and magazines has dared to point out that a large number of former Israeli lobbyists are now working within the American administration, and the Bush plans for the Middle East-which could cause a massive political upheaval in the Arab world-fit perfectly into Israel's own dreams for the region. The magazine listed Vice-President Dick Cheney-the arch-hawk in the US administration-and John Bolton, now undersecretary of state for Arms Control, with Douglas Feith, the third most senior executive at the Pentagon, as members of the advisory board of the pro-Israeli Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (Jinsa) before joining the Bush government. Richard Perle, chairman of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, is still an adviser on the institute, as is the former CIA di rector James Woolsey." Fisk continues: "Michael Ledeen, described by THE NATION as one of the most influential 'Jinsans' in Washington, has been calling for 'total war' against 'terror'-with 'regime change' for Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority. Mr. Perle advises the Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld-who refers to the West Bank and Gaza as 'the so-called occupied territories'-and arranged the anti-Saud 'kernal of evil' briefing by Laurent Murawiec that so outraged the Saudi royal family last month. The Saudi regime may itself be in great danger as the princes of the House of Saud attempt to seize more power for themselves in advance of the departure of the dying King Fahd." Continuing with this line of thought, Fisk adds: "Jinsa's website says it exists to 'inform the American defense and foreign affairs community about the important role Israel can and does play in bolstering democratic interests in the Mediterranean and Middle East'. Next month, Michael Rubin of the right-wing and pro-Israeli American Enterprise Institute-who referred to the outgoing UN human rights commissioner Mary Robinson as an abettor of 'terrorism'-joins the US Defense Department as an Iran-Iraq 'expert.'" Fisk then reveals the Jewish director of JINSA: "According to THE NATION, Irving Moskovitz, the California bingo magnate who has funded settlements in the Israeli-occupied territories, is a donor as well as director of Jinsa." Finally, Fisk points out that President Bush will not reveal to the American public the influence Jinsa has on his foreign policy: "President Bush, of course, will not be talking about the influence of these pro-Israeli lobbyists when he presents his vision of the Middle East at the United Nations."23 Even THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE confirmed that Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, a dedicated Jewish-Zionist, is the main Bush administration advocate for war on Iraq. Here is how the article describes this "Israel-centric" official: "Student deferments kept him out of the military draft during the Vietnam War.In the first days after Sept. 11, when Secretary of State Powell and others within the administration contended it was too early to put Iraq on the agenda-that there was a war to win in Afghanistan first and that there was no evidence Iraq was complicit in the attacks on the Pentagon and twin towers-Wolfowitz argued that Iraq was at the heart of the threat." The article in the Jewish owned and pro-Zionist magazine continues: ".leaving aside the offensive suggestion of dual hear from some of Wolfowitz's critics, always off the record.that Israel exercises a powerful gravitational pull on the a teenager he spent his father's sabbatical semester in Israel.his sister is married to an Israeli.he is friendly with Israel's generals and diplomats.he is something of a hero to the heavily Jewish neoconservative movement."24 Thus, contrary to what Foreign Affairs correspondent Sullivan claims, Jewish and Gentile Zionist functionaries and associates of the Jewish lobby are in fact "driving the aircraft" and they are in fact leading the US "on the warpath" with Iraq. Keep in mind that Sullivan is a Gentile that writes for a pro-Zionist, Jewish owned CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, and she would not dare expose the enormous role that the Jewish-Zionist lobby plays in foreign and domestic affairs. For if she did, her career in journalism would be in serious jeopardy. Consider Sullivan's other claim: "Broadened sympathy for Israel of late stems from the murderous spree of suicide bombings, not from some nefarious 'lobby.'" This is false and I think she knows it. The former Congressman Paul Findley wrote a classic study of the nefarious Jewish-Zionist lobby that does in fact exist in the United States. Titled THEY DARE TO SPEAK OUT: PEOPLE AND INSTITUTIONS CONFRONT THE ISRAELI LOBBY, it shows how the lobby funds pro-Israeli Congressmen, and how opponents of Israel and Zionism are targeted for attack and defeat.25 The July 2, 2002 issue of THE WASHINGTON TIMES carried a story on how Jewish-Zionist sources targeted for defeat Black American Congressmen who were critical of Israel and Zionism: they refused to vote for pro-Israel resolutions, so the Jewish-Zionist sources funded their opponents. In this way, they rid Congress of Black individuals who are critical of Zionism, and fill Congress with Black individuals who are pro-Israel.26 And of course there is more. Israel's ambassador to the US is on record as supporting a US strike against Iraq. Utilizing the age-old Jewish tactic of making sectarian Jewish interests appear to be in the interests of "all Gentiles," he claimed that "we would all benefit" by an attack upon Iraq, because a regime change in Iraq would supposedly cause the Palestinians and Iran to be "drawn toward democracy." 27 The Israel correspondent for the New Republic, Yossi Klein Halevi, revealed that if "you ask almost any Isreali Jew-left, right or center-whether the United States should attack Hussein, and the answer is unequivocal: The evil must be uprooted." Continuing with this vein of thought, he asserts: "True, we [the people of Israel] have an obvious interest in ridding the Middle East of a formidable enemy. But so does the rest of the world-and especially the Arab world-even if it does not realize it." (PD, 9/17/02, p.B9)28 We are told by the Bush administration that Hussein allegedly has weapons of mass destruction, and he may use them against the United States. Thus, in order to prevent this scenario from coming to pass, the US must act now.29 Can President Bush and company be believed? Does Hussein's Iraq really have the willingness and capability to hit the United States? There is expert opinion against Bush's claims. According to a Scripps Howard article, defense experts believe Iraq is capable of developing a nuclear weapon within three months to a year if it could smuggle in nuclear material, but it's unlikely to have a missile that could hit the United States. Nor is it likely to strike against the United States with any nuclear, biological or chemical weapon even if Iraq could, because of the certainty of swift and devastating retaliation, these same experts claim.30 Senator Richard Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, said some information that could weaken the Bush administration's case against Iraq remains classified.31 If not the US, then who does Hussein's Iraq really threaten? Not Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Indonesia, Angola, Nigeria, China, or Japan-they have nothing to fear from Iraq. The one country that has something to fear from Iraq is Israel. General Wesley Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, acknowledged that President George W. Bush's war plans serve, first and foremost, Jewish-Zionist interests. "Those who favor this attack now tell you candidly, and privately, that it is probably true that Saddam Hussein is no threat to the United States. But they are afraid at some point he might decide if he had a nuclear weapon to use it against Israel."32 Indeed, as far back as August 16, 2002, Israel was urging US officials not to delay a military strike against Iraq's Saddam Hussein. Israeli officials claimed that their intelligence organizations gathered evidence to show that Iraq is speeding up efforts to produce biological and chemical weapons.33 There is no question that there are a host of different reasons as to why the United States may go to war with Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Certainly, the desire to control and manage Iraq's oil reserves is a significant reason. But it cannot be denied that one of the most important reasons as to why the US will probably attack Iraq is because of Zionist-Israeli interests. Why should the United States go to war to serve Israeli-Zionist interests? Why should mostly non-Jewish White, Black, and Hispanic Americans-who make up the vast majority of the US armed forces--have to risk their lives for the Jewish state of Israel? It is ironic that one of the major figures in the Bush administration pushing for an attack upon Iraq, Paul Wolfowitz, is an American Jew who acquired a student deferment to keep him out of the military draft during the Vietnam War.34 There is a far better way to deal with Iraqi dictators like Hussein. The US should be more fair and neutral in the Middle East. This may very well alleviate many of our problems with the Arab-Muslim world. If the US would stop giving Israel the supplies to oppress the Palestinians, then dictators like Hussein would lose much of their appeal among the Arab-Muslim masses. By the mere fact that these issues and questions are almost never broached in the mainstream media is a tribute to the ability of the Jewish-Zionist establishment to skew the transmission of the news. In Israel, Zionism created an Athenian democracy for Jews but second-class citizenship, even feudal servitude for non-Jews. Modern Israel is a racially segregated, apartheid state where Jews lord over non-Jews, especially Palestinian Arabs.35 As the Jewish scholars Ian Lustick and Uri Davis have shown, far from working for an integrated society in which Jews and Arabs functioned as social and political equals, the Jews who founded Israel created a society in which Israeli Jews dominate 'Israeli' Arabs, a separate and unequal society in which discrimination is part of the established social order.36 For example, 93% of Israel's territory had been (until the Supreme Court decision of March 2000) legally defined as land which can be leased and cultivated only by Jews. Key institutions such as the kibbutz (collectivist Jewish settlements, mainly agricultural) are reserved exclusively for Jews, as Israeli scholar Uri Davis has reminded us in his thorough study, Israel: an apartheid state.37 Dr Lustick has pointed out that the Israeli military is by and large a segregated institution. Most Muslim Arabs, who constitute the overwhelming majority of Israeli Arab citizens, do not serve in the armed forces - they are not conscripted nor are they permitted to volunteer for service. This has important social consequences. In Israel, participation in the armed services is a prerequisite to social advancement and mobility. Cut off from the military, they are cut off from access to one of the main avenues of social advancement.38 Christians and Muslims cannot marry Jews in Israel, and if they are married elsewhere the marriage is not recognized by the rabbinical court in Israel.39 Consider the following facts about Israel, which by contemporary definitions of 'racism', make Israel a racist state. The Law of the Right of Return grants any Jew, but no-one else, automatic Israeli citizenship. The Nationality Law discriminates against non-Jews so stringently that many Palestinian residents of Israel (stuck there when Israel captured their land in 1948) were denied citizenship even though their families had lived in Palestine for many generations.40 If the US goes to war with Iraq, we are going to war to defend a racially segregated, apartheid state. This is ironic and hypocritical. Our mass media and government condemn those who advocate segregation here in the US or anywhere else in the world. Yet, we are going to war to defend a racially segregated state in the Middle East-a tribute to how the Jewish-Zionist power elite has corrupted our value system.
  11. Suuban are you telling me that you do not recognise Abubakar, Omar and Osman and why also did you count Hassan and Hussein as one person we all know that they were two people also where is the 12th one whom they claim to have dissapeared 700 years ago and they are still waiting everyday to come back?? Please answer
  12. Also today the Guardian newpaper published some more letters she wrote to her family thoug they have edited the reason is the one oblivion posted is among them but it is shorter Anyway you can visit here and read all of them if you wish,2763,916299,00.html
  13. It is sad story to read and did you hear the propoganda that the Israelis began by saying she delibaretely stood in front of the buldozer and the driver did no see her and all their media front page were pictures of her wearing scarf and claiming that she was Muslim fundementalist and anti american because she was seen burning American flad with the Americans What an excuse
  14. Israel's Secret Weapon is a programme that is supposed to be shown last night but BBC decided not to air after it recieved a strong complaints from the zionist groups because it is talking about the secrets of its necluer programmes, however thanks to many people to complained about the sudden change the BBC has decided to reschedule for tongight 23:20 British Time so those of you who are in the UK watch it and caste your comments so that the other nomads around the world can hear it The second point is that it is important that our vioce is heard as the zionists tend to do. Please send your comments and appreciation of the caurageous that the producers of this programme have taken email them to thank and also visit their website and comment it. it is important as it will be a counterwieght to the zionist propaganda please email and thank them by mentioning the programme Israel's Secret Weapon also visit and air your comments
  15. iluminati Yes you are right I have also read his story on another book by Jodn Drysdale called STOICS WITHOUT POLLOWS: A WAY FORWARD FOR THE SOMALIALANDS and also IM Lewis talks about him on several books I cannot exactly remember their names now