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  1. tight game! but why are the mexicans so dark, i swear i would confuse them with africans!!
  2. juba

    wishing AIDS

    i say she just wanted attention, why else would u share such an absurd and farfetched story? :rolleyes:
  3. short, tall, medium.... who cares! as long has his husband material and will take care of his kids and is good to me i don't giva a damn
  4. Originally posted by raula: "SURVIVAL SEX," um i have a couple of ideas what this might mean,but i think ill take ur def :confused:
  5. Originally posted by Brown: [ Lets face it,some islamic nations tilt slightly towards men's side. yea like every other major religon
  6. juba

    Something Cute

    the first one was the cutest! reminds me of those painful shots!
  7. no ur wrong i know u may not have a heart but "western society" has nothing to do with bringing pple to the light. isn't that our jobs as muslims? to help a confused brother/sister/friend? :rolleyes:
  8. im not the least bit surprised :rolleyes:
  9. Originally posted by Wiilo: ^^Bismilah, Run-away^virgin before u cut her loose, try to guide her to the right bath, 'cause Allaah is Qafuuru Rahiim, but if that does not work then you should cut her loose and leave her alone totally... Subhanallaah Asa Wajallah:........ thats what i was trying to say! well said sis
  10. Originally posted by Viking: quote:Originally posted by juba: r u trying to say that WE MUST be homophobs to be good muslims? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary... HOMOPHOBIC: irrational fear of, aversion to , or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals I guess the answer would be an empatic YES! Not out of fear or hate, but because we loathe the act and it has been forbidden by Allah SWT. i am QUITE aware what homophobic means :rolleyes: lets not twists its meaning which is simply fear u say that "not out of hate" then in the next sentence u say "because we loathe the act" contradiction? we hate the thing we loath! my point is as muslims we shouldn't fear gays and instead bring them back to the right path, hard to do when ur scared straight!
  11. Originally posted by Wiilo: As I was reading these articles about FMG I came across one of the pictures in there, and I was shocked seriously, I couldnt beleive what I saw. Its devastating, i wonder who came up with such an idea in the first place... this is basically a torture and it should be stoped. :mad: :mad: Go figure:........... NOW u see the light! it took a couple of pics to realize the injustice :rolleyes: Alleubaahne u REALLY do NEED GOD if u want to "subjegate" ur daughters to such insanity.
  12. no limits, no order, no civilazation, and no humanity
  13. Originally posted by Khayr: quote:Originally posted by runaway^virgin: I AM NOT A HOMOPHOPIC SubhanAllahhhhh, are these words coming from a Muslimahhh? [/QB]r u trying to say that WE MUST be homophobs to be good muslims?
  14. Originally posted by OG_MOTI: 16. You are too busy to notice there was no #9 or #12 on this list. 17. you actually looked back up to check that there wasn't a #9 or #12 on this list AND NOW YOU ARE LAUGHING at yourself. loooooooooooooooooooooooooool PEace now thats CREEPY!
  15. Originally posted by BOB: I understand what you are saying but do you honestly think that a wedding where music is played and a wedding started and ended with verses from the holy Quran could be the same? Peace, Love & Unity. no not the same atall! i see ur point now and it makes sense thanks for taking the time to enlighten me
  16. Originally posted by -Femme Fatale-: I dont know about the UK and USA--but here in Canada we learned about that in grade 8 &10 social studies classes. It happened because the native indians were on very rich land for farming and the settlers wanted it. There were conflicts with other bands and they wanted to kill them in a slow and quite manner--without getting their hands dirty, wasting ammunition, getting the other tribes angry, and losing men of their own. we were definatly taught that but not the specific method of using a blanket!
  17. Originally posted by Classique: The question now is: Isnt our turn also to speak against the evil that's controlling our Socities? Or you think its NOT that serious ???? thats exatly it, its NOT my society and its not my COUNTRY therefore i really shoudn't delve into their issues. These holidays are usually never celebrated in Somalia so whats the point? Im guessing u live somewhere in UAE or some other khaleedj country. im also guessing its happening there. What do u plan to do about it?
  18. ok point taken on the wedding part(somali weddings r getting a little scary),but i still don't see how it contributes to a failing marriage which was ur original argument. just trying to clarify here.
  19. Originally posted by -Femme Fatale-: Ex. When the Europeans handed out blankets infested with Smallpox to the Native Indains--->that was cultural genoicide. Hundreds of thousands died as a result, and alot of tribes were virtually wiped out. they sure never told us that one in school! i thought them just breathing the same air was enough! this supposed theory is quite interesting and outrageous aswell, but i always remind myself that with greed in hearts and power in mind anything is possible :rolleyes:
  20. Originally posted by Rahima: It is the responsibility of every Muslim to do whatever they can against evil, if speaking out against it is the way, then the sister is correct . so your suggesting i go out in the streets with a megaphone and scream "Down with Valentines Day!!!!!" i just don't think its that serious. Its not like its forced down our throats, that would be a whole nother topic.
  21. Originally posted by BOB: 3.most marriages are over the top, I mean you have music, half naked girls dancing all over the place, shaking their rear end and stuff and then there's the extra large cake (some villages in Somalia could live on it for few days)with flower girls and oh my god, rings and then kiss? Just tell me if I described a Muslim wedding or Christian wedding now? Peace, Love & Unity. ur other points were good bro but how in the hell does a slightly extravagant wedding destroy a marriage? yea its expensive but its YOUR WEDDING! (no need for rings and flower girls tho and whats wrong witht a kiss its ur wife remember)
  22. Originally posted by SomeAlien: ^^^right, cause its not in our young mens nature to orbit themselves around gun totting punks. have you been to xamar lately? i don't need to go to xamar to know reality and not all men have to surrond themselves with hoodlums to look cool.
  23. all i got to say is thats what happens when u hang with the wrong gang. it sounds like another somali youth confused about who he is.