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  1. QL great info on the Bantu it was very interesting especially about their special dances and festivals!
  2. its really not that big of a deal i really don't care which it is just depends on my mood! if it has the root word "somali" im good.
  3. Originally posted by -Femme Fatale-: ....those with power and influence decide what those rules are. yea like men, wonder why all these culture atrocities are towards women? :rolleyes: BTW very intersting articles FF keep it up
  4. Originally posted by STOIC: Heh..this is another white man's flaunt of his ignorance.They don't like other people's ideosyncrasies collide with their's.I know it is a reasonable man standard to pull up your pant but i hate when uncle Sam dictate my mode of living.This is ridiculous! never saw it that way!
  5. tight! that was hilarious!! especially when he twitches his eyebrows! BTW i liked that song but what language was it??
  6. Originally posted by MsWord: Somali solutions for Somali problems If they lack anything it's a sense of Unity, which is Unity of "Somalinimo", Furthermore, another problem facing somalis is The incurable disease called Qabyaalad exactly!! Unity first, building a nation second.
  7. ^ but did u know that the lotion that u put on your body is mostly made out of food! Intuition thanx for the great advice!
  8. Originally posted by wind.talker: ^^ Anyways, about the Indian chicks - what we supposed to do with that **** alwaax? :confused: The guy must've lived amongst white folk too long and gotten used to that flat shyt! no need to go insulting other cultures and their pple bro! some of you in here act like the idea of a somali and nonsomali marrying is unheard of! IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! although i would love to marry a somali man what to do when there aren't any good ones around? going to somalia seems a little to drastic.
  9. Originally posted by Alle-ubaahne: Am just asking this question, because some of the regulations of this site (if I recall them well) were not to offend anyone under any circumstances. But now due to the popular and fork-tongued influence of NGONGE, it seems we can blatantly read from somebody (surmisingly as you can know) who is proclaiming the right to offend and mock by ridiculing everyone, and sometimes targeting certain tribes and people. I a little hypocritical aren't we?
  10. i always found japanese animation facinating! i definatly recomend Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away simply breath taking!!!!!
  11. i never knew SOL was full of drama queens! :rolleyes:
  12. Originally posted by A_Ladiif: How can someone who has never set a foot in a higher Education Institution gives an advice i don't think u need education to give advice.
  13. Originally posted by Xu: It's just those heavy metal keychains that dangle on the side of my trousers, and spiky metal armbands and suchlike. I don't wear them all the time, only when I feel a bit rebellious our own personal somali punk! on a serious note Xu i understand what you mean, its an african thing. its about dicipline,proper behavior. and the like. they are just concerned about the Somali youth these days and i must say they are forgetting their roots and who they reallt are. They feel compelled to save the lost somali youngsters! look at it that way and maybe u will feel compasion.
  14. why in the world would u want to name ur son Benjamin and Michael (no matter what version)? lets hope it was a joke. since most of my best picks have been chosen so here are a few: haybe garad gacal kulan
  15. Originally posted by Brown-Brotha: Juba, Shes mistaking Puberty for the food shes eating. Half Amazing. Dearest Its just Age, Not chICKEN.
  16. lagoon da agony im not going anywhere and im glad im taking your morbid fun away
  17. so KFC is off limits? ok i can live with that i heard eatin a lotta chicken makez u hairy dat rite??? were u getting ur info! chicken does not make u hairy!
  18. Originally posted by Lake Da agony: quote:Originally posted by juba: ^ i can't believe you find that funny! :rolleyes: how sick and inhumane! LOL relax girl...is not that serious oh i know its just sad that u take pleasure in other peoples pain
  19. juba


    ^actually this isn't really a topic at all but were quite ingenius making something out of nothing<---- get it?!
  20. uh.. he said "somalis aren't special" no one is exclusive to crime. yea there are some that are more likely or less likely but everyone is capable of murder
  21. ^ i can't believe you find that funny! :rolleyes: how sick and inhumane!
  22. ^exactly! to bad the rest of these "men" can't get it through their thick skulls.
  23. Originally posted by -Femme Fatale-: therapist-ubaahne: good one!
  24. Originally posted by Flip-Flopper: maybe they should close this thread, eh? why not? this seems like a pointless thread that doesn't seem to be going anywhere! and what was the topic?