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  1. duniya

    wishing AIDS

    easy easy guys i know why i wished to have AIDS cause when you have AIDS no one is gonna bother you cuase you are infected that is one advantage the otherone is you can't fear of being raped cuase that looser is gonna get mr AIDS.and so i said i wish i had AIDS because my friend back in africa she had AIDS she used to sleep around with whoever came across with her that is why she got the freedom and you know she was the queen there. if she breaks up with one later on she says best answer you dumps me but let me tell you this you are infected and then the guy becomes shocked. you know sometimes it is good if he dumps you got your revange already. guys and girls don't get me wrong but is fun to challege the dogs especially those who sleep around, listen to this i had my other friend who had a boy friend he was really dog falls for every trash. my friend danny told to stop that or it is over, but he doesn't want her to leave and he doesn't want to stop sleeping around. so one day i called my friend danny and called my friend who was infected with HIV AIDS. by the way danny told me she wants him to suffer and see what is like to be played around she really wanted him hurt really hurt but not dead till he sees the pain and immoral, i asked her what could that be she said that could be AIDS at that time i did know AIDS was hurtful for sure i had my friend who had the disease and she didn't sick.i told her i had my friend who got AIDS athen she was very happy she jumped from the bed and gave me a huge hug. she said if i introduce her with myfriend who is infected she will never ever forget the favor i did for her. so the next morning she called me to take to my friend i introced them. after three months my danny came to me dancing and singing saying her boyfriend is gonna die so soon and adviced her to to take blood test.she don't have to after she knew who gave it to him and she know she didn't sleep with him after she planed the whole thing. so guys do you think that was my fault, after all i did i advice my friend to be honest with his girl cause the boy was friend of mine too. but he said he is young and he is gonna have fun, if we don't like him to do his job then we should go to hell. so i warn him several times before this could happen but he resisted and danny was sick and tired. for month i used to educate him about the pple he is missing with, and told him to use protection. my AIDS friend said that night she convinced him that she took birth control so it was okey to have the really job done. it was a mission. so like it or not that was the best time of my interelife, though some times i felt sorry for him. at the time of his illness he was in the hospital for 2years and i really felt sorry for him and his family while danny was glad she trapped him
  2. duniya


    hey guys what can you say about AIDS, iam aids victim i don't care about anybody, first of all iam beautiful, attractive woman i attract alot of men in aday i get 19 men in all race mostly somali guys. i really want to get the horny ones so you men out there you are in danger whoever you are iam watching you so far i infected 50 in six months. what do think in a year? think about it it is your homework. so guys watch your backs iam Duniya and as duniya myself it belongs to me. so are ready to get down with me the doors are open come in make yourself at home.guys iam kiding but i wish i had AIDS so that i could kill all somali guys they are weak therefore i would have used AIDS as a weapon.